I work at a Panera Bread. AMA

I work at a Panera Bread. AMA.

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How can I get free stuff?

lemme get a bread bowl

Used to work at panera.
Had a qt in the back with me, and I'd always take creepshots of her butt when she was prepping food

Work there and hope that you are lucky. If stuff goes out of date, you may get some free food if your managers are nice. Our store is under-performing so I have heard so the managers never do it anymore.

The bread bowls (and bread in general) are one of the few things that are actually homemade. I love the baguettes especially since last month when they change the recipe.

Based creepshotter. Unfortunately, there is very few girls under 30 that work there at the store I work at.

Bring back the roast beef asiago sandwich you fucks It was the best thing you had on your menu I've been boycotting you for half a decade because you got rid of it.

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Best tasting anime? Also cheapest actual food item? Everytime I go with family I'm dropping like $60-$80

>very few girls under 30
Damn, that must be shitty for them.
It was mainly like high schoolers and 20ish people at mine, except the manager.

Me too
Store is dogshit and new grainbowls are a pain in the ass

Go back to work Alice. Stop breadposting in my Jow Forums you foul degenerate dirty bitch

Thinking about just walking in and taking one of those phone app orders.

Any chance anyone would stop me?

nope we just tell you to have a good day

Is the food good? I want to go eat there, it seems comfy.

I havent worked there that long lmao

Soups basically. Everything else is $10-11 without the employee coupon.

Why does it take an obscene amount of time for my broccoli cheddar in a cup? I need to get back to doing real grown up work. Good cookies though

I like the Cuban Sandwich. I would avoid the Modern Caprese, though. It actually tastes like ass.

All of the soups come in a giant plastic bag that goes in a thermalizer for like 20 minutes. After the soup is defrosted, it goes out to the line. Actually cutting the bag open is a pain in the ass because the plastic is so thick.

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What is the most tasty item?

Lemon Drop Cookie. Its really good.

I meant actual food not a snack.

Then either the Cuban Sandwich or the Steak & White Cheddar.

do you plan to work there for the rest of your life? if not, what's your long term career plan? if so, how do you avoid feeling hopeless/how are you content with your life?

There is no fucking way I would ever work there for my whole life. I am just doing it as a college student for extra spending money and building a resume.

I am going to school for Business. The goal is to get my Master's Degree and teach classes. I guess I will have to see where the road takes me.

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why don't you get some business-specific internship then? it'd probably be more useful for your resume + you could still earn money.

Too early into my college years to do that. Plus, the hours aren't bad. I don't need a lot of money thanks to getting those scholarships in high-school. I am barely paying anything for college so I do not need a high-paying job or one with a lot of hours. Just something to keep family off my back and pay for my own gas.

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I think internships matter more as resume fodder than for money (my parents bankrolled me all through uni but I still had to work the entire time solely so I could list bullshit on my resume for some future post-uni job - it's the jewish scheme to keep you working forever)