Is she cute bros? Honest opinion

Is she cute bros? Honest opinion.

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No she looks kinda dumb

>Is she cute bros?
Hell no.

Is that a he she? Or a legitimate girl.... you can never tell these days anymore

Is that a she or a he-she you can never tell these days anymore

Found the homosexuals lmao

She is biologically female.

That looks like either a moderately ugly tranny, or a profoundly ugly woman. Either way, there's your answer.

not really. looks like a pretty standard thot.
Too masculine, she has the facial expression of a drunk guy eyeing a girl at the end of the bar.

I think shes adorable. Her face might be a little unusual but still beautiful.

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Are you sure that's not a drag queen?

then she is cute

Nah shes definitely female.

Above average.
Like a 7/10 I'd say.

she has a mustache and she's wearing pounds of makeup.
Do you really think she looks like this without her makeup on?

Well then see look great. I'd be proud of walking around in public knowing I had a hot gf

is she latina ? she looks like drama

Thats not a moustache. Its a shadow. And most girls are ugly without makeup so whats the difference?

She knows how to blend her makeup to her skin+she's not wearing pounds of makeup or over doing it.

Your just a butt face

Yeah half latina half white. She is a really sweet girl.

OK then, she looks like a dude, which is not attractive.

Her personality is really sweet and feminine though. She has a cute happy voice and is always smiling.

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She might seem kind of obnoxious in pics but she is a sweet girl irl.

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So fucking what? That's not what you were asking about. You asked "Is she cute?" and the answer is no, because she looks like a dude or someone who was a dude at some point.

lmao she's ugly as hell
she looks like an alien with stickers for eyebrows.
Stop being such a simp, this is a low tier thot and you're pathetic for having romantic feelings for her

Nigger thats a guy

impossible to tell with all that makeup on.

I like alien looking girls though. Just because she doesnt look like an underage whitebread moe girl incels are shitting themselves with rage ITT. I dont get it.

ugliest trap ever

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>Posting some random thots selfies on Jow Forums
>Writing paragraphs about how much you love her and her personality
>defending her honor when anons call you out for acting pathetic
cmon user it's just a masculine looking (possible tranny) in tons of makeup.
Why are you obsessed with her? have you met her irl?

>have you met her irl

Yeah and she was cute and sweet as fuck.

Shes 100% not a tranny either, I saw her puss on snapchat.

She's probably getting creampied by Chad right now and you're making threads about her
pretty sad, bro

She's cute, but only from certain angles, some of the pictures you have chosen to post make her look bad, probably a full body pic would reveal the truth, close up face pictures aren't the best pictures

Every decent looking girl is getting creampied by Chad. Are we just not supposed to think about or look at any qt girls now?

Besides shes such a sweetie. Never known a girl as sweet as that.

>posts her nudes online
pathetic standards

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It wasnt her nudes. She flashed her panties by accident and I saw the cameltoe.

Pretty sexy. Lets see her without all that makeup caked on.

This picture is makeup filtered
She's wearing so much makeup that even a makeup remover app can't take it all off

She's a roastie nigger and a THOT. No, she's definitely not cute. If you're desperate enough to fuck an animal you could tentatively call her hot or sexy. Those harpy claws are a huge turnoff though. She absolutely 100% has herpes, too.

You kinda sound like a jealous white roastie ngl.

Yeah she's cute, I'd give her like an 8/10 based on that pic but I feel she's not as good looking in person

IDC would say she is a 4 at best and a 3 on average. It is obvious that she is tryhard to get some chad dick