Tfw can't find other damaged goods to make friends with

>tfw can't find other damaged goods to make friends with
>can't form emotional bonds with anyone else

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what's your mbti OP? who are your favourite musicians? what shows/anime do you like? what do you hate most about normies?

Gotta undamage yourself, OP. Be a proper weeb and glue yourself back together with that golden Japanese resin shit.

INFJ. Nightwish and Sabaton are some that I've kept listening to over the years. I got into watching Better Call Saul because a friend of mine watches it and I like it, some of my favorite anime are GiTS:SAC and Girls Last Tour. I don't like how shallow normies are, they don't introspect much. Now it's your turn to answer the same questions.

How foolish and meek someone has to be in order to consider themselves "damaged goods"?
Humans are not commodities and cannot be damaged. You only lack drive and discipline. Nothing else.

>a proper weeb
You're disgusting, weebs are cancer.

>INFJ weeb
Lmao not even the lad but that's pretty cute.

How many friends do you have? Why do you even need more?

INTP. I like ambient, folk, and certain genres of metal (specifically progressive and 'stoner' metal). More specifically, I like Kyuss, Tool, Sufjan Stevens, Biosphere, Boards of Canada, and Aphex Twin a lot. I imagine we might have some overlap when it comes to metal at least, though the subgenres vary wildly. I adored breaking bad (like everyone else), but for some reason couldn't sit through BCS (which was weird since Saul was my favourite character by far in breaking bad). My favourite anime are death note (IT'S STILL REALLY GOOD AFTER ALL THESE YEARS OK), monster, mirai nikki, and inuyasha. I've been feeling obscenely lonely lately, since I can't seem to hold a conversation with anyone (student or professor) in graduate school, so if you have any anime recommendations that deal with themes of alienation or something (kind of like the last few episodes of NGE, etc.) I'd definitely be interested.

I don't like how arbitrarily judgmental normies are. In a sense this is a subset of your criticism, since it shocks me how little they introspect on why they cast the judgments they cast. Like, it's rarely that they judge someone for being immoral, cruel, irrational, unoriginal etc. half the time they can't even place why they judge people.

oh whoops and most shows suck now, but there were a few miniseries I thought were really good (olive kitteridge, fleabag etc.).

Can I please have someone totally lonely and friendless, zero friends, so I could be the best friend for you? Anyone? Do you even exist? Leave your contacts

oh also (sorry I should've probably put this all in one post)
>can't form emotional bonds with anyone else
how exactly do you think people go about forming these? I've typically felt closer to people if we hate the same things, but surely there's more to it than that. what causes people to suddenly lose interest in and ghost friendships, even if the conversation genuinely was good?

I'm not really a weeb, I don't watch much of anything including anime because I have ADHD and it's hard to sit through passive entertainment.
I haven't seen/listened to any of the shows/bands mentioned. I've been planning to watch Monster since I hear people say it's up there with Berserk (the manga) in quality. I get exactly what you mean with normies being judgemental, they're really just dumb animals that blindly swim towards the smell of blood in the water when it comes to that. As for your other post, I think normies form bonds just by mirroring each other, sharing interests and jokes so they laugh together and mirror each others emotions. I have no idea how I form bonds, which is why it's so incredibly hard to find anyone I can talk to.

loser gang
loser gang
rise up my niggas

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yes i exist but im friendless for a reason. i tend to not trust people who say they'll be my best friend, its always a lie

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You will have the best friend when you learn to be one to others too, user

What reasons are you friendless for? You're right not to trust randos who offer best friendship specifically to lonely people who have nobody to help them, they're probably trying to abuse you.

Or they are lonely as well and know the true value of the friendship, something that a lot of you forgot about or never knew at all

This sounds inaccurate, way more often than not they are normalfaggots looking to ruin someones life even more.

>implying normalfaggots go on here
when you're utterly alone and isolated you're desperate to make friends and if you genuinely find someone who shares the same values surrounding friendship and who's also seen suffering then it's great. two codependent people are way better than two regular people or two avoidant people

You are just paranoid and see the world in black and white, I don't blame you for this but don't think that your opinion is the only truth, because you are wrong and delusional

You are right, I agree. I didn't mean normalfaggots I was talking about your fellow anons who still know what the real friendship is about. If I know and value it genuinely, then there must be other people like me too

Deflecting your misdeeds onto others confirms you want to hurt miserable anons.

Think what you want if it makes you feel safe, user. This conversation is closed

>tfw no damaged goods gf to be damaged with and cuddle all day

>is called out

lmao he was probably shitposting but damn you took that bait and exposed yourself

I know that feel. Two damaged goods makes one whole good.

Move to Las Vegas. There are a ton of us

But the gun laws in Nevada are probably going to shit after the recent shooting. I want the big magazines that we don't get in California.

L O N D O N ?
F E M A L E ?
>tfw no 2 halves make a whole gf

oops fuck I replied to the wrong post (I agreed with yours, that was directed at )

good call, the faggots on here who try to "befriend" friendless people are not worth trusting

No, I'm a dude. I'm just saying I know your feel.