How does it feel to hold a girls hand? Do you guys share a "energy" when you do it? How soft are they

How does it feel to hold a girls hand? Do you guys share a "energy" when you do it? How soft are they

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I want to hold a robots hand so bad...

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warm and yeah you kinda feel special feeling
never had sex but have held hands, gotten hugs, and kissed once
wonder if it was pity tho

No but its boner inducing

Le operator watch mod.

Normal cute girl hands are so small soft and smell nice.
It feels so wholesome to hold hands, very heart warming feeling nothing boner inducing about it tho.
Wish I had more chances to hold girl hands other than dancing during some party or proms...

It didn't feel anything special when I held my sister's hands
Does it make a difference to hold the hands of someone you love?

>Does it make a difference to hold the hands of someone you love?

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I love my sister and don't feel anything special.
But I assume you mean the other kind of love.

Its mostly just warm and sweaty

nice watch user, here's mine

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I legit don't even care a about having sex. I just want to hold a girls hand, 28 years of no intamacy feels so empty.

How do guys feel about girls without soft hands? My friend in high school and I were holding hands and she asked my they were so rough and dry. I do lotion my hands but I wash them a lot so they are permanently dry/rough. I have been really self conscious about it ever since she mentioned it. Is it a turn off if a girl doesnt have nice hands?

I will only hold your hand in private, n-no homo

Very true user. Its not a sexual excitement but something deep down in your person gets energized and you cant help smiling

That isn't my hand.
It's a hand of a robot I saved.

How did you save him? Are you a women

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do you have brain damage
legit question

>How did you save him? Are you a women
That actually made me laugh.
Yes I am. I save hands of all robots because they have the best hands.

Got kissed on the forehead once. My dick hurt from the magnum boner i got.

Why do we have the best hands? Did they get nervous before you jeld them?

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I haven't got to hold a robots hand yet... I hope to soon.

that feeling when you're sitting next to her and you are getting closer, slowly pulling your arm around her and eventually touching her fingers while slowly reaching her hand is an unforgetable experience. love is beautiful anons

Its still nice of you to help, how do you get those hands

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I bet she smelled great too, congrats though :)

>you cant help smiling
Yeah this forgot about this, very uplifting thing that lets you go from depressed to bright mood in instant

>how do you get those hands
I made hand threads calling for robot hands a few times, that's how.

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Yeah huge turn off tbqh
If i a girl has non-soft hands i instantly dump her

Nothing boner inducing.
Speak for yourself user I basically instantly got hard my first time

I don't mind it at all but I'm a soft hand boy so that might make a difference

It was nice but we both had really sweaty hands because we were nervous. They were really soft and warm. Dainty and delicate. Not like my own.

I've only ever held a girl's hand once, while dancing. It was in 5th grade I believe and part of the P.E. curriculum was ballroom dancing (lol). We were all assigned partners and I felt bad for her because I was sweating like hitler.

There was an entire Seinfeld episode about how Jerry couldn't bring himself to date an otherwise prefect girl because she had "man hands"

>girl dont like rough hand

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I loved it, her hand was surprisingly rough, that was probably due to her history of being a tomboy when she was younger. I would kiss the top of her hand too sometimes. God I miss her,

Use a pumice stone you ape.

Its lovely. You can intertwine your fingers with her, she might also run her fingers across your arm.

Is that a fungus

I know its creepy but can i dm my hand. Discord is coyote#8949

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Not sure how that's creepy.
I will add you now.