Why don't you simply stop being degenerate and instead live a holy life? If you persevere to the end you'll enter into ETERNAL PARADISE after you die.

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and are doomed to perish in hell FOREVER. Yet through God's immense love His infinite wrath was poured out upon Jesus to save anyone who puts their trust in Him. What's a short vapor of a life of petty sin worth compared to an eternity spent bathing in liquid fire?

If you repent, be obedient and believe, you'll go into everlasting JOY, BLISS and PEACE after death.

Why don't you pick up the world's most important book today and guarantee your salvation?

>The flesh will be judged with the soul and the spirit. Some will find repose in the kingdom of heaven, but others will be punished alive forever (Epistula Apostolorum)


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It just doesn't make any sense. Heaven doesn't sound good anyway.

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He knocks because you've sinned.

>heaven doesn't sound good

>"[...] It lead me to a garden. And when I say a garden, I don't mean a garden like you would think of here on Earth. It was nothing like that. It was- I wish I had the words to describe what this looked like, but I don't. It was beyond beautiful. It was beyond my wildest imagination of what a garden could possibly be. It wasn't just the visual scene in front of me, it was also the scents; the aromas in the air. And there was music, gorgeous music that was nothing like anything I had heard before here on Earth"
>"[...] The most overwhelming thing about this garden was an indescribable feeling of overwhelming unconditional love. And it was nothing like I've experienced on Earth"

I'm still just waiting on some evidence that any of this bullshit is true. Don't mind me.

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NDEs of hell, Satanists ruling the world, prophecy of a cashless society, many other prophecies coming true etc.

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>you're telling me 12 apostles could keep a lie for 40 years?

lol what prophecies? They're all so vague that something is bound to be attributed to them. How about the failed prophecy that Nebuchadnezzar would conquer Egypt? Also, People tend to have NDEs that align with their own beliefs, including the afterlives of religions that aren't christian (or mostly just some trippy shit). Gotta try harder my dude.

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Satan has control of my mind and I can't find myself putting faith into jesus. Everything is fucked

Get an exorcism fren

Robots, despite living in suffering and degeneration, are proud and will prefer to few "smart" than happy.

Jesus teaches that if you're a loner, rejected by society, it's a good sign.
It's not good to be accepted into an unholy world.
To be hated by an unholy world is to be blessed, and it means you are meant for something better.
Most of Jow Forums belong with Christ and they don't even see it.
Repentance is freeing. Christ helped me stop smoking weed, stop taking psychedelics, stop fapping, stop watching porn, stop fornicating with tinder girls.
Thanks for posting, OP. Reminded me I didn't pray this morning yet.

Good shout, lad.

>christ helped me
Can you explain to me how he did this? Because I feel I've had to repent on my own.

>you'll go into everlasting JOY, BLISS and PEACE after death.
Your one purpose in this life and the next is to the suck the dick of "the creator," who gave you this miserable life. I'd rather reincarnate or go into a consciousness void desu.

hey man how do i get myself to actually start praying and believe more in god? sometimes im 100% sure that jesus is out there and sometimes i feel like he doesn't even exist.

Bash yourself in the head several times. You'll believe in anything after that.

Pray, no matter how you few, the more close you get to God, the less you'll feel He is not there.

Because by your logic there's niggers in heaven and we both thats just not true.

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Christ gives you a new mind capable of turning away from sin, and it makes you aware of what is sinful.
Before Christ I was unable to resist temptation. Weed and psychedelics? Of course. Girl on Tinder inviting me over to have sex? Of course.
After Christ I can't do these things anymore. Not because I don't have the urge to, but because I prayed for Christ to give me the strength to turn away from sin and resist temptation.
The temptations we face in life are never more than we can resist. But without Christ, it's easy to full under the influence of Satan and you really lose control and end up indulging in these things very often.
Read the new Testament, actively try to get to know Christ better, and talk to him in prayer. He always answers.
A lot of people get frustrated with prayer because it doesn't always involve instant gratification and many things people pray for are not aligned with their path, so they feel cheated when their prayers aren't answered.
Pay attention to the little miracles your prayers set into motion.
In Heaven there is no race or human culture, it is God's culture. That's why Christians and white nationalists often have issues when talking about this. White nationalists are having trouble coming to terms that racism is wrong.

>Christ gives you a new mind capable of turning away from sin [...]
Thanks fren.

>using treasonous encryption

It's you who are the sinner as you will get removed from this reality to Hell

god isnt real you fucking tard
how would you feel if a 30 year old man still believed in santa claus?
complete manchild

What are you talking about, my man?

Provide proof God doesn't exist. Since you joined the thread to rebuke, the burden of proof is on you.

I could not be a adolescent for all of y life, there's more in life than feeling smug.

hah idiot still believing in the big bang, don't you know it was kittens playing with mittens?

>White nationalists
>having trouble coming to terms that racism is wrong

I'm not withe nor am I a nationalist.
Also, I assure you that there isn't a single nigger in heaven, in fact we all know that the coal monkeys are black be they are of the devil, created by Satan along with the Jews and Muslims.

Asians are cool though, so are slavs and Germans. Southeast Asians are in between because they are borderline niggers, I think it's a 50/50 for them.

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If there is a God he is a sadist and deserves no worship, but rather to be unseated from his throne.

My great uncle was a catholic priest who raped my aunt and mom as a children and fucked them up good for life. Also subsequently shooting his arrow of rot and degeneracy down through the generations of my entire family tree.
Pretty hard to come to terms with Religion.

Every major religion is either world-denying, dogmatic banality, or "just be urself bro" tier platitudes.

There is no meaning.

>My great uncle was a catholic priest who raped my aunt and mom as a children and fucked them up good for life
What's that got to do with him being a catholic priest?

Okay, but also hail Lucifer. Being a degenerate is fun and I'll never be a good, obedient Christian so I'll see you boys all Satanic and chained up down in Hell.

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Its not easy to just stop being degenerate, I've tried to and the fear of hell still eats me up inside. Its a terrible feeling to have so much guilt placed upon you, yet feel powerless to change. I still think of hell constantly, and how powerless I am before eternity

Who's that quote from?

Pray for help each day my man


because being a degenerate is fun duh

bumping for awareness, for salvation amoungst r9k users

Based. Out of all the races, I am sure most that niggers aren't human. If they aren't left to their own devices like wild animals in Africa (to perhaps evolve to our level in some thousands/hundreds of thousands of years from now), they should simply be in zoo's. I wouldn't even recommend offering Reservations for them in our countries. If society comes to, the most economic solution would surely be to put most of them down, but a humane approach would be to let them all attempt at making their own way back to Africa. Ofc, we would have to take away all the toys and goods they inherited from us, as they don't have the sensibility to deal with them responsibly. They are some of the worst with plastic pollution and just offend constantly with firearms.

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>Cuck yourself by sucking gods infinite dick for all eternity
Ultimate fagottry

Why do you want every human to follow your religion? why do Christians consistently try to dominate everything and everyone like just believe in your god and stop trying to get more members in your cult like yall are so annoying :nauseated_face: