What advice will you give teenager you?

>be 19
wish when I was 15 I focused more on studies and get into a good uni

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I would tell myself to play some sports instead of video games, it would have done me a lot of good physically, mentally and socially.

I'd tell myself to hang myself with a necktie

is it even possible to accomodate your weight?

to kill you ASAP

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I just want you to hang yourself

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>be 22
>tell 19 year old me DO NOT listen to the normie faggots and go to uni
>it is an enormous scam
>the "college experience" is degenerate and disgusting too I partied with those empty shells of men as college was trying to hollow me out too
Join a trade user, one that wont be easy to automate out (sorry tinworkers)

should i just rob a bank fellow user

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Bleed out you fucking freak

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I was less than 100lb until 10th grade so yes

burn yourself to the death

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I dont recommend, I doubt you could ever get away with it. No joke about the trade career though. Its 2019, normie faggots want "comfy" desk jobs where they sit all day which is absolutely terrible for you. Let them be cogs in shekelstein's machine, I'll be back in the mechanical room working on the ACTUAL machines, being paid miles better than Steve from Accounting or Steph in HR. Recession proof, too unpredictable to automate yet, you get exercise and know skills, and normies will respect you for it and never want to compete with you because they just want to consume content until they die instead of knowing/doing any real work ever

drink a fuckton of bleach

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End it now its not worth it to go on.

I agree 100%. Do it OP

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Please just fucking die immediately

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hey lee, when will you stop being an ultrasperg?

Buy a pull up bar and never stop using it
Don't go to university, it's a waste of time

When these freaks stop trying to act hard even though I can count the number of episodes left on one hand, yet they still think they're relevant enough to shit up other boards

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die a very brutal death

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fucking die, fucking freak of life

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based schizo bronyhate poster

we will never stop shitposting as long as you live ^:)

Haven't seen Barneyfag in ages. Hello!

Motherfucking die, fucking faggot

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burn your fucking shit off

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burn that shit so we never have to see it again

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Stop cruising along in life

why does it matter to you? It's just some random kid's cartoon, it has no substantial impact on the world. Even if it's awful, who cares? There's plenty of other bad shows. IT's not a big deal at all and you're wasting your life away, Barneyfag.

You can't reason with the mentally ill, so don't try it.

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stay fit, get into a trade right away and don't let your beautiful, loving high school sweetheart go so easily

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Forget uni, it doesn't lead anywhere useful. Learn a trade and you'll enjoy your work and get decent money.

Just go to the treapist, your gender dysphoria is NOT "just a phase".

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Start exercising, seriously your mom is correct you'll feel much better trust me.
Also get therapy for that social anxiety. My teenage years could have been fine if I'd just asked for some fucking help.

it would be this for me too if my family cared about my mental health as a kid

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Says the Ausfaggot shilling a shitty toddlers' show shilling where he's not supposed to

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AY yo, gravity falls is legit a solid show, something I'd show to my kids, I think the real issue is letting kids watch toddler television in the first place.

I saw gladiator when I was a wee lad with my mom and clockwork orange at the age of 10. If we continue feeding our toddlers is overlysoft cretin-teir entertainment like MLP or little Einsteins is it any wonder that they are taking nigger dick, wearing "adult" diapers and pretending to be "female".

Worse of all they end up like Greta, an unaware mouth piece who thinks that people in congress fucking care about ANY of the problems future generations face, I mean at 14 you have to be just a little more cynical.

Fuck me, pic in your post unironically triggered me, I'm about to go full luddite and go make nerve gas in the woods, maybe if I make enough I could flood the atmosphere giving the cockroaches a head start.

Bre it's 2019, just launch the nukes, DO IT.

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You're making the assumption they have any right to shill here when they've been loathed for years.

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I got in a great uni and fucked it up. Same happened again and now I'm a 23 years old freshman in a still good career but if you studied for two years you could be in a good uni younger than me without having done much academic effort as a teenager.
You dont get to trial and error careers you're not sure about I guess, but a lot of people do and it's not a huge set back.

I'd unironically rather have ponyfaggotry all over Jow Forums than Jow Forumstards

but why bother? Who GIVES A FUCK. It's just a TV show. It has no importance at all who watches it or why. Don't you feel like you're wasting your fucking life? And if you really hate this show, shouldn't you not allow it to manipulate you into wasting your time posting about it?

just walk away from the screen man

Figure out that being an accountant would be cool before dropping out of high school, retard.

t. Pedo animalfucker

I hope you come down with flesh eating bacteria in your next ABDL-cuck diaper experience.

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I know I wouldn't. That's a fact.

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if i changed anything, my life would've gone a different way, and i wouldn't know what i know now. i earned my wisdom through experience, and to "advise" my younger self of things would be to guide myself away from that experience, trading my knowledge for convenience and ease.

that's a pussy play. quit worrying about what you did in the past and start worrying about you'll do today, and where it'll take you tomorrow.

Unironically kill yourself brutally

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burn to death you fucking fag

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uhh well I just graduated from a good uni and life is still empty and boring (just less stressful)

How far can Lee push the Robot?

Let's find out

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I hope your end is among the worst

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I've actually watched the first 2 season due to genuine curiosity as to its sudden popularity, it's like every cartoon I watched as a kid, but lame and gay.

Anybody remember fucking eonflux? Or like ghost in the shell? That's the shit I watched, make sure to feed your kids quality adult animation that makes them skeptical of the government.

Hang yourself

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I feel like I'm the only one who thinks like that in here sometimes. Why think about the past at all? It can't be changed. Take what you got from it, build the future and try to enjoy the present. Is it so hard to not be depressed nowadays?
Dont get me wrong my life is as shitty as anyone's here, but having a shitty attitude about it will just make it worse.

Please, keep replying to me.

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Get fucking killed freak. Seirously.

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Die and get sliced

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please just fucking burn in scorching fire

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And kill yourself brutally to the death

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You're raising your kids well. God bless you.

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Fucking slice yourself up with a machete

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this. i regret all these wasted years behind pc

I command you to die

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Suffer one of many potential deaths today

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Become one with the underworld

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Become a dead being

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Hey I also draw porn of your degenerate tard-shows, I love going on /ic and charging a premium price for the simplest drawing of pinkipies pink tush, it's ridiculous how much furfags are willing to pay for a simple illustration of a horses rectum.

Seriously it's my bread and butter, I know I'm contributing to the problem but I figured it's better I have the money instead of all the manchildren.

Some guys pay literally in the hundreds, sometimes thousands. Jesus there is a place in hell for me.

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Turn into a dead skeleton

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I wouldn't stoop this low.

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I would tell my 16 year old self to just quit school and become a wagie

I'd fucking carve out your windpipe

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Nigga I bought a gaming PC in less than a week, I don't fucking care.

Or crush it with steel-toed boots

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when the absolute qt from band class with a 5.0 GPA who plays volleyball and has a giant, round ass gives you her e-mail address and asks you out for coffee seize the opportunity without hesitation and don't allow the social anxiety and schizophrenia to cuck you

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I'm just saying, it's my personal preference.

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Oh and please just fucking die

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Jump onto subway tracks

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Suffocate in a plastic bag

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No I get u senpai, no shade thrown, ultimately I agree but normal art doesn't sell unfortunately, my other option is drawing tourists on the beach but who wants to draw some fat mex on "vacation" for 5 bucks.

Make incisions into your jugular vein

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And spill out your lifeforce

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I'd probably tell myself to move out ASAP

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I don't think OP is schizophrenic, just closeted gay/dog fucker.

Exercise. Unironically get a job so you can afford better food and exercise.

Beg your parents for healthier food because unhealthy shit was really really hurting you on a level you didn't comprehend.

Get back on amphetamines

Tell the retards telling you that you need to be excluded from PE so you can be in special ed which was at that point a glorified study block that they're retarded and abusive. Disabled people need exercise way more than they need self-important tard handlers.

Don't be kind and helpful to that one guy on the bus.

It's okay not to not go at the same pace as others.

Teenage girls are retarded and insecure and there are broad swathes of them who will do anything for anybody who gives them attention but they're not the super hot ones.

Get on accutane early

Focus on math and science and fuck the rest.


When I look back at that time I realise how much I was setup for failure and how little things were my own fault. If I wasn't raised in poverty my life would be so much better than it is right now.

Move out of existence freak

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Cut off all your limbs

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Guzzle down Scope

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Yank out your eyes

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suffer a tremendous pain

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I actually know a guy who is both non gender binary, a communist and a flaming fur fag, trully we have come far in society, I can't wait for molusc rights.

Here is a personal project, it's about 50% done.

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Become dead pls

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Slam your head against a wall

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Strangle yourself with metal chains

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Become a victim of a car accident

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I want you to know the meaning of pain

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And suffer the torments dealt onto others

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Melt in hot temperatures

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I just hope you fucking die eternally

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You're correct younger me, high school doesn't matter that much and people are faking superiority. Stop stressing about stuff.

Become nailed to a cross

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Literally just fucking die

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