How were your days anons?

How were your days anons?
Mine was so medicore.
>wake up 7am
>go to school
>do he
>listen to shit music.

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Mine was
>wake up 6am
>have breakfast
>go to school
>do he
>do he
>go sleep

>wake 6 am
>gather, eat shit etc.
>7am, go to uni
>2pm i'm home, cook, shit, have a bath
>Gather my will to do homework
>Sometimes think about i'm so fucken coool god of willpower, how i can overcome everything
>7pm scroll Jow Forums, fap fap fap, maybe practice some skills in photoshop
>11pm go to sleep

Pretty great. First i went to school which was fine i guess. Worked on my new job, met the german enviromental Minister, and worked on the Plans for my incoming election. I also made a New friend with a great network. However Lunch really sucked and I kinda cant Sleep in the last few weeks due to stress. Can anybody recommend good music ?

Woke up at 7am btw

>Wake up at 4am for work
>Fall back asleep by accident, leave for work 20 minutes late
>Arrive at work 15 mins late
>Work is a fucking drag as always, haven't had a day off for like 2 1/2 weeks now
>Finish early, home by 10:30am
>Have a nap for a couple of hours
>Make lunch
>Clean room a little, getting ready to move out in the next few days
>Play vidya for a few hours
>Walk dogs
>Play some more vidya
Pretty meh day, but at least I've finished my 13 hour shifts, just looking forward to moving out.

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>couldn't sleep
>instead drank 3L of beer till 4:45am
>contemplate suicide
>get ready to go to work at 6
>contemplate suicide
>do my 8 hours of wageslaving for literal jews
>contemplate suicide
>pay rent
>talk to the overly attached fat chick I'm not really into
>contemplate suicide
>go out in the pouring rain to buy smokes and phone-money with the little money I have left
>sit for a beer to steal WiFi from the pub long enough to download first season of seinfeld
>realize again I got less than 30 euro for the next two weeks
>contemplate suicide
You are here
>intend to finish my beer after I download seinfeld, go to bed, set my alarm, watch a few episodes and hopefully fall asleep
Life is disgusting, anons

>wake up at 1:30pm
>play some vidya
>eat and watch videos
>play more vidya

about to eat some more while watching more videos
feels pretty good

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>wake up at 7am
>smoke a joint
>shower, coffee, tramadol
>take the train
>first class baby
>go to a shop before work and get some iced coffees and some spring rolls for lunch
>work from 9 to 7.30
>go home
>drink some beer
>smoke some hash
>eat some sosig and chip

i have tomorrow afternoon off too

>wake up
>fix cv
>send off some applications
>lift weights
>sit on my ass for 9 hours waiting for my bitcoin payment to go through

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>wake up 700AM
>go to school
>go to gym and do anything i can, but im usually injured because of shitty genetics
> go back to school for lab
>go home
>go to sleep

Maybe don't smoke and don't spend so much money on alcohol you dumb fuck

>wake up at 715
>get the bus at 815
>get to school at 915
>go home at 1300
>play video games for a while then work on my music
>eat dinner at 6
>finish the song i was working on at about 830
>watch youtube
>go to bed at about 10 and browse Jow Forums
not bad

>wake up
>pack a bowl, smoke it
>play Borderlands 3
>make sandwich and coffee
>practice song that band told me to learn for fifteen minutes then go back to Borderlands 3
>Jow Forums

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idk what you're into but radiohead, dog

>wake up at 3:40AM
>wash crotch, brush teeth, shave, and brush hair
>drive to work
>work for eight hours
>drive home
>post on Jow Forums

Gonna go to therapy and prolly have a ciggie, afterwards.

learn 2 play the song, bro

>interviewed for job last week
>told ill start monday
>show up today
>says theyre still doing paper work
>go home
what now?

>got up at 12
>Talked with e-friend on discord
>Played video game for 1-2 hours
>Browsed internet
Almost time to go to bed now. Day well spent

Very depressed today. I didn't do much. I can't fight this feeling of loneliness, it's getting out of hand. My brain is fixed on my loneliness and the feeling of being undesired 24/7 and it's fucking crippling me.

>wake up at 800 giving myself 30 mins to dress and drive to school
> sit through a few lectures spending most of the time fantasizing about what it would be like to have a gf or sex
>go home
> spend way to much time on Jow Forums and reddit(sorry)
> fap
> wait until im tired enough to fall asleep
>lay in bed and don't fall asleep until 4am leaving me just enough time to get 4 hours of sleep.

could be worse

wake up at 12 pm, go online, want to die, go to sleep, repeat