Choose your beta uprising outfit

Choose your beta uprising outfit

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>Choose ur beta uprising outfit

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>choose your beta uprising outfit

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Beware fags and down with the bourgeoisie

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private sleepyboi reporting in

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Lets get crazy bots

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Sieg heil, baby

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i think i am ready

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pumpkin pepe is underrated

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Ready and waiting for the signal!

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Equipped fitting armor and weapons

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the faggots dont stand a chance

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>Choose your beta uprising outfit

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Its about fear tactics

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/m/ reporting in. Originally, of course.

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Go for Zappa Leader

This is actually /fa/ in 2019 2bh

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I will tie my hair back like so and commit ritual suicide.

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I'll join you guys in case of apocalypse.

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This plus a hat like...

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...a hat like this, matching and color boots.

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motorcycle and all baby

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Everyone should have a goal, a set of achievements or maybe just a bucket list. You're here because you don't, you're aimless and have nowhere to go in life. So why not make a goal to get fitter by 2020? Everyone knows exercise not only improves your physical state, but mental state too. It also improves your chance of getting a gf.
>b-b-but i'm a twig how do I start??
general guide to fitness:
>b-b-b-but I weigh 300 pounds!
then make it your goal to lose weight by the start of 2020! Losing weight is easy, as all you have to do, is eat less, and remember, hunger pangs is just your body suggesting you should eat because it's used to eating at that time.
>something something become a sissy
"No!" Reminder to ignore all lgbt shills you see on Jow Forums!
>I'm able bodied, where do I start?
look up more "calisthenic" exercises once these become too easy.
Whether it's going to the gym, going for a jog or just not gorging on chocolate everyday, make everyone proud and become fitter by 2020.
What do you even have to lose? Your virginity, that's what. Now drop and give me twenty push ups, user.

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I made an oopsie, meant to make a thread.

Spider Chad ofc

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You're a giant faggot so you should kill yourself

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