What do you guys call a female coomer? a friend of mine pretty much lives this way, she sits in bed all day jacking off...

What do you guys call a female coomer? a friend of mine pretty much lives this way, she sits in bed all day jacking off, she hoards shitloads of hentai and porn, sometimes skips her classes for about three weeks in a row. Sad thing is she's a good looking girl (aside from her aspergers) but avoids relationships and socializing like the plague. She always leaves get togethers early, so she can go home and play these storyline hentai games, she's obsessed with them. She has confessed to spending three consecutive days just wacking off and falling asleep, waking up, repeat. Her parents are barely ever home and she only has one toddler aged brother she barely ever interacts with

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Holy fuck user why would you want to stop her. She sounds like she's living the dream.

oh no no no, i don't want to stop her, i just wanna tease her with some kind of meme name that applies to the female version of the word "coomer"

pic related, she shares crazy parallels with this character

nothing? there's no term for this concept for real?

why can't coomer be a unisex term?

huh.... well i don't see why not... i've yet to see a female depiction

dude that sounds like a like of hell, no fulfillment and the only dopamine you get is from masturbation. Why wouldn't you try to talk to her about it.

Just call her a coomer as well, a lot of women at this point are slightly worse than coomers because male coomers need something they can talk about with others while women can talk openly about anything they want.

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and it shows, she has no life or energy, is always drained, etc, but then again it's her life and we have spoken about this privately many times to no avail

I want to sex her and she sounds perfect for me

You just described what some fembots are like. She probably browses Jow Forums.

LOL that would be awkward, wouldn't it

Have you tried to bone her yet? I mean get her off the masturbation and offer her the real deal.

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It's called being a full blown degenerate, fully deserving of a bullet in the head. Why in hell are you having her as a friend, you pathetic bastard?

one of those childhood friends that started out okay and then slowly turned degenerate

actually she browses /h/, /hc/, /d/, /gif/ and /aco/

i don't have a penis and i'm straight LOL

Well, she is an addict, a complete junkie the way you describe her. Such people are a negative force in every sense of the word. I suggest you leave her immediately and don't look back. She has made her choice

You arent going to post a pic or give contact info? What a jerk!

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I feel like she's probably supposed to be looking after this kid she "barely interacts with" lol. Probably gonna have a fucked up psyche growing up due to his formative years solely consisting of sound of his sister's orgasms.

Can I bone you instead?

Post her pic or I will self harm

Fuck for a moment I was afraid you're talking about me

I doubt she'd be interested, after all that shlicking real sex would probably bore her

What made you think she was? Or wasn't?

The excessive masturbation, but I'm not really into hentai games.

Are you a femanon who faps too much?

Do it faggot

Am I a female coomer if I masturbate daily?

Not her but I'm a femanon that's maybe faps too much.
I have been masturbating daily since I was 14

Wanna be my fap buddy? It'd be cool.

No I'm actually looking for someone that talks to me for my personality because I realize that my habits are not good habits and finding someone to do it with might just influence me to keep doing the habit which is against this value.

How much is too much. I don't do it nonstop for three days like the girl in the OP but usually two or threeish times a day.

I could that too. Also looking for someone to talk to since I'm freaking alone. I just want someone with my similar interests or at least someone who's there to talk about daily life or whatever is bothering me and vice versa. Yes I'm a loser.

would you do it with me?

Once a day is the max healthy amount. Though I'll skip 2 days and do it 3 times on the 3rd. I don't know how bad that is

Yeah sure. How old are you. As long as youre not a boomer. Im kinda young

Early 20s not boomer, how do I get to talk to you tho?

No, what I like about masturbation is exactly that I can do it at my own pace, in my own space, and with nobody bothering me about anything. It's my special time user.

>Once a day is the max healthy amount.
Is that one orgasm or one session

We can try discord. Got a discord and what is it?

One nut probably. If you edge then its worse.
I'm guessing it depends on the amount of friction you apply and how long. If your one session is an hour then that's too much. If it's like 15 minutes you're fine.

Yup. My discord is xme#4634

I rarely ever manage my first orgasm in under 15 minutes, it feels rushed and not as satisfying.

How many times per day and how much time do you spend on masturbation or porn per day?

Once or twice per day. I spend around 1 hour masturbating

spoiled baby

>tfw no hentai addicted gf to masturbate with

Damn that's a while. Wanna be coomer buddies?

>Damn that's a while.
H-haha yeah she's pretty bad user

If she told you about this then maybe she's asking for a dicking and not posting about it on Jow Forums

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Because women don't cum.

"cum" has long just been used synonymously with climax, not ejaculate.