Comfy autumnal night with the /britfeel/ lads edition

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Watching UK Kitchen Nightmares. They're just as inconpetent as the yanks.

*holds his hands out palms up*
Bet non of the femanons can fit their boobs in these


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Watching Poldark. Just started season 3. Ginger lass is losing her looks.

Watching Slayers, feel like a right 90s weaboo

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Found tonights supper, lads

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A letter...

To the troops at work. If you can load a round into an assault rifle you should be able to stack plates properly into a fucking rack. I may be at the lowest hierarchy in my wageslave job, but it shows a lack of respect not just for me but for the sake of order and discipline. I hope you go to Iran and get shot to shit by Russians

To my dad... Why should I come home, need the toilet and find you have left a fucking log in there. You're a cunt

t. East Devon

Based and girlshowpilled

I wouldn't date a girl who had tits bigger than my pecs, that's emasculating.

I unoriginally hate pakis

Nah he is a good lad that has been fighting against your lot since day 1

been stook in tenner reef wiv chantelle and me kids jaxon, hunter and jayden fer 12 owers now
dere isn't enny propa ingerlish food ter eet, onleh forren muk
help meh

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shut it Jow Forumstard

lmao kek hate commoner scum

When's your seasonal work dry up lad?

Really fancy getting pissed tonight lads. Trying to cut down. Might just say fuck it and go pick up a 4-pack of K Cider though. Should I do it?


Personally the double edged Kitchen Devil is my favourite knife to use for most things that need cutting.

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Yeah do it mate. Whoever you're trying to impress by not drinking doesn't even notice you.

You might have missed the last thread, but Jaxon was eaten because the English places have run out. Proper hate Thomas Cook people. Once went to a greek island and the hotel had some of those people. There was a place next door that did a sunday roast, and all the shops had shit like Irn Bru. The actual Greek food was shocking and they made Gyros like Kebabs.

I left that place ages ago. Mugged me off so I mugged them off

thinking about my old geography teacher. lovely set of jugs she had. she must be old now, i bet they've gone all saggy

My oldest sock in reguIar use is 12 years, ceremonial socks are 16.

Wow your socks are older than my sister.

Been stook in Choonisya mate, 'ad ter join t'local mujerhideen t'pay 'otel. Ain't too bad i 'ken. See yer soon Gaz.

-Love Baz

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no lad, you'll only want more after that

playing with her ta's right now mate, still a lovely and firm bird

fing is rite, I voted to leev cos of 350m to nhs a week but she still has a duff ham salad.

Mainly trying to cut down because it worries my mum and friends who just went back to uni. As long as I don't send them random drunk messages on Discord and not be too loud I think I should be okay.
I'm not going to need more than a 4-pack of K-Cider. Fuckin 8% 500ml cans lad. Plus they shut in like 2 hours and the nearest 24hr shop is like 3 miles away uphill.

a 4 pack of K is surprisingly strong, enough to make most lads steaming.

I have the most rancid month-old cumsock in my chest of drawers. Really hope mummy goes out tomorrow so I can stick a white wash on. I'm half expecting ebin the mold daemon to come out of it and kick me in the shin

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oof, that's how you know you have a problem
for me? it's a bottle of wine and a few pints or vice versa

that's good to hear. i thought they might have lost their lustre after all these years. glad to hear they're still going strong

I have one of those Kitchen Devil's. The steel has corroded a lot, but it cuts cheese rate good. Nice and thin, easy to control. Way better than my wanky family's posh knives.

you should throw it not wash it you nutter

> ter join t'local
Breaks my heart when people misuse the t' prefix.

Comfy bike ride in the rain. Starting to get darker earlier now, max comfy.

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seriously lad it's time to let that sock go and chuck it

:( no he is fren
mummy might see it in the bin he need to hide

I don't see the problem. It gets you wankered for under a fiver, and it tastes like Dark Fruits if you mix it with a bit of squash. Nothing wrong with saving a bit of money. And I fucking hate wine. I used to pick up like one or two 4-packs of Red Stripe or an IPA if I was feeling fancy but I didn't really see the point in spending like over double the money for the same result.

then you use a public bin. you fucking nonce.

I have named my cumsocky sofi and it will bear my children

black bin liner, wrap spunksock in it. deposit wrapped spunksock in wheelie bin outside


Shippy in 15 years after he gets stung by a group of nonce hunters and sent to prison

Love late night Limmy stories proper comfy

Good choon lad

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His "improv" is utter shit. Baffled that anyone can enjoy them

Wait should I not be washing my cumsocks and reusing them?

>not trading your cumsocks to the local succubus
What's wrong with you?

Any of you lads ever drink Oranjeboom Extra? Naughty stuff, never see it in shops anymore

Limmy's looking proper rough these days.

I've only heard legends. Had an alchie friend of a friend who used to drink the 18% cans. Can't even imagine what that tastes like.

Where do I buy pictures to hang up on the wall?

ebay has an art section. paintings and sheit
or commision SP to do a spunksock portrait

I haven't had a proper argument in britfeel for about a month. Yourselves?

Never had one. I only nicepost. If someone is mean, I don't reply

countless petty squabbles but never a proper argument

Years for me. Lifes too short to be winding up lads.

>arguing on /britfeel/

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Never had one on here, sometimes I stir shit then leave the thread straight after though.


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yeah I win most of them

why aren't all pictures of the same resolution the same file size?
there's X amount of pixels so why do more colours take up more space?

It was the least horrible tasting of the superstrength lagers I've tried

>19 years old and poor
>buy 4 cans of Oranje for a fiver
>old bloke at the counter in the offy frowns at me judgementally
>"dodgy drink this lad, for serious alcoholics"

Never been judged for my choice of booze in an off license before or since. Plus getting bladdered off four cans is a bit much, I bet the 18% stuff is evil

Why is the average britfeeler more successful than the average brit/pol/ poster?

brit/pol/ has decimated this general m8

Wish Netflix had better films desu

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It's pol lad, it's where people at the bottom of the rung go to blame everyone else for their problems.
Yes Russell it's the immigrants fault you dropped out of school and work part time at Lidl.

lol thats classic chika xD

They are with bitmaps. Other formats use compression techniques. png for example can be compressed losslessly really well with less complicated images. MS Paint stores png in the most bloated way imaginable.

a maze on has some alright one's now. going to get spliffed up in the bed region of the house and watch no cunt reee's at oldmen

haha yea mate those poor, stupid bigots haha

what kind of films u want lad it has some decent ones

Knowing Chika, probably ones involving child rapists seeing how he defends them.

>he defends them.
omg does he really?

>The virgin brit/pol/
>The chad britfeel

I'm not the first person to point this out

wait that was chika?
fuck sake, feel like i've just been tricked for giving out a (you) now

I dont know really.
Just never in the mood for most of the stuff that is on there, might be that I am the problem and not their selection.

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In percentage terms, brit/pol/ has more virgins than britfeel

fuck off mate couldn;t care less

Pol ends up making you furious and bitter 24/7. It's no way to live and nobody wants to be anywhere near someone like that. Who the fuck wants to talk to some mental guy who's going to start bringing up Jews and getting mad all the time?

any of you hate your family enough to not visit them in hospital?

browse a bit of Jow Forums meself. got to keep my finger on the pulse of current affairs.

Keep seeing people bench pressing or doing fucking curls, such a vanity thing. Do a real exercise with real results like squats.

>attributing racism to class
dumb gammon

l cant, l have bad knees

>regrets giving me a (You)
>angrily responds to me anyway
this is really sad. never consider that you are the issue here and not me?

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lol le gammon twatwaffle xd

cool. Up to ought lads? shagging any birds?

Nah you're a boring nonce chika.

How poor can the compression even be?

brit/pol/ is loaded to the brim with failures, britfeel has a broader spectrum of posters

i know right lol they dont have sex HAHA

I shagged a bird last Thursday, will be seeing her again this Thursday

>had burger king binge last night
>told myself it was the last binge before I had it
>felt my heart beating harder as I waited for the food; almost walked out right there despite having paid
>feel fine as I had the food and after; was just being paranoid lol
>woke up today and slept until 10 am
>browsed internet on phone, drank coffee, did chores
>watched a blackpill YouTube video I really related to
>read 30 pages of a pop-history book (biography and discussion of a dead political thinker's work)
>go to gym
>too weak to lift heavy weights; spend 45 minutes on cardio machines
>felt really sad as I went back to my flat, for some reason
>for the first time in months, I went for an actual healthy food shop, on a cloudy and rainy day
>saw a Giga-Jailbacey on the way there
>bought food, went back to flat
>had a healthy meal for the first time in literally many weeks
>it felt surreal to feel full up without the giant belly or feeling of disgust with myself as I get a carb rush
>went in to central London for my usual walk; saw Staceys and felt demoralised; saw people inside of a co-working space, still working after 6 pm; looked terrifying
>read in library
>now drinking coffee

I spent some time flossing (enough to bleed, which felt great), plus cutting my fingernails and toenails. That, plus the food shopping, will take up so much free time (as % of total) when I start working.

This is the YouTube video. Skip to 10 minutes and watch on 2x. youtube.com/watch?v=bprpXiT11kU After ER died and I found the incel blackpill, my thoughts became similar to this. It feels like being Neo as he sees the 1s and 0s.

If I was a go-getter, everything I did today by 3 pm would have been done by 11 am.

shagging your mum mate

you posted this on pol fuck off

>shagging any birds?
not for a bit tbqh