>tfw can't play video games anymore because it feels like i'm wasting my time
>instead just browse Jow Forums or watch youtube videos which is the same as playing vidya and wasting time

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>get starter account and play some WoW
>realise it's boring to play alone and shut it down

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That is one of the reasons I can't play MMOs or any other mutliplayer game. I just feel so lonely doing everything solo.

fuck you weeb kys

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Same thing happened to me user

yea unfortunately #MeToo

So you too would rather just blankly stare at threads and watch random youtube videos than play video games?

yep, i've downloaded a couple of games but after loading them up i usually wander around for a couple of minutes before quitting without ever touching them again. i just don't have the incentive to play games anymore, there's nothing fascinating about them, no excitement, nothing. so instead i'll watch random youtube vids or twitch streamers or browse this shit-hole, and tha has become my whole pass time now.

Damn same here user. I usually boot up the game and play for like an hour or two then get bored and drop it to never pick it up again. Go back to browsing threads and watching random youtube videos that are recommended to me. Thing is I use to be so into video games when I was in school growing up but now all video games feel boring or something I already played before.

classic successfully distracted me from browsing image boards all day

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>don't actually enjoy video games anymore
>still play them because I feel a compulsive need to complete every single one I own and document my process using spreadsheets

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post said sheet.

I don't wanna post it, because it feels to private, but here is a screenshot from a different spreadsheet where I focused specifically on NES/Famicom games. Since most of the early games don't have a finite goal I just told myself to play them for at least 30-60 minutes or so and then write a short review.

I got about 120 games (mostly smaller, obscure games) in before giving up. These are the first 3 pages

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>Never stuck around to play single-players
>Built up a huge backlog that gathered dust because of this
>Suddenly just start clearing games from it
Completely out of the blue, and I'm actually enjoying myself. But the best part is that I can shitpost efficiently in those video game threads.

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Oh I can't read German.

You're not missing out on anything, it's just a few thoughts on each game

>Play shit MMO for the 7 years its been out now
>Do everything in my power to git gud and reach for the stars.
>Never made it, just under the cutoff for the top.
>Can't find out what separates me from the top.
>Game is dying now, pvp even moreso then the rest of it.
>Walking away with nothing but wasted time and emotional damage.

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>Hate I'm wasting my life playing video games
>Have literally nothing better to do

>Me 21 yr old
>No success in life
>No Money
>No GF
>Paid for WoW Classic
>Leveled up to lvl 5
>Quits the game
>Looking at all the sucesful people that are around my age

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7 years wow, that's quite a lot of time. just curious, what is the name of that mmo?

Dude I'm 28 with no money in the bank and just a shitty part time job. You still have 7 years to fix your life.

>Can't find out what separates me from the top.
You need more autism.

How the fuck does he do that with no misclicks? He has to be using a script.

If only you knew how bad things really were.

I'm moreso worried my autism is what holds me back. Do nurotypicals just have better reaction speed/processing? I can't tell, I'll never know.

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Never underestimate autism. These people are approaching levels of autism that shouldn't be possible. It's almost tangible.
He's probably using AHK.

I remember when I was a teenager and play Runescape religiously no matter how hard I tried I would always misclick shit

so was it guild wars 2? never played that game before

Yeah, it's Gw2. I fucking hate this game, the community, the devs but even now I can't peel myself away.

I finally got tired of it this year. I can't stand timegates, dailies, events, and sitting through 10 minutes of dialogue to attempt an achievement anymore. GW2 made me start looking for these things in other games that seem interesting before anything else because of how much I hate them. It sucks too because most of GW2 is great.

Any league NIGGERS? EUW Cursedtop EUNE MiFi Ways

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Soulbeast, Holosmith and a myriad of other e-spec cancers killed anything fun about it

I only ever did pvp for the rewards and I stopped doing when bunker druid died because I needed the crutch.

>>tfw can't play video games anymore because it feels like i'm wasting my time
You feel that way because your playing league, which is the video game equivalent of waisting time.

I meant in general it's not just league.

Just finished playing some insurgency being bored, now I am here.

insurgency is so boring how do you even play that?