>Became a wizard a few days ago.
>Reached an 8.5 beforehand on pic related

Who else here /wizard/ ?
How far did you come so far (also answer if you arent yet magical)?

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>Meant to say 1.5 ...

>kiss (not lips)
How does that work?

I kissed somebody once, dunno if it was with tongue or not

By kissing the oipposite not on the lips, but on the cheeks, for example. Your yourself cannot kiss without using your lips ofc.

What is the difference between kissing with tongue and making out?

Making out is a longer process, including one or more acts described in the preceding levels, including tongue kisses and body touches/grabbing.

Ah, forget the grabbing part.

#6 16 years ago, im 31yo... time flies

Thats at least something. Was there any chance to get further?

I lucked out and managed to achieve 6 once

1 with my ex gf

2, with one twitch streamer, that could have been 1/sex, but she fell asleep and I don't need to prove anything to anybody

I'm at 10 because I've shaked hands with a girl once.
I'm only 23 though so I think that I can reach higher up!

Keep at it, user! Since you gave her your hand and her hand touched her pussy, you essentially fingered her. Also, her hand touched your peen by proxy.

Congrats, you're a solid 2. Just one more step every 3.5 years and you'll make it!

She's like 60 years old now..
And she was my therapist.
I shouldn't have touched her hand, wtf my first time and it was with some old milf.

dear god thank you for i am on level 9
wait, hugging with female "friends" upgrades to lvl8? i dont think so, its like touching your mother. sort of
also when i was 14 i knew some dudes who got a blowjob by a girl from my class so they were like on lv1 at the age of 14/15. yeah i used to give her some food because she never made some for herself in the morning. well thats how eastern europe works, see you anons its 12pm and i have some work to do, but see you in the morning i guess

kiss with tongue when I was 18. I've kissed 3 girls all when i was 18-19 but one was in truth or dare. I'm 30 now

>tfw talked with opposite gender

>Getting kissed on truth or dare
Thats a good sign. If she wasnt into it, she'd have declined and if people wouldnt accept you, they would have dared you to leave the party or smth

She only saw you as food provider, but her diet was chadkov's semen


I achieved wizard status this month. I don't feel like a failure or particularly bad about it. I'm working on my career and once I'm settled in a bit more I should be able to easily find a wife in Southeast Asia or South America.