Incel Uprising

He was right about everything, wasn't he... the more I go on the more I realize this. Every day I listen to his manifesto at least once. Girls treat me just as bad as they did Elliot. Why were we cursed to live this way, anons?

Why is this world so cruel?

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His small necklace cracks me

Damn can't find the video of him talking while next to the car. Like literally the cringiest and spergiest I have seen him. Why don't girls like me, it used to be called.

"You girls" *points frail finger at camera*

Bump for the betas:

>Every day I listen to his manifesto at least once.
You retard. No one is this simple.

>Why were we cursed to live this way, anons?
It's ultimately the prize males have to pay for having started to use females as incubation chambers for their seed, the way males themselves do not have to rip up their bodies in the reproduction process.

I listen to it on 4x speed so it only takes 2.5 hours

You have to find the girls with mass autism traits and not look for 10/10 normies. Not even that just look for girls with common sense, I have found some like that online (irl people in general seem cancerous apart from a few). It's horrible you think you're treated badly, please try to distance yourself from people that you think have treated you in a bad way and look for decent people who don't treat you like that

Why would you listen to the manifesto of a narcissistic cartoon goofball? Rodger was a delusional assclown from beginning to end.

You watch your mouth, kiddo

Beta Uprising when?

I'm praying for it everyday.

Already began back in 23/05/2014, user. Just waiting for you to enlist ;)

>Beta Uprising happens
>maybe kill 100 or so roasties
>every chad, white knight and cop squashes the incel faggots
>no more incels
Based do it soon you fucking betas

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He was not. He was a pathetic idiot. Fuck him.

You first, okay bro?
It doesn't matter if we lose desu, at least we had some fun before ending it all

Its the nature of betas not to rise against anything. Its a paradoxon

your not cut out for it. you got bad genetics. simple as. It is a cruel world out there but it shouldve been even more cruel where you wouldnt have any rights and you would be a peasant. Wouldnt even be able to make money.

youre a massive douchebucket

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bump for our lord and saviour

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To be honest, i think you are more insane than Elliot
I understand being an incel but i don't understand this bullshit

What's wrong, user?
What don't you understand?

The Great Beta Uprising of 2019:

lt began and ended with the same sound. A roar of Iaughter.

For three straight days, the betas rose up like frogs emerging from the earth during a torrential rain storm, dragging with them the miasmatic stench that permanently haunted their underground dens. They came by the scores, crying and wielding piss bottles and jugs of their own feces.

They painted the neighborhoods with their excrement and shaved their heads and wore white face paint while feeling emotions that no man with testicles intact should feel.

"But why?!". The question was on the Iips of every normal citizen watching these unwashed, out-of-shape blobs of failure crying and running amok in the streets.


It was their credo... Their mantra. The police laughed as each one was shot by the modified riot control water blasters. The warm, soapy water killed them instantly. They had become one with stink, incorrigibly corrupted by their own filth.

One by one they were killed by the cleansing streams. Women stood outside to watch and laugh in histerics at the absurdity of their cause. They died reaching out to those women. Prostrated and having their life slip from them as the soapy water blasts them down the streets, they reach out, vision obfuscated and blurred with water. "T-That feel when no cute girl laughing at you die gf...." is all they would murmur.

When the last one fell, the laughter died down. Someone was going to have to clean this mess. No one was willing to do it. A truck mereIy dumped it's payload of dirt over their corpses and on top of that mound of dirt, a memorial was erected. A crying frog holding a gun.

It has since become a popular hangout for young couples to go and be intimate. It has also been tagged with much graffiti, most of which reads "Chad wuz here :^)"

Elliot Roger was, is and will always be the one who shine above us all, the one and only, the hero, the Supreme gentleman, the legend.
Awesome video man. I'm downloading it.
Legends never die!!!

>that part of the manifesto where Elliot is sitting next to a cute 16yo girl at a party or whatever and he's fantasizing about her talking to him and then a 12yo White kid sits next to her on the opposite side, macks her and they make out in front of him
Him describing his seething in that moment was one of the funniest things I'd read. God he was stupid. Good riddance.

I have one simple answer and another that is a bit longer.
The simple one is because we are in Hell.
The longer answer is what about if this world is a test, a place where you have to prove that you are worthy. What about if you are not born with a soul, but you could make one for yourself by the way you live and die? And only the strongest and the bravest one deserve to have a soul and continue their journey after they die somewhere else. Those who majority think of them as insane lunatics, madmen, mentally ill people. For the majority of the sheep the black one is a freak of nature. But is it really?

it's been so long i don't really remember any of his manifesto except the part where samuel fucks elliott's sister through her bedroom door