Why don't you guys just find faith in God?

why don't you guys just find faith in God?
Even if you don't believe, it doesn't preach to be perfect, we are all sinning men and women.

But faith in God will push you to take chances for what you're passionate about, to make a living. Thy Lord will help you in your journey.

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I know God is real user
that picture is of a pope's son though

If I could believe in God, I would
But I can't, so I don't

It is time to repent to Jesus Christ before it's too late.

what do you mean, fren.
original of course, fren.

>find faith
>but its ok if you dont believe

which is it? you cant have it both ways. you either truly believe there is a god, or you dont. agnostics here go in the nonbeliever category.

I'm not saying it's okay, but if you don't believe, it's best to find the faith.

I don't feel right if I don't pray before I go to bed.

I am the same, I don't make the promise to pray though because sometimes I forget and I don't like to lie to God.

I don't believe in ancient sandnigger fairytales.

I don't care to be alive, and I certainly don't want eternal life. Anything or anyone who wants to be worshipped for creating this shithole full of niggers and idiots is incompetent, and doesn't deserve it.

>believing in a kike on a stick saves you from eternal torture

I pray for you and people like you every night

jesus was a cock loving faggot and his mom was a prostitute. there's nothing wrong with these things but you should at least try to get the story right

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i pray that you will find a fat cock to suck one day and he will fill your ass with cum. every day all day i pray for you, godfaggot. i seriously waste my time asking some imaginary dumbass to make it so you can finally suck some dick

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"You've gotta get saved, DUDE"
- Hulk Hogan

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>Hulk Hogan
>Posts Mr America

Good news, I'm not passionate about anything, so I don't have to take chances for nothin'.

not even talking about religion, but why not?

Because to me, churches are meant to bring communities together, but instead they are used as arenas for demented bigots, who preach divisive nonsense about an imaginary friend. The anthropomorphic level of sophistication, is far too tired to be intellectually engaging.

If I could stake a religious claim, to emancipate myself from the meddling state, I would, but the christian privileges have been eroded, and islam seems better equipped to deal with modern states, than any protestant denominations. But going outside the established ecosystem, would be tantamount to treason for my friends and family.

Is self-deception. Learn law.

>meddling state
To be more precise, my state won't stand up for its own sovereignty, while violating the sovereignty of counties, and leaving municipalities in shambles for takeovers by new municipalities. Then allowing a faceless bureaucratic federation to dictate all aspects of my life (EU).

The political power struggle keeps undermining the autonomy we used to have, and the incompetent factions of christianity left behind, is kind of like being offered a band-aid for an infected flesh wound, while islam is more akin to downright amputation.

Why would I resign my self to an impotent defeatist ideology?