How young were you when you first started having suicidal ideations? For me it was when I was 8. I am 22 now

How young were you when you first started having suicidal ideations? For me it was when I was 8. I am 22 now.

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I was about 11, I'm now 19.

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I'm not entirely sure I started getting them but things got really bad when I was 12-13.


im 23 now they've really started ramping up this year. I have hours of the day where I'm in some sort of storm cloud and my head is pounding with only thoughts of dying and killing myself,

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Fucking 8 nigga? I shouldn't be on this board bro

Like 9 or 10. It got better for a couple years, but it came back with 14. I'm 21 now..

Well, I'm not so sure when I started, maybe between 4-6y/o, 16y/o rn, I've had sleep paralysis most of the nights that I sleep over 3 hours up to this date,and you know, at such a young age I thought that god didn't want me here so he tried to kill me on my sleep.

Same op, does anyone have any tips for avoiding sleep paralysis that do actually work?

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12. I'm 34 now. I didn't find out until my mid-20s that it wasn't normal and that not everyone has that.

I'm not totally sure, I know at the very latest it was grade 11 (aprox 16/17 y.o.) and I know that I have thought about killing myself pretty much every day since then. But, I also very distinctly remember making a 'joke' about killing myself in grade 9 (~14 y.o.) and I'm pretty sure it wasn't really a joke.

Oh yeah and I'm 22 now.

I had them at various points in my life, but the first time they really "stuck" and became a constant presence in my life was when I was 17 I think.

Here's some advice. Don't attempt to access Jow Forums until you're 18. It's a shame that the chances of you having your feeble mind corrupted by incels is extremely likely.

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I think once when I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade I had wanted to KMS because too much homework but then I realized it wasn't a lot. But when it was a serious thing probably 18 maybe early 19, when I first discovered incel media. I'm 21 now

probably 5, my sister was anorexic so i probably picked it up from her
since then i remember always saying i'd jump in front of the train, and i distinctly remember at 7 or so that i though that if I could push a button to die i would do it
nobody ever did anything with those signals, i got bullied further and slid down my career, and here i am, 19, about to drop out of HS, completely burnt out, with light PTSD and psychosis/schizophrenia due to it (both disgnosed)
idk why i'm alive.

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If you're about constant depressed state that's gonna be somewhere 14

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i think at age 11 when my abusive mom and dad went through an extremely abusive divorce that everything started just collapsing and i no longer found myself caring about being alive. am 25 now

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>vividly remember being 9 and thinking that I even if I get sad at times I'll never be suicidal or depressed
>two years later I got full blown depression with anhedonia and all
thanks brain

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I'm so apathetic towards pain now i can tell the suicidal thoughts to fuck off. As I got older they naturally became less intrusive. 25 y/o now. Comfy janitor job and finally content with life. You can make it friends.

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