Robots who commit suicide should aim to disappear with no trace...

Robots who commit suicide should aim to disappear with no trace. How cool would it be to have an element of mystery surrounding your death? Conspiracy/paranormal channels would make a bunch of videos about you.

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How easy would it be for you to disappear with no trace? In my case I think it might be relatively easy since no friends IRL and only one family member who doesn't give a shit about me but we live in the social credit system age so who knows.

Well people still manage to do it somehow. Like how there was recently a case of a guy whose body was hidden behind some storage for 20 years until he was found. Or that whole Malaysian plane still missing. It might be easier than it seems with proper planning. Personally, I'd try to go to some very remote location. Like Siberia. I'd like to die there.

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>Like Siberia. I'd like to die there.
Same, I wanna be the next Otzi.
Dying a mysterious, unsolved trippy death like Elisa Lam would be neat too.

Now that I think about it, it would be pretty hard to do precisely because it's so sparsely populated. Any random traveler would stand out more. Maybe drive to some lake. Make it seem like you went into the woods or something, but actually you took a small raft to the center, tied some rocks to your legs and drowned yourself. Haha.

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I could vanish, just go out in australian bush and die.
I can never vanish from online though

Do you know about the Isdal Woman?

Why do you need to kill yourself? Why not just disappear and start somewhere over without the pressures?

Yes. She doesn't seem to have been an ordinary person at all. Sometimes I wonder how many people leading such secret lives walk around you every day. Interesting that no relatives of friends ever recognized her. I wonder if she somehow had her identity erased? Do they pick extremely isolated people to be spies or something? If my body was found I'd be identified immediately, even though I don't have friends, but for most people there's still some family or someone who knows them. I really wonder how she arrived at that point.
Sure. Though that seems even harder to do. I think it depends on how hopeless you feel in life.

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Being born around WWII and growing up into the Cold War might've helped. I like to think she was just an orphan and her death was easy enough to cover up and ignore.

i've often thought about how i could acomplish this. i would only ever commit suicide if i could be 100% sure my body would never be found.

same but i'm clueless as to how to go about it

i was thinking something along the lines of sinking myself in a boat/raft after exit bagging. not sure what else i could do, even that would be unreliable because the boat could be found.

That's a dumb fucking idea.

There will be no closure for anyone that cares about you. They will spend years with false hope and confusion, and sadness.

Makes the most sense, I guess. Still would like to know her full story.
I think they'd get over it quick.

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>I think they'd get over it quick.

Deluded AF.

Ever lost someone?

Yes. My grandfather died a month ago. I don't really feel anything about it. Nor did I when my great-grandmother, granduncle, classmate, dog etc. died. I know it's bad they die, but it's just how it is, there's no reason to obsess over it.

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I hardly think robots should be taking advice from someone even more broken then they are.

>AKA. An avatar posting emotional block of lead.

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I'm not emotionless. Quite the opposite. I guess I just don't get bothered by people not being around anymore. I don't know.

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Some people just cope with death better than others, doesn't mean you have to be a sociopathic monster to not break down over someone dying a natural death.

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You're full of shit and basically talking out of your ass. Either that, or your emotions are shallow and quick to evaporate.

Or you're just too dumb to grasp what death actually is.

Okay then. What do YOU do when someone close to you dies?

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Think about them, everyday.

and that's just friends-- When I lost my sister it fucked me up for life. Grief is the gift that keeps giving.

Well, okay. Maybe if someone as close as a sibling died, I'd feel differently. It still seems like a massive burden to put on yourself. I've been told I'm uncaring (like my mom) many times and it has led to some very cringy moments.

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You are uncaring though, although it doesn't necessarily have to be from something so severe as being a sociopath. are you on the spectrum?

If life isn't valuable, nothing is. Look how it transformed a dead rock in space. I don't like humans much, but they're quite extraordinary in their ability to stir chaos. Just like you advocating for suicide -- I think if you're suicidal you shouldn't project it onto others. I hope you're not, I've dealt with it my entire life. Even before my sister, and it's absolutely awful if you mix it with drugs like I do.

Listen, just shut the fuck up about the suicide tips. You can do better.

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Why bother? What does it matter to me whether my body is found or not?

OP and I understand death perfectly. It is the end. Plain and simple. There's no point in crying about it. They were here and now they're gone. It's simple. Only an emotionally immature or simple minded person, like a child with no understanding of death, would obsess and agonize over it.