I thank God everyday that I wasn't born ugly or with a penis

I thank God everyday that I wasn't born ugly or with a penis

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will you originaly be my gf?

okay thats pretty cool. have a nice day

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Why do shiitake mushrooms make my farts smell so bad? It's fucking foul.

What do you eat your shiitake mushroom with?

I thank Dog everyday that I wasn't born ugly or with a vagina

Bitch I bet you are a 5'1'' gnome

Well, yesterday I made congee, so it was with rice, sweetcorn, and pork. I've also stirfried them and had them in udon, and it's definitely the shiitake mushrooms that are making my farts smell awful.

HA! Bitch you ugly as fuuuuck. I bet you are 4'1 you fucking skinny ass midget. You actually remind me the the tards from my high school

Damn that sounds tasty. You convinced me to go to my Asian store and buy all the shit you mentioned

Congee is great, because you can eat for a whole day for like $6.

You're probably a fucking whale

Actually, I am 46kg for 160cm, dear fren

You meet the size and weight requirements to be my GF. When are we starting?

LARP harder peep peep

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Cope harder tut tut

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I sincerely doubt you look in any way close to her lmao

lol nice try troll, I would ask you to tell me when your mom brings you more pizza rolls but we both know that nobody cares enough about you to ask about your fat, disgusting, lazy, tiny-dick ass.

what an appropriate image for this board

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I wouldn't post my own face in 4chin obviously, and I don't believe I am as flawless as that blonde qt.
I'm a very decent 8/10 though, perhaps more when I put on make up, and considered way above average by all the people I interact with.
It's funny that you'd mention mini pies because my bf bought me pizza tonight if that's relevant.
Forestiere style, with mushrooms, lardons, alpine cheese, ham and onions.

That's it. Thread is done folks.