How do people stay motivated to keep living when they work 40+ hours a week...

How do people stay motivated to keep living when they work 40+ hours a week? Do you just have to give up all hope and accept your fate or what the fuck

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Most people don't think about it very much. It's a simple reward system, you work you get paid you do things you want. So if you want x, you work to get it

If you enjoy your work and have nice colleagues, it works. Also don't stress about it.
I was fine working like this for a while. Got promoted, but one by one, my good colleagues left, or started to take my help for granted. Then the higher ups decided to merge the work 4 part timers and one full timer did into one position and I had to stay overtime 2 days a week, mostly until 2am for instance, instead of midnight. Work regulations restricted me from doing certain tasks on weekends, so the work piled on and on, sometimes staying there until 5AM, and I just couldn't take it.
Fuck big corporations.

I just kind of turn my brain off. Months pass by and I dont even notice. I feel like I am really only conscious for a couple hours a day.

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>If you enjoy your work and have nice colleagues,
kek, in other words if you're a complete drone

Most peoples money goes to bills. You rarely get to spend the money you make on things you actually want. The only time working was tolerable for me is when I lived with my parents and had no bills. All of my money was spent on things I liked.

i love my job
i work 50 hours a week but would voluntarily work much more than that

Sometimes I go up to the roof and peek over the edge at work. No one caught me doing this yet but I figure if they saw me I'd get fired. I work 55 hours a week.

Not really. You can work in a profession that is enjoyable. Maybe you like learning how things work, so you may enjoy working with some specific machinery and learn how it works through and through. Maybe you enjoy caring for animals, so you may enjoy working at a zoo or at a shelter. Maybe you feel like your work has a positive impact on the world.
That combined with genuine people is great.

why do you have so much bills?
most of my money is spent on things i like

(You) need BUX.

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>kind of turn my brain off
How do you do that? The idea of having to sit in front of a cash resister or assembly line for hours with no stimulation sounds worse than torture.

exactly. You should be able to put away a decent amount of cash each pay period. If you don't, you should reexamine your spending.

I dont know, I just space out

>40+ hours a week?
Heh, more like 70h for me.
I'm completely apathic, I almost died due to accidents a few times and I didn't bat an eye. I don't care anymore.

Not if you earn minimum wage.

Car, rent, insurance, gas. When your job refuses to pay you what you're worth, the majority of your check is spent on necessities.

It just happens. I literally have no idea what I've been doing since i got into work this morning. I've been working but I don't remember a thing. My brain will just come back online while I'm between tasks and I'll be confused as to how I got there. I haven't remembered a day of work since 2015.

Most people don't earn minimum wage, though. The median US salary is almost 60k

Remove both the 10% lowest and 10% highest and look again. Using the median as reference in a country with such a skewed Lorenz curve is retarded

My point still stands. Most people do not earn minimum wage.

Minimum wage is around $7 an hour. Living wage starts at about $15 an hour. If you're making less than $15 an hour, it's incredibly hard to save money.

Sorry, I didn't notice you were so retarded you don't know what's a median and what's a skewed distribution.
Even if it's not the majority, there would be a huge amount of the population at that poverty level.

It's either that or die dude, without money you will be a homeless bum no one cares about and left dead.

>bum no one cares about and left dead
That's what most of people are with or without a job.