End up falling for a Chad

>end up falling for a Chad

I didn't fucking know he was one (I mean I kind of did because he's hot) BUT I wasn't expecting him to be one, he added me on Instagram and he's got all these pictures of him shirtless and with his friends and other girls. What the fuck? I don't want to go deeper than this, I have to ignore him now but he works with me, this will be so difficult ugh.

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It's okay, all females are attracted to Chads subcontiously

>hole problems

>waaah I get attention.

Fuck you bitch I haven't talked to another human in 2 months.

ez replies

go find something else to do, dude

I hope you talk to someone soon user isolation is not the way to go someone out there would love to talk to you uwu

I'm right here bro. you can talk to me, I'm right here...

Post his shirtless body or drop his ig femanon. I need something to flick the bean to.

>t. obese ugly bitch who feels inferior and is using sour grapes as cope

Just let Chad pump and dump you and be grateful, roastie.

His the one in the middle with the blue shirt lol

Go out and talk to people then dumbass

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how did you not know he is a chad?
woman are delusional.

It's been so long that I dont even have things to say any more. I know that sounds dumb but there it is. I used to call my mom every day, but the last few times i just had nothing so say and let the conversation hang. I cant even talk to her anymore because I don't want her to know how bad things are.

I can empathize. when you're past a certain point of isolation you tend to suffer in silence and shut down around others, not thinking of anything to say. it's an empty feel.

Im so sorry ive been there ans i know how awful it is but there is hope i promise uwu

also bro listen to this album
it encapsulates that feeling of dread and isolation beautifully while being oddly uplifting at certain parts.

There really isn't hope. You get low enough and there's simply too much gravity to ever pull yourself out of the well.

The truth is any semi decent looking guys is always surrounded by girls. Hot guys are actually thin on the ground compared to hot girls. Beauty is more accessible than ever to women due to makeup and cheap surgery. Whereas the number of Chads has stayed relatively the same. I dated a Chad for a couple months and he was literally surrounded by female orbiters 24/7. In the end it was so annoying I just ended things.

I can't fucking fathom your reasoning for faking this dumb bullshit, just so virgins will feel better about "not being chads", it's fucking stupid/

goddamn those are some deformed looking women. are things so bad that even chad has to aim lower?

This is going to sound douchey but, I dated 2 neckbeard/Niceguy guys in the past. They were both pretty overweight, bad acne and hygiene, racist/sexist, and one had a fedora. They both showered me in compliments and called me a goddess, but would turn around and call me a filthy whore if I was late to my lunch date because band went on too long. They were both either manipulative, abusive, controlling, and didn't care about my consent or respected my body. I wasn't "allowed" to wear makeup or cute/revealing clothes, or have guy friends. Then I dated what they called a "typical Chad". They hated him because he was 6'2, in football so he was very in shape, good hygiene, great skin, a nice truck, good job, dressed well, he can come off blunt and he didn't shower me in love. He maybe compliments me once a week, but idk it makes it feel more special when it's not overused. They thought he was a huge dick and that I only loved him for his physical qualities. But omg, we have so so much in common, he is so kind, funny, smart. He's anything I could want. Anytime we have an argument ir disagreement it is resolved within an hour or two because we cool off, then talk about it like adults. We have the same financial and familial goals for the future, and he respects me. But those 2 niceguy exs of mine convinced many of the people I know and our mutual friends that I was only into him for his looks and that he is somehow an asshole. So what I've learned from experience, is that these Niceguys hate "Chads" because they are jealous and insecure. Which should be obvious. But once you experience it, it's pretty obvious

you're mistaken, OP is humblebragging but without the humbleness

trannies come up with the craziest fantasies

Its almost like the Incels were right.

When you hit thirty you will finally face the truth and try to settle. Just hope femsociety hasn't brain fucked into robots enough average nonchads so there is someone left for you.

>When you hit thirty you will finally face the truth and try to settle.
40+ guy here, this doesn't happen anymore, hasn't since smartphones. Robots will be in for a rude awakening later on in life.

There is always hope no matter how bad it gets. The only thing promised by the world is change. Change can and will happen it may get worse before it gets better and it may take alot of time but one day you will feel so entirely different and full of joy user i really want you to be happy and i will keep you in my thoughts uwu

Yes there will always be someone there willing to pick up the pieces. Caveat: if you're a girl. Men who dont succeed by a certain point are basically excess baggage from the view of society, and they're treated like it.

They should kill themselves, They have no reason to exist, they are a drain on society and a poison to people they interact with especially younger mentally vulnerable boys.

This story is not real. You are not a woman.

I severely disagree everyone regardless of gender has a chance, dont let your mindset paralyze you user

OP here. wtf, l'm a dude.

Alright, got someone who will help me out then?

Fuck that. I would rather go volcel than date a guy who isnt good looking.

>this average looking guy
He is just not an incel.

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>dumbo ears
>not white
>golden faggot necklace

from another female's standpoint that's a hard PASS

Sounds really gay OP.
Do you liek dicks or somethn?

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I can smell the gay from here.


Why do robots make fun of disabled people so often? You realize you are probably viewed as being on the same level as them socially, right? Even downies can get gfs and bfs. You are just ugly on the inside and the outside, clearly.

I'd rather fuck my ass than date a dumb whore.

I can try we can message daily and talk and stuff sorry i cant do more i rlly want to see u happy and out if this dark hole ya know