Going to court for downloading social media pics of teenaged girls...

Going to court for downloading social media pics of teenaged girls. Apparently they're "CP" because of the way the girls dress and pose in the pics. Makes no sense though. The girls are even famous and shit, but apparently it's illegal for an incel male to possess the pics.
It's just digital pixels anyway so what the fuuuck this is going to rune my career.

Nice world we live in, very equal.

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I hope you get raped in jail you fucking degenerate

What shithole do you live in? Australia?

I'm sure logic and reason will prevail in the court room user.

This would be difficult to believe if we didn't live in a clown world of 2019 honestly.
How the fuck can anyone make any argument whatsoever that right clicking and saving an image constitutes a crime if the host website of said images is not being prosecuted for hosting cp in the first place.

I mean you're a degenerate, but if the court rules that those pics are CP then they'd have to arrest the girls who posted it for distributing CP, too. OP is probably a liar and a faggot.

Cops investigating this are female, the district attorney is female. The judge, of course, female. All of them 50+ in age.
Accused pedo is young male.
Guess how it will play out.

I live in Scandinavia and have seen my fair share of these exaggerated cases.
Some 20yo guy showed his dick to a minor on Snapchat and got 4 years in prison.

How did they find out? Where do you live?

>if the court rules that those pics are CP then they'd have to arrest the girls who posted it for distributing CP, too

But the irony is that they don't. Children are innocent so they get a free pass ":)"

Lol shouldn't have been born in a blacked country, on the bright side the jails there are really comfy.

Could you see any cunny in the pics? If so your screwed, if not try bringing up Desmond is Amazing. And if you are found guilty try going after the social media platform for knowingly hosting CP.

you're actually wrong. for example there was a high profile case in Maryland of a high school girl who had a video of her spread without her permission and she went to court for it

Yeah you're just a fucking liar trying to stir shit I think, and of course the rest of the retards on this board are going to take the bait. Provide court documents if you're legit otherwise gtfo.

go buy some lube, you'll need it on the inside

That's what you get for downloading evidence you fucking retard

>Provide court documents if you're legit

I know a guy that had something like this happened to him. He got doxxed afterwards and getting doxxed was what destroyed him, not the sentence.
So yeah I don't think OP is going to willfully dox himself.

How did they notice?

I think about this shit a lot, like all the pics and videos uploaded to porntube sites and whatnot, how the fuck should I know how old they are. Might be 22, might be 17.
If they have huge tits I always assume 18+
See pic related

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yeah it's important to remember that most of the time people get caught through low-tech means. They usually expose themselves publicly, or possibly to an undercover cop.
They have to either be a serious offender or have already committed a more serious crime for the cyber police to waste time and effort backtracing their IP

Ahh, may we have case number of your in scandinavia?

What the fuck, this actually makes no sense.

Most roasties on facebook post bikini pics or suggestive shit on an almost daily basis. Pic related is two girls I went to school with. They just turned 18 here and this shit was all over facebook. And they're trying to say it's now a crime for saving it?

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What kind of shithole do you live in? Don't tell me it really is America.

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