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no hairy skinnyfat top bf edition

Last thread died before bump limit. Sad this general is dying.

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How come the last one got archived so quickly? Sheesh.



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everyone's getting bfs and leaving

>no hairy skinnyfat top bf edition
I never thought they'd be sought after. Tell me more OP.

>Tell me more OP
I don't know what else to tell, sounds like you have something to say to me

what do I have to say to you user?

I'm not really sure tee be h, sounds like you're a hairy skinnyfat top possibly interested

thats a possibility, but I have no idea what to do from here.

hmm, how about your age and where you're located? ||18 upstate NY||

far away and older than you, that won't work.
also use ctrl+s to spoiler, not discord spoilers.

fug I've outed myself as a discordfag

Dumb norman doesnt even know how to use Jow Forums

aww that sucks. I'm aware how to spoiler I just accidentally use discord spoilers and embarrass myself from time to time.
but how older, I'd date a guy up to about 25/26 yo

so I wouldn't be too old but too far away user.
oh well.
I think you can find someone here though.

Out of curiosity, what part of upstate ny? I very rarely see other anons from around here.

716 area, unoriginally

I saw a cute boy with his dog outside his house down the street today. He was maybe a couple inches taller than me with sorta wavy, chin-length light brown hair. When I glanced down at the dog I saw the boy had a prosthetic leg, it was a little sad. I wonder what happened. I wonder if I could bf him

I've been planning on moving somewhere near buffalo actually to be closer to my boyfriend, but I'm almost 30 so even a friendship would probably be off the table.

Anyway, good luck user.

Sorry for normalfag posting but
Got a bf from r9gay and I love him very much but I miss tits so much during sex, what do guys? I don't wanna cheat on him but I miss boobs so much

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Hang yourself like a christmas ornament

first boy that likes a skinnyfat top and he lives so far away.. life is unfair.

What the namefag said

may I ask where is so far away
I wouldn't mind older friends

across the atlantic.
too far.

Nobody wants a 18yo friend though.

>tfw no 18 year old bf that my 28 year old ass can take care of and support with my job and treat as a quasi-son/bf

I just want a cute bf that I can spoil and take care of and take out on fun adventures.

where unoriginally are you

I don't know, it would be a little weird. What would your other friends think?

>what would your other friends think?
Nothing because they don't exist

>that time in high school where you asked out girls to prove you weren't gay to your former friends
>that period of time when you convinced yourself you liked women and fapped to them, without dicks, and you couldn't even get hard

>Think "I must not be at the stage of puberty where I'm interested in girls yet"
>Kept thinking without questioning it very hard until 20

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Don't know why. I like talking to younger people, they often have different points of views and interesting things to say.

What are your interests? Tell me about yourself.

I'm pretty much a boring loser but I guess cooking, gardening, music, politics

I don't know which teenager you are talking about. All I have heard is feet or fur shit or video games, or hookups, or big dicks, or video games etc.

If you are under 22, don't @ me.

>don't @ me
cute zoomerspeak :3

rate my buttchicks

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>tmw family wants to force meow to be a norman

i may or may not have reported a certain poster

>tfw noone in /r9gay/ likes to drive while blasting Hollywood Undead and smoking Pall Mall

>rap rock
Oh wow, no. Just no.

at least pall malls look cooler than other deathsticks

>muh smoking bad
i bet you've nevet even smoked, let alone smoked pot

While smoking weed is understandable, smoking itself is disgusting.

Kissing a smoker is like licking an ash tray.

In other words, it tastes good.

>want to do a slav squat while i wait for my classroom to be unlocked
>think it looks too much like a pooping pose
>stand back up

>tfw no former closet bf to cuddle

>falling for the slav meme
cheeki breeki iv damke amirite tavarisch?

Based and redpilled chad over here

I am a boomer, binch. Address me properly.

don't call me a binch, daddy >w

>tfw no zoomer binch bf

pls be close

>tfw no smol bf to get things on the lower shelf for me

>tfw no bf to watch horror movies with and hug him really hard because i'm a wuss

tfw no daddy bf to cook food for and snuggle with ;( sucks being forever alone twink

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Yo that's some faggot shit right there.

well it is a gay thread user-kun :)

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>tfw no bf to snap my ankles so that I'd have to rely on him more

>tfw to in love with a boy but too scared to tell him i feel

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No this is r9k, the hell are you talking about.

It's not a faggot thread, though.

why u be so mean user-kun?

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Tell him, record it and post it here. I promise it will go well.

But his bf left him today and idk if thats okay to do it

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Meeting the FWB in two days. Haven't fapped since Saturday. Almost got so horny today I considered cruising.
This is getting difficult. How fast does full volume come back?
Debating having one so I can think during my work day tommorow.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Fuck you my comment is original.

It comes back when you stop being a cunt and start posting on appropriate boards.

I'm just spittin straight facts here

What's up fags? How have you been feeling today?

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incredibly stressed due to yet another tower of lies creaking under its own weight

I'm not a fag. I don't know why everyone on this website keeps calling me that.

Wanna talk about it user? What's wrong?

sometimes it doesnt feel worth making food for myself
wish i had a bf to do it for

You can make food for me. But I'm not gay so there's that.

omgggg you guisee did you see the latest ru pauls drag race episode??? That was ridiculous! Toxic Andy should have won the lip singing contest she put her all into it and the other girl just half-assed it!
Anyone listen to the new taylor swift album I love that song called lover its such a bop. I just melted when I found out two of my favorite singers taylor swift and Brendon Urie did a song together.

due to my lies I'm forging documents to show to my family now. well it's not like I haven't done it before, this is just on a new scale.


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Any chubby twinks here? I want to ravage you.

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>boy backs
Absolutely kino

does not compute

>tfw only person I've ever loved randomly blocks me on with no explanation after everything seems like it's going smoothly and have been crying for hours
Relationships are so fucking trash, he was so perfect for me and he doesn't even tell me what I did wrong. Now I can't do anything in life because I'm going to be overwhelmed with depression and suicidal thoughts for weeks. He was only person besides my family who ever made me happy.

Y'all be hating on the Pall Malls but they're the best cigs
Also what's up

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I'm young and skinnyfat with little body hair, does that count as a chubby "twink"?

Sounds like a personality disorder of the borderline variety


Describe yourself in more detail. How old are you? Race? What's your hair like? Have you ever had your ass eaten?

>he smokes
>he does drugs
Major turnoffs. I just want a non degenerate bf to marry me and let me suck his cock

It was just so sudden.... He was the nicest person ever for weeks and randomly he blocks me out of nowhere. The day before he said he was feeling depressed but why would he do something so drastic

To suck or be sucked, which is the best?

18, wh*te, puffy longish dirty blond hair, virgin, you?

>tfw internalized homophobia
>still think of myself as defective and wrong for being gay

Deepthroat face fucking.

Most likely no one will give a shit you're gay, you may be wrong and defective but who cares, just be a homo and don't waste your life hating yourself for liking guys

23, white. Brown, ear length. I've fucked a ton of twinks.

Are you really 18? If you are, would you be interested in doing disgusting things on Discord for me as a slave boy?

depends if you live near, I've been a discord sub and it's really boring just sending nudes to random people

Where do you live, boy?

Tell me about your discord whoring.

upstate NY, it was just this one guy from a server I was in who made me take a bunch of pics for him, I didn't have to not really want to do it but I was too submissive to say no

I live in northern PA. I would have you do much, much grosser stuff.

Post an was pic here. Omit face obviously. Don't respond asking if I'd like you to send it to me elsewhere.

I would but that's against the rules of this board...

>Go into thread to be lonely with anons
>People hooking up

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