New bf doesnt want to cum inside me

>new bf doesnt want to cum inside me
>says it hurts
is he lying? i thought it felt good?

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I could cum inside you

also post tits

I don't think he's lying. He can't be worried about pregnancy, since it's not like men can get butt pregnant.

Maybe he dose not want to knock you up but I have no idea why it would hurt. Going inside a girl is the best

l'm a guy, dumbass.

ah yes, based thread.

He could just be afraid of getting you pregnant and he thinks that he needs to give you an excuse. Or he could be genuine and you just have an insanely tight vageen. Or he could just have some dick problems.

ive been on birth control since i was 16 and i always let guys i have sex with finish inside

wtf, that's not me. OP here, like I already said, I'm a dude.

I could still cum inside you and I still want your mantits

Well then kill your self you disgusting faggot

let me cum inside you instead

You're the one that offered to have sex with me, you big homo.

I'm absolutely loosing my shit right, how the fuck this can be hurtful?

Some people have damage urethras, if I wash my dick with soap, it always hurt if I piss right afterwards.
show tits or GTFO

my dick head is very sensitive If I cum while something is touching it really hurts

No I was the one that said the dude could be worried about getting a girl pregnant now do a backflip off the roof when your homo ass gets tossed off for being a queer.

I would love to get tossed off. Are you offering, sweetie?

>an actual sodomite
Disgusting. You must smell like shit 24/7

He doesn't trust you to take your cummy pills faithfully.

Sure would love to watch you scream all the way down and then splatter all over the concrete Iran knows how to handle their faggots. Or we could Ben original and just burn you alive either way one less faggot in the world.

I'd rather splatter all over your chin, if I'm being honest.

He's got the jack.

Some guys are weird about sex. Like me, I can't get a hand/foot/blowjob, it gets me hard but it just doesn't feel nice and I can't cum from it. At least I can cum inside my gf just fine but I suppose its possible that he has issues with it. You should see if you can work past it.

>Some guys are weird about sex
Especially if they have the clap and a burning penis after cumming.

Have sex though. Nothing can go wrong.
STIs are just a badge of not being an incel amirite?

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I mean, it's not like getting an STI makes people avoid you like the fucking plague or anything. They're just bigoted incels/MGTOWs/whatever thing I demonise because I'm too afraid of looking at how much of disgusting, used up, worthless, roastie I am.
How dare you point at my crusty muffin and laugh.


I dream of an STI because that means I will finally stick my dick in something that is 37C and has recently had a heartbeat

He's feeling the sin of his blasphemy against God.

Cumming inside feels 10x as good

cumming inside a warm hole is literally the best feeling in the universe next to taking drugs

When I cum with no lube using my hand it feels amazing. When I cum with lube and a sex toy like a flesh light it is so intense that it is painful. Maybe you are having the same problem. Let him fuck your ass with no lube and see how it feels for him