When are you going to join the 30%, incels?

When are you going to join the 30%, incels?

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>suicide rates are overwhelmingly white
>trannies are overwhelmingly white

Trannies are actually overwhelmingly non-white, specifically black

That's not what your link says, user.

This, I like where this is going (giggity)

White people make up 66% of the population, but only 55% of trannies.
Black people make up 12% of the population, but 16% of trannies.
Latinaos make up 15% of the population, but 21% of trannies.
So you're right, it's mostly latinos that are going trans at higher rates than whites.
White people are most of the transgender population, but only due to the fact most of the US is white.

White pride is hate.
And I love hate.

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For now.
I see transgenderism and suicide and whiteness as being connected. Its all about identity, and whites are the one demographic that is least permitted to express its own identity, so it either kills itself or finds its identity in gender.

Hold up, now. How the fuck does this work?

>whites are the one demographic that is least permitted to express its own identity
Because the "white race" is a fake race. Unless you're truly retarded enough to think "race realism" means ignoring the obvious differences between a Frenchman, Nord, and Greek.

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>trannies are overwhelmingly white
Trannies are notoriously thai/khmer.
I have no idea why. It's just a cultural curiosity.
Maybe the people there are the most skitzo on the planet, a consequence of being a melting pot of races.
Latin America is next... funny that.
Makes you think..

The "white race" does not exist, but it will coalesce into a real political demographic once it is 1. classified as such and 2. attacked by nonwhites as such.

Irish and Anglos are virtually the same race. All that shit was proven wrong. Only Northumbria and parts of the SE england differ. The rest is gael/celtic briton/hibernian.

>white pride is love not hate
>he says while standing next to a dude in a klan robe

What I don't get is why they don't embrace hate.

>There's LITERALLY no difference between white people they are all the same race
I'm a race realist, sorry you got Jewed user.

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"Whites" are treated as a racial collective everywhere, including census. This is simply a result of living in a multiracial society where tribalism is inevitable. Just because the phenomenon of the "White American" is made up of many ethnic subsets doesn't mean they don't constitute a legitimate demographic with shared interests.

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>whites created the dystopia
>get mad things aren't easy for them anymore
>go full denial mode blaming everyone else for not being miserable enough
>gets mad their counter tactics aren't working and making their lives great again
>they anhero still blaming everyone but themselves before pulling the trigger

lol trump got yall believing in an impossible world and yall fell for it hook line and sinker cuz even he don't believe in it--he only believes in being the flourishing of the rich elite, which none of you ever will be

Could Jews using the phrase "y'all" count as cultural appropriation?

Maybe if the link was about police brutality, you would suddenly understand the concept of per capita.

No, you schmuck.

I understand it perfectly well but as demonstrated in this thread, even per capita black are not by any means the most trans of American ethnic groups. That prized position goes to Hispanics.

Obvious differences existing between Nigerians and Sudanese does not negate the concept of black. You are spouting this because you, or the people you are regurgitating this from, want to divide whites in order to conquer them.

Greeks are white. Slavs are nonwhite though they're European niggers.
Race realism clearly points out that Greeks are the same race as Anglos.

>Obvious differences existing between Nigerians and Sudanese does not negate the concept of black.
Of course it does. There's no "black race", unless you're retarded enough to say a Nigerian looks and acts the same as an Austrlaian Aboriginal.

You jest, but purity spiraling is a real problem in white nationalist movements.
For convenience's sake, whiteness ends at Russia and Turkey. Every person of European stock, be they Slavic, Mediterranean, Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Gaelic or whatever is to be considered white and to divide them intentionally is to weaken them for political purposes. In America at least, all of these disparate "white" groups are united under the American identity.
Nordicism as a whole is rather silly.

Women attempt suicide 3x more then men, but they chose methods like cutting wrists or poison. This ends up saving them in the end.

Men being the gender of "getting shit done" does have its drawbacks.

Lighter skinned people with attractive features are a logical top caste for all societies. Wealthy people seek these individuals and over time that wealthy top caste becomes light skinned with light features.
If africa actually got it's shit together earlier, it would have turned into Europe over thousands of years. Asia seems to have been in the process of such a transition. Hell, it's happening right now in Asia with rich Asians getting white trophy wives.

This top caste also develops the right level of thinking that maintains their caste position selectively. While at the moment there is chaos from a population explosion of all races, sedimentation is occuring and we're already seeing a global caste system emerging.

One unseen issue from this is the impact of heterosis on stimulating health defects in mixed race individuals. Never have such isolated races mixed before. I smell that the system is already becoming aware of this. As someone of mixed origin with issues, it is of grave concern.

The only people trying to coalesce whites into one are white nationalist in an attempt to drag with them the other white ethnic groups into their fight. In reality white nationalism is Germanic nationalism

Yeah, it get's shit done too well and stimulates a population crisis. That's probably why people are destroying it deliberately.

But the people impacted by that have had enough. That's not just migrants, that's also the lower white classes.

It's easier to just stop trying to push the idea of a "white race". But stormniggers are too retarded to realize how that hurts them, and helps Jews.

That's great. A medi still isn't the same race as a nord.

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>A medi still isn't the same race as a nord.
No two people are alike.

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So the SJWs were right, race doesn't exist

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Not really. We just haven't truly grappled with this idea of scope for races.
The boundary is blurry, need a fine tip pen.