Jow Forums how's this tinder bio

Jow Forums how's this tinder bio

Advice pls

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Your bio doesn't matter. The only thing anyone will look at is your pictures.

>find gf on Tinder (single)
Sounds extremely desperate to me

Take your music out, the eminem shit will scare them off

>find gf on Tinder (single)
Take that out of your fucking bio, you fucking moron.

bio is way too long, nobody gives a fuck about what you like. just do a one liner and have multiple pictures. one with friends, one by yourself and finally one doing an active hobby.

Take out the bad decisions line. It shows lack of confidence.

this, no one gives a shit about your bio. they swipe through your pics in seconds and decide whether to swipe left or right based on your worst pic

Good job user, though I suggest taking that finding a gf on tinder part out, that could make girls think you are very desperate. I also suggest getting a bit of a variety in your music choices such as one Eminem, one Beatles and one [blank].

Good luck user and save journey

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that bio is terrifying

>interests: Internet culture, politics
>goals: find gf
>ask about my bad life decisionso
>anthem is unironically an eminem song.

Tl;dr: bait or autism. Either way you'll be lucky to have 1 date by the end of the year

take out internet culture and politics from interests. and take out the tinder gf.

no. keep that. it's funny!

Everybody saying the gf line sounds desperate, when I am super desperate

remove the "politics" and "find GF" parts

This. How many times do you actually read a girl's bio? Your pictures can say more about you than you might think. I would usually match with arthoe types because of my "unusual" pictures. My bio was my height nothing more. I would never swipe right on girls who used snap filters or pictures they took in the toilet or pre going out photos because I could tell we would never get on, I didn't need to read their cringy bios and they won't read yours.

you're not supposed to be serious on tinder if you want success; seriousness signals desperation. Better to sound like a cunt than to be serious. Remember the Darcy syndrome.

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Piano/guitar is fine. Don't say reading, say what you enjoy reading. Remove everything else, it is garbage.

Bio is meant to display your personality in as few words as possible. Keep it quick and convey what you're trying to without seeming smug.

This is absolutely the truth. You want to be confident, not desperate. Tinder should appear fun and entertaining to you, not a necessity. Girls don't want to get the vibe that you're hunting then or that you're applying for a girlfriend position. They want an interesting conversation. Use the bio to convey how laid back and confident you are. Mix in your passions if you want but I think it's very easy to make your profile less appealing by listing that you like hiking or something. My bio literally just says "Can I get a hat wobble?" It's dumb but a reference to something i enjoy. Anyone who gets the reference or is curious enough to Google it is someone I'm interested in talking to.

nobody cares about your interests, if u only have "studying to become doctorman" thats enough because women think "doctor = big money big status = me want"

Thanks. It's kind wholesome ppl like you that make the trolly angry anonymous shitposters worth sorting through.

Thanks for the approval. I feel like I would make a slammer tinder profile if I had the guts to put my face out there

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>getting a few matches per week
>get gold to see likes
>still shit results since im ugly
>set preference to Everyone because desperate
>getting dozens of likes per day from guys
i guess i should just be a homosex.

I understand if you don't want your pictures out there, but improving your bio probably contributes like 5% to your ability on tinder. A picture is 1000 words.

Just jump in.

Fixing my Tinder profile was honestly the first step to unfucking my life. Getting the girlfriend desire out of the way really straightened my head out and it forced me to clean up my house and structure my schedule ahead of time. I know not everyone has the social life (or looks) to get some good pictures and it feels so vain to put images of yourself out there, but there's literally 0 potential for risk and it doesn't cost more than 10 minutes to passively swipe and just bank up matches over a long period of time.

I treated tinder like an investment of some swiping time to get a passive feed of girls. I have a couple buddies that use it that are pretty unattractive/fat and as long as they're confident, they keep getting laid. Get the girls number in the first conversation with her. Don't waste your time, you matched so you both know you're interested already. You say 2 witty things then ask for a number. If they weren't put off by your opener then they have no reason not to just give their number. What would prevent them from giving it right away? Nothing, you just have to ask. The first messages are literally just to assure her that you're not a serial killer and that you might be fun to talk to. The biggest mistake I made for years on tinder was to talk for days before asking for the number. Just get it out of the way before she loses interest.

Thanks for the elaborate guide. Clipped, will save for the day I get testicular cancer so my balls actually grow.

>there's literally 0 potential for risk
My fear is that there is risk. The risk of people seeing me, seeing the me that has a need that I cannot satisfy by myself and that I have to beg for. The unfulfilled romantic desire that I am actively and systematically seeking to realise is a weakness too humiliating for me to bear.