Best girl is Marky. Discus

Best girl is Marky. Discus

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They literally all look almost the same

give me Jewcy Mark

Best girl is Audrey. Uncontested.

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For me? It's Muffy. Muffy, always Muffy.

Marky has a unique look. She looks like an angel. She is an angel.
Wrong, Marky is best girl.

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Number one gets my clit tingling. The others do nothing for me.

u all are freaks

I want that mute femanon from a little while ago instead

Its r9k what do you expect? Cute girls make it better

>these 3d pig disgusting e-whores
choose 1

fuck all those whores. best girl is violet.

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I don't recognise most of them. How long have I been gone?
Can someone name them for me, please? And if they have youtube/insta, yeah, that'd be great

none of those bitches even come close to violet. worship a real goddess if you're going to put women on a pedestal

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I dunno, user. She doesn't seem robotcore to me

It's a roastie, so per definition it can't be robotcore

Muffy. Most respectable girl with a pure heart who married her first love.

6 looks like reviewbrah

a whore is a whore user, your "robotcore" girls dont care about you any more than violet does.

Roastie, underaged and hates w*ite m*n, shit taste desu

For me its asteriaa. I wish I didnt bully her on discord long ago. She replied to one of my comments on her insta before. I've thought of messaging her when I visit her country again but she wouldn't be into friendship with boomer asians.

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Theyre all attention seeking sluts

Marky is cute but Audrey is the best. I used to really like Marky but I think she's lost her appeal now.

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How did Marky lose appeal? Shes as gorgeous and angelic as ever.

I got trips just trust me bro

Fuck off, they all look idiotic.

>Best girl is Marky
Wrong, it's kenken

Asteria is now legal. She lives 40 miles away and has the biggest boobs out of all of them. She also looks like Kate Bush

>has the biggest boobs out of all of them. She also looks like Kate Bush
show pics user

Isn't she still in high school?

please be 3 because she looks the youngest and I want to cum inside of a 13 year old girl

Boob pic is on the archives
16 is legal in England

um not for porn it isnt, you can fuck a 16 year old but receive one nude picture from her and you're committing a crime
you better delete that

they never enforce that unless theres money involved

I mean if you wanna go to jail for some shitty quality amateur softcore porn be my guest

>um not for porn it isnt, you can fuck a 16 year old but receive one nude picture from her and you're committing a crime
I never said I did receive one

>Best girl is Marky
A few years ago maybe. Now she became a sticc and is currently starting to hit the wall, too. The fact she's becoming slutty again is a giveaway : she has to work harder for attention now, since her looks are deteriorating.

Technically, you're not committing any crime if you just happen to receive such a picture. You'd have to have asked for it, or to decide to keep it. You can't be held accountable for another person's wrongdoing if you're not legally or contractually bound to them.

No. Nothing beats this.

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Yeah sure you just happen to know what her boobs look like

They are on the archives faggot. Learn to read.

So you didn't receive them, instead you went looking for them on your own? That's even worse for you, user. Hope you're using a proxy.

>nothing beats this
crispy just did

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>looking for her contact
>search asteria on archives
>see her boobs


for me its sunny

She's very beautiful. Makes me jealous.

bigly roll for a big man

dubs or ending it all

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Good roll, don't end it bro

I know nothing about these girls but from a distance Kennedi seems to be the most interesting

better roll today than to regret in 2 years

didn't she get kicked out of her house and is already parasiting off her newest tinder chad bf?

The only true answer is Agatha. If you're a true believer, come join us

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Shes so cute I cant handle it bros

These all look like mine anyway

So not only you knowingly downloaded child porn but you did so because you were planning to groom a 16 year old child.

I never said I downloaded it user. Also, 16 is legal

Best girl is Agatha. Accept no substitutes.

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If you saw it you downloaded it
child molester

For me it's Kimchi.

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for me is that hoe Brooke.
Miss her famm

My god, wtf happens to these chicks. Literally go slutty after a couple of years being noticed by us. Muffy did it, Ciara did it, Sunny did it and now fucking Crispy. Although I will have to admit that she does a better job at it than the rest.

wooaah who is this? ig?

>Muffy did it
Wtf are you talking about?

>Best girl is Agatha. Accept no substitutes.
Who is that gorl.

>God tier
>High tier
>Mid tier
>Low tier
All the forgettable literally-who thots
>Shit tier

See She looks a lot different now though.

based and top-tier-pilled

damn crispy looks like THAT?

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>he doesn't know

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Lol, that's not Muffy. That's from a different IG account iirc her name's Hailey or something

I need a name or social media senpai


half these waifus have been ran off the internet forever including the one you are inquiring about also roll