Have gf. ama if you want bots

have gf. ama if you want bots

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She looks homeless. Tell her to dress cuter.

i think she dresses cute user.

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how do u put ur penis in woman

the process to get there can take a while. actually putting it in requires you to be hard and able to enter

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She looks good, you faggot.

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What's your favourit paintint from your visit?

honestly i dont remember. the pic and trip was from a few years back

She looks asian, how the fuck do I get q qt petite not so braindead asian gf like this if I myself am a spic? Why is life so unfair??!?!

just make friends with asian bros if you can first which is usually eaasier then making friends with asian girls. also i know youre just joking calling yourself a spic but have more confidence and liking yourself for who you are and putting effort into who you are goes a long way

how did you meet her?, how did you know she liked you? and how did you know you were bf and gf?

met her through a former coworker. i wasnt sure how much she liked me but after out first date i just told her i really liked her and had a good vibe so i asked her if she wanted to go out with me and get to know each other better.

No need for the black circles, they arr rook same anyway

yeah but how did you know it was a date and you weren't just hanging out?

I used to have asian friends as a kid until my family moved us into a new house and there were barely any asians in my schools from middle to high school. Should I finally move out my parents and live on my own? Maybe I can actually become a normie and finally be ignorant enough to be happy.
I have always had low confidence, and it wouldn't matter if I were white, black, chink or jew, I would still be like this.

there are a lot of nuances to dating and flirting and asking someone out and im not good enough to really explain what those are but i asked her out for a dinner the first time i met her and we both knew it was a date. you almost never ask a girl on a dinner unless its a date
if you are able to move alone then yeah go ahead but thats not a guarantee into changing anything. just know that there are definite factors in your life that are stopping you fro being happy and from having a gf and while you may know some of them you may not know them all. take some time and really think without bias about your life and see waht you can to realistically change things around

>there are a lot of nuances to dating and flirting and asking someone out

This is why I don't have a girlfriend, I've never flirted with a girl in my life. I've only been on one date, I knew it was a date because she said it was but even then I never flirted or anything. The idea of a girl reciprocating attraction is so alien to me. Look, so I'm hopefully going to meet this girl in a couple of days how can I make her feel like we're on a date, we're going to a life drawing class but I thought I could ask her out for a drink after, I'm sure I can flirt after I've had a couple. You reckon she'd get the hint?

That's a chink, isn't it?

What country are u from she looks like the chick I like and i wanna know if I'm getting cucked

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honestly i hope so but you may also just have to have her take lead. if you asked a girl out for a drink its likely she knows its a date but its up to you two to set the mood and see if you gys have fun and flirt properly. that doesnt mean you have to go out of your way to rub her thighs or some shit all night but just make it seem you are definitely interested in her. youve already gotten the hardest part out of the way user, good luck. i know low self confidence and inexperience can fuck you up but just take eveything as a learning experience
we're both korean

one bump just for the fuck of it

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>bumping this cancer
Why? You're not looking for advice, there's no real discussion to be had here. Your thread is dying because it's bullshit.

fair pointim not looking for advice i just want to see if robots are curious about relationships but you are right

Fuck she looks perfect. I want a short hair choker wearing gf. But not korean. Maybe seasian or latina.

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if you really want one get off your ass and do something user. many things about your looks and life are changeable

>she's asian

No, I have a gf, but she doesnt look like that. I'm not interested in leaving her.

if you are thinking about leaving your gf for whatever reason just leave her. esp if you are considering so for physical looks. save both of you a lot of trouble and just go for someone who fits what you want them to look like next

Was she a virgin when you started dating her?

yes. normally im okay with a bit of a seuxal history as long as its not too much but she was the first person ive really been with who was a virgin when i met. not that i was that experienced either though

Legit honest question. How do I make friends if I have controversial and unconventional interests? I haven't had any friends since I was 8 and when I try to socialize and make friends people start distancing themselves from me where I am alone and back to square 1. I am 19 now and I can't stand the touch and social depravation anymore.

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Looks arent everything. But I wish she had that kind of style.

>Looks arent everything.
Why do people give such nothing advice? We already fucking know looks aren't "everything," but they are the first and most important thing.

Which section of the National Gallery is that?

t. Washington fag