"hey user, becky here told me you give the best foot massages, so how about it?"

>"hey user, becky here told me you give the best foot massages, so how about it?"

what would you do in this situation?

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Tell them to get the fuck out of my room as Im busy playing Minecraft.

Kneel down in front of them and begin massaging their feet.

Sorry I have insurgents trying to defraud myself to kill on the grounds of treason

I would give anything to be able to massage the girl I love. I think about it often. I never had any experience with giving massages before but I feel like I would have a knack for it. Not just foot massages either, maybe a back massage too like I would give her some deep knuckle massages for those problem areas but not go too rough if she doesn't like it. Then after I loosen her up from all the rubbing I fuck her thoughtfully.

i actually did this at work. one of the waitress said her feet hurt so i jokingly said i can give her feet massage if she wants. she said okay and removed her shoes. insta boner.

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>Sorry I have insurgents trying to defraud myself
Who uses "myself" is this manner? It's like someone who doesn't know how to write intelligibly got to daddy's thesaurus.

I always thought about doing this when i worked as a part time job as an usher. I wouldn't be able to contain myself though. I once almost nutted just because I saw a milf rub her feet on the recliner in front of her.

>nopan on the right
anyway I'd get to massaging because every time I've given a foot massage to a girl it's led to me going balls deep in her, including my mom lol

High INT post.

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Akwardly laugh and say sure, then get to work rubbing those feet.

Jokes on you OP, I actually give good massages.

Disorganized thinking and speech patterns, symptoms of a schizophrenic mind. Feds are probably monitoring him as he appears to be genuinely psychotic.

Tell them I'll massage their feet if they'll massage my penis

No thanks Sally. That sounds super weird.
>Nice try FBI man I'm not falling for this trickery

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Well, Becky, is a lying fucking whore. Now get out of my room I have shitposting to do.

kick their whore faces in

I remember my first footjob. Ex was a good looking 6' blue eyed brunette with god tier body and cute feet and hands. She bit her lip while concentrating on jerking my cock off with her toes. Sadly, didn't cum much, she didn't notice at first. Was in the morning after a night of fucking, so, got no juice left. It was cute though. Teased me through jeans by her feet later.

Much as I'm tempted to REEEEEE at you that actually sounds quite wholesome. Nice one

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OK, but seriously, those thighs on the left girl, though.

If you can do something well you don't do it for free.

this truly is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. It's submissive and dominant act at the same time. Getting cucked by stacy is a constant threat in that situation.

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Where am I supposed to find someone that'll pay me to molest children?

It's easy, just call 911 and explain your talents. You'll go through a screening process and you'll be thoroughly examined by some ethnic and urban folk in a closed building. By the end you'll have a nice source of incum.

Laugh, like they would ever be serious about that.