Tell me how miserable you are user
tell me how miserable you are user

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hey anonyy:)

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your that pedo
i even had the md5 blocked

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I feel like shit for many reasons but also added on now is that this woman who is always telling me to talk and be open if I have a problem with them to them was whispering about me being gross when she thought I couldn't hear her, even though whenever we were in person she didn't seem like that at all. She is a massive hypocrite since she couldn't tell me why I'm gross to my face but is always telling me to talk if I have an issue with her. With that on top of some other things that have been happening lately, I'm starting to get real fucking sick of people, more specifically, normalfags. They act like they're decent but shit talk when you're out of earshot, they assume things instead of asking and talking to people, they assume you lie about whatever they don't want to believe because they're used to lying about things and think it's fine, they have low empathy and understanding of others and try to act like they care to have a moral high ground even when by the way they treat things and say and act they don't give a shit, they don't listen, they're fake. If everybody but a select few died tomorrow maybe the world would be a better place, not a better place, but a lot less of this shit would be happening that's for sure.

tranny detected
commence operation boot n nuke

distance yourself from these people who you think have wronged you
also try not to shoot up a school

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Not that user, but that girl isn't underage btw
She just looks young in the face

kids are creepy and so is that dude
he kept spamming pictures of kids lastt time

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lol no
just used to come here regularly and then stopped for a while

it shows originally

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for u

we all get to suffer together now

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Did you just shoot up heroin or something? Why are you talking like that?

i was really tired, also im sick
i do wish i was on heroine ;-;

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>Dreamed about kissing a girl
>Half way woke up realizing I was kissing my own hand
>Managed to get back in the dream again

I'm now sleeping longer because I get those kind of dreams more often if I do so.
One of my friends who i thought was a robot managed to get laid by a girl who sleeps around a lot and I'm concidering my chances with her.
Getting Jow Forums is the only thing I'm worried about and I did not even start to study for my uni exams because I just don't give a shit anymore.
Mom left dad and the only real relationship I have ever really witnessed is gone, so is my motivation to even try to get a gf.
Any relationship I have ever seen failed.
Every girl I ever knew slept around at some point and I don't think it would even be worth anymore to search for one that has not because they don't even exist

I feel so nervous even just recording my voice. I am sweating right now. I was going to say hello normally but I couldnt do it, so I said something silly instead. How do you deal with this kind of situation?

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thats a rough situation with your parents and all but
stop being a cumbrain. Take my blessings and find a purpose
what kind of situation? I dont feel shame anymore, whatever comes out of my is not my responsibility. I am not a person anymore

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I mean like social anxiety, but I dont really have this sensation when I am talking to someone face to face, just over mic or recordings.

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