Reminder that coffee causes anxiety

stop drinking this shit

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thanks for reminding me to make some tea

I know it, used to make me more sensitive to shit that annoys me, I drink tea instead.

>tfw in too deep and not drinking it causes way more anxiety
time for kratom and weed

Honestly, I feel anxious 99% of the time whatever I do or eat/drink, so it really doesn't make any difference

>don't drink coffee
>still get anxiety
haha, joke's on you

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Low dose therapy of coffee has been observed to decrease anxiety over chronic periods.

yeah enjoy your dopamine surge with a shit crash

joke's on you, I have anxiety anyway

I like to get anxiety gonna make some coffee now.

Coffee is for me nasty, the smell can be a refreshing change but its just ass when I take a sip

>exclusively drink french vanilla
luxury anxiety

That's because Americans don't know what good coffee is. You practically can't buy good coffee in a coffee shop in America. You need to get your own coffee thing at home (hell, even a bialetti moka pot will do the trick), good quality freshly roasted coffee beans and ideally a grinder so you can grind fresh, or at least have them ground up right before buying if not.
You can't make drinkable coffee without these things. Starbucks is a meme, the only good drink you can purchase there is the nitro cold brew.

I cum in my coffee so its taste better eurodumb

Okay, so my anxiety will go away, but so too my will to live. I can't be drunk all day, and I don't do drugs, so I'll take my chances with coffee and some anxiety.

Reminder that fapping helps with anxiety.

Caffeine is good, caffeine induced anxiety is actually a benefit

Yep caffeine is good for you desu senpai

But i take amphetamine instead, which is not good for you

Coffee never had any effect on me, and I rarely drink it. Like, I can easily go to sleep after a cup or two.

Personally I use cum for my creamer, its gooey substance can melt into the hot coffee.

>coffee giving you a dopamine surge
literally no

Coffee or really any caffeine calms my anxiety.

chad tea drinker coming through

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Same, I'm manic depressive and coffee seems to help. Could just be placebo though.

Long island/iced tea are the only good ones. Hot tea is like liquidated pain.

>not appreciating the best way to steadily get warm liquid inside your boy

pff yeah for you buddy

I love coffee and love the feeling of anxiety in my body

make me
its yum
and makes my morning nice

>Best way to steadily get warm liquids inside your body

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legit, just take cocaine instead