Weed isn't bad at all, man!

>weed isn't bad at all, man!
>yeah I smoke it every day, get grumpy if I dont have it, need it to enjoy movies and video games, enjoy mostly music and movies that revolve around it as the subject, and get unreasonably angry whenever somebody questions its usefulness or legality
>its less addictive than coffee though!

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Pot smoking faggots are worse than crackheads.
Stop doing drugs.

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I quit smoking a couple months ago, but every time my friends smoke they try to persuade me into smoking with them. How is this plant so mind-controlling?

whenever my one friend would smoke he'd try to give me a handjob, what the fuck

You never smoked weed. I've been around stoner faggots and they weren't obnoxious as they are in your mind. The annoying faggots are the ones like OP who think they are better by not smoking. And before you reply I dont smoke anymore (:

I don't smoke, I vape. Huge difference.

>Huge difference.

>I quit
I think drugs are completely degenerate, but please, make better arguments.

his friends are mind controlled, not him
please, have better critical thinking skills

yeah one makes you look like a loser the other like an obnoxious faggot

Go on, oririri

Clearly if you quit and are resisting doing it, all the while surrounded by people that are;
A.) Not only using it themselves
B.) Pushing him to use it again
It's very obviously not mind controlling.

I quit over a year ago now, it's baffling how it can just take over someones life completely

adderal would fix me but the turds in charge won't let me have it because i'd be too productive

or maybe he has better discipline than them, autist

A fucking crack addict can't just quit because he has "le discipline and willpower", they need outside help and to be taken out of the environment that allows them to get said drugs. The only difference between OP and is friends is that he wants to quit and they don't, if it was that addictive I highly doubt some fag on Jow Forums could kick it cold turkey and not even be tempted by it constantly being pushed on him.

everyone is different, coping stoner

>Doesn't have an argument so he makes a baseless claim
Alright, whatever you say, you non-argument faggot.

all you've said is anecdotal shit
some people quit cigarettes cold turkey, some need 5 packs a day.

>all you've said is anecdotal shit
Look at literally ANYONE who does drugs worse than pot, they have a difficult as hell time kicking it because those are actually addictive. They go through withdraw, have health problems from it both mental and physical, and relapse constantly. You cannot find a story about a stoner that's as serious as those, 95% of stoners "can't" quit because they don't want to, even the ones who say they're going to stop don't want to stop so they don't, not because they had withdrawal and relapsed.

>some people quit cigarettes cold turkey
Yes, because nicotine addiction is laughably easy to kick if you have even the slightest inclination to do so, the people who are "addicted" to cigs don't actually want to stop smoking, so they don't.

Cause they want to share senpai
Same with drinking alcochol, it's more fun chilling together if everyone is doing it

>noooo weed cures ailments! you cant call it a drug its a medicine!!!!

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>get high and make weed hate threads

I don't know why I do it. Seeing straight edges seethe when someone defends it is entertaining to watch

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