At what age did you lose your virginity, Jow Forums?

At what age did you lose your virginity, Jow Forums?

How did you lose it?

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I have not lost it because this is the robot board.

Still a virgin, despite being 27.

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>tfw virgin living in the region with most attractive women

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28. A girl I was teaching wanted me to go to a nightclub with her. Fucked her up an alley. Well over a year together now.

Does it count if i couldnt stay hard and didnt cum? To a trashy prostitute


This thicc brunette chick with huge tits had been coming onto me for months. One night, I was up late and she hit me up on MSN messenger (this was in 2005) all flirty and asked me to come over cause she was home alone. By the time I got there, her parents were back. That didn't really stop her, though.

She took me to a spot hidden from view behind a 7 foot wooden gate and a tightly-spaced wooden fence dividing the neighbour's yard from hers. Basically a little tucked away corner leading to the backyard. This was also in the dead of night (like 1am) in an isolated newly-developed suburban neighbourhood. As soon as she lead me to that corner behind that gate, she started grabbing for my belt buckle, squeezing my cock through my jeans and french kissing me. I unhooked her bra and let her tits pretty much pop out of the tiny tanktop she was wearing. She dropped to her knees and sucked me off while I was standing up and playing with her tits. Amazing eye contact even though it was kinda dark, it was really hard not to blow but I clenched my dick and muscles a bit and made her slow down by pulling my dick away.

She at that point asked if I had a condom and I said no. She said thats ok with a bit of a smile. Then I sat down on the grass leaning against the side of her house and she got on top and rode me, no condom. After a few minutes of that and squeezing her tits while she was on top, I pulled out and nutted down her throat. She literally swallowed it all lol. It was pretty crazy. We then kissed (lol) and I left and walked 15 km home down a big unoccupied highway on a hill overlooking the city.

I haven't.


Get the fuck outta here.

Get the fuck out of here you fucking normals.

i lost it at 21. can tell story if someone wants but posted it before a whilea go

was this chad or beta


My pure virgin nerd gf we both lost our virginities to each other and it was fucking terrible because we had no clue what we were doing our first time because porn makes it look easy

Been with her for 5 sweet years

17 in my gf's basement. It was pretty magical as we both didn't know what we were doing and sorta giggled the whole time. I remember how wet she was and the moans

>mfw she's a stacy now and I'm lurkng Jow Forums


as long as you penetrated it does

lol, make me you fucking weeb

I'm and I've been here since 2008. You can't make me leave. How mad?

never have never will, not a normalfag

eu east

I still have mine in mint condition! UwU

17 my bum virginity and 19 my peenus virginity

At 16, she was 20
we were childhood friends and I guess it was about time since she said finally.
We eventually split and I don't blame her since she deserved better than the garbage i was at the time

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Hey user! You seem to be lost fortunately the users of Jow Forums are always glad to help new users who may not know the place to make a post
there you go

20 and still a virgin
3 months and 21 fuck me

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to my first girlfriend
like a normie


>gf and I had been together for 6 months
>lying on her couch with her on top of me
>both of us are on the spectrum so we don't do subtlety
>she asked if I wanted to have sex with her
>get naked
>she rode me for a few minutes until I came in her
>after she cleaned up we went back to cuddling on the couch

>this thread
May as well just browse wizardchan at this stage

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Im still here with you user.
26 and going strong to wizard status

>All your friends have lost their virginity
>You're best friend who can be a huge autist at times recently got a blowjob (from an online gf of all people)
>Not even being a university student can get me laid
What did I do/not do to deserve this?

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>tales from the crypt


nope, 20, still virgin and going strong
i also have a small penis and a i'm a manlet

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38 tomorrow.
2 more years until I rope.

I had an autist friend in school that literally got invited to fuck a girl he met in TF2 before she left the country.
I mean good for him, but I just have no idea how this happens to people. I cannot fathom a scenario where that could have been me

The online gf my friend has he met on fucking Overwatch. How does this happen?

i was 21. lost it to a 18 yo slut. didnt actually cum but i count it because it made me get over the mental hold my virginity had on me.

I honestly can't understand it. I don't know how it happens. The girl he fucked was objectively hot too, like a 7/10. Blows my fucking mind

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Lost it at age 16 to an 18 year old girl I met in a psych ward. We were watching Frozen together and then sex happened. My first time was not enjoyable. I was much too nervous and anxious

I'm sorry that life turned out this way for you user

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Whenever my friend shows to others his online gf I just refuse to see.
Don't know if it's spite or vanity that does it, but I can't do it.

I love how these threads always make 14-year-old "incels" reeee

I can empathize, you're not in this alone

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I told my friend I didn't believe that he fucked that girl and then showed me a picture of him smugly cuddling her with her arms wrapped around him in bed. I never felt so inadequate in my life

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>go to a bar regularly
>owner introduced me to a friend
>milf kinda
>ended up drinking with her, going to club
>ended up fucking
>I had 1 condom
>I came in a really short time, probably she got a bit mad
>so we had sex more the next few days

it was ok. remember it as a fun and funny event. lil bit embarrasing i blew it so early

>14 year old
H-haha yeah g-gottem user

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Lost my v-plates at 23 to my 24 year old gf who was also a virgin

Had to wait 2 whole years for it since she was really nervous about sex, but it paid off in the end. We had to take things very slowly. It took me ages before I even saw her fully naked or even did any kind of fondling with her. To be honest there was a period of time when progress in our relationship sexually was totally stagnant. I actually got pretty down about it and bottled it up for a while until one night I basically just blurted out how I felt about things. Was half expecting her to break up with me there and then at that point but she opened up to me too and from there on progress became faster and faster until one day round my house we just got naked, I asked her if she wanted to have sex, she said yes, and we did it.

We've only done it 2 times since then though, and every time I can only get my dick only a little bit of the way in before it gets too much for her and she pushes me back out again. Also she'll only let me do it with a condom even though she's on the pill. Not that I've managed to cum yet from sex anyway because any time I get close she wants to stop and I have to pull it out and jerk myself off instead. I hope she gets more comfortable with it eventually. All I can say is I must be the most patient man in the world

28 I paid an escort.

I remember the story that he told like it was yesterday.
>Friend's dad goes to France and friend decides to join because he wants to see his gf
>They're some distance from each other but that doesn't stop him
>Invites gf to his Hotel room, they get close and she sucks his dick
>They would've fucked there and then if she wasn't paranoid about about it at the time
>All the other friends in the room (Who've had sex) cheering him and congratulating him
>Me (The only virgin in the corner of the room) just chugging beer cans in a state of self loathing
If I don't fuck someone before I hit 30 I'm gonna to kill myself,

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i want my bf to cum in me ):

The fuck? This actually happens?

Side note: I'm actually finding it harder to get her to give me a blowjob harder than it was to get her to fuck me. Every time I ask she insists that her gag reflex is too strong. Like, I tell her that you don't even have to put it that deep in your mouth and that most of the work is from your hands anyway but she's having none of it. She won't even try. Makes me kinda mad honestly considering I've eaten her out a bunch of times. I didn't like it particularly but I enthusiastically did it anyway because I wanted to make her feel good

there is a medical condition that makes the vagina reject penises or something (dyspareunia) for either physical or mental reasons, its fixable tho.

I told her no and that i was far to scared and that i wanted to wait for a better time
after the coercion, midway into sex she tells me to get off of her.

Nice LARP faggot, so cool

I may have worded it wrong but my friend got his dick sucked in France and when he came back home he told the story to me and the rest of our friends back at his house some time after.
That's when everyone was cheering and I was just drinking.
After all is said and done however, everything I was told about online relationships suddenly became a lie at that point.
If my insanley autistic friend can get a qt French gf and have his dick sucked just from meeting her on Overwatch then what is my excuse?

weird girl asked me out and initiated. in retrospect, she was pretty low iq but i was arguably worse.

Was meant to reply to you, mane.

27. I had been edating a girl for a year. Finally flew across the US to mert her.


Still a virgin at 22. I reckon I am going to give in and see an escort within the next year

>What did I do/not do to deserve this?
You did nothing, I suppose.
Actually, irl you have to do something in order to get laid or whatever. Otherwise you're just gonna whine on Jow Forums or elsewhere. Like you do now, not that I blame you

Why fuck for money? Does it not...humiliate you, at least? I mean, is loosing virginity some goal of yours or what?

27 for me as well, was last month actually with my gf i met off tinder of all places lmao.

At 19 I fucked a female donkey.

Wow. How'd you get a girlfriend off Tinder? I was on there for a year with 0 success. I had better luck posting on Jow Forumsforeveralonedating. I dated two girls off there including my current gf. I hate that I wasted money on dating apps.

Why would you use ellipses when you're typing out a response? Generally pauses like that happen when you're trying to hold something back or you're thinking.
You're typing on the internet though, it's not involuntary and it's not necessary because you have as much time as you want to type out your response. It just seems like you're aping emotions rather than actually having them.

I haven't, obviously. No girl has ever shown any visible interest in me and I'm too anxious to even make eye contact with people. I'm 21, still khv.

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because he's autistic duh, autistics communicate by copying canned/bottled speech, even in text communication

Still 20 and nah
Where the fuck do I go to meet young people willing to socialize? I got nobody to talk to.

13, to a black lady in the same apartment complex. We were kind of friendly as I saw her on the way home from school each day and would hang out a little bit and talk. This time she got on the topic of girls and when I didn't have any experience she offered to bang. Didn't really "get" what she meant so just went along with it.

Pretty weird though, basically amounted to stopping off for sex while walking back from the school bus, and then walking upstairs and seeing mom right after.

18. lost it in a pretty normie way too but here i am again

>At what age did you lose your virginity, Jow Forums?
>How did you lose it?
By having sex.

At 18 to my qt long-distance gf who convinced her parents to fly the family 6h across Europe so she could sneak out of the hotel room and go on our first real days.

lost it when I was raped at 6 years old

At 17 with my current bf.
It sucked.
Wished I had stayed a virgin

>no green text

Come on

A cute girl I met in a mmo

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still one.
actually i might go for priesthood but i am not decided yet.

Do you really think little boys would be that much better?

Not a larp. It was genuinely my first time and turned me into a sex addict.

23 from a girl I met off Yik Yak. Didn't know I was a virgin and we fucked as friends with benefits for a year.

>At what age did you lose your virginity, Jow Forums?

>How did you lose it?
Chinese prostitute

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While she was flat on her back did you stare into her little Chinese eyes?

The duality of woman

It's a good story. I'l green text once I'm off work. Till then you will have to wait.

based black dynamite poster

Still a virgin at 28. Also kissless and never held hands but I've had multiple girls interested in me over the years but my infinite autism and crippling fear of making the first move stopped my chances.

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27 but I have a feeling I'll be losing my gf soon.
It is not easy out there anons, I wish you luck.

When I was 14. My gf at the time was a huge slut kinda wish I did not fuck her. We did it in a pool and then went to the pools laundry room. It is kinda crazy we did not get caught but it was super late at night.

19, orientation day at college, with a chubby punk girl who randomly started hanging out with me.

I'm 33 now and I've only had sex with one other girl, the one GF I've ever had, and it's been six years since we broke up and I'll probably never get laid again.

>What are you talking about? Dont you know Im a virgin!

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Girls and boys tried to touch my peepee a lot because I was a nudist. I just wanted to run around naked, and maybe "murder" peoples with an m16a2. It'd probably be a lot more fun though if I just banged girls that were easy when I thought like that. I don't think the difficulty level would change either way if I did or didn't. I was destined for failure either way for not outright murdering everyone in my way.

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how come you didn't stay with her? how many relationships have you been through now.
Same question for you, why didn't you marry your first one?

17. I was desperate and lost it to a nasty sloot who had a thing for taking people's virginities. I have to say I regret it

24, to my wife on my our wedding night.

Feels good man. First time wasn't as great as it is now. It gets better as you grow to know each other's desires better.

>Same question for you, why didn't you marry your first one?
Neither one of us had that much interest in the other. She found out I was a virgin and I think she only did it because she was into the idea of taking a guy's first time, and I only did it because I was a horny 19 year old virgin and wasn't going to say no to the opportunity. Pretty much the same story as , and I regret it too.

Thought I was gonna marry the second girl, we lived together for almost five years and we were talking seriously about a formal engagement, but she was bipolar in denial and gradually became more and more of a cunt and I finally couldn't take it and broke up with her. Found out afterward that she'd cheated on me with one of her beta orbiters a few weeks before the breakup too, she ended up marrying him a few years later and honestly I just feel bad for the dude knowing what being in a relationship with the bitch is like.

It was Ashley, wasn't it. She took half the V-cards in my town.

17 Year Old ALPHA GANG where you at?

Sweet redhead Junior, i was a sophomore. We hooked up after homecoming. I was linebacker. She was part of the reading club, they took on making the welcome banners.
We had gone on a few dates for a month and half I guess.
After the game, we went to the QB home for the party, and we crashed at my place after that.
We did it a couple of times, we were drunk and happy.
Best Day Ever.

>28 and still a virgin
Only two more years till wizardhood...

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>I have no sensibility because constant fappin'
>I don't cum
>She gets mad at me
>I give 5 stars regardless
It's been a year since then and I finally stopped fappin' for 18 days straight but browsing here makes me feel like burning the worm everyday.

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