Just me or is she a little too into this?

Just me or is she a little too into this?

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When autistic people become interested in something, it's literally all they can think about.

its her jerb

>imagine giving a shit about what a kid has to say about anything
Only on incel9k

i hope she is right about everything and that we get to die, but no matter who is right and who isnt. i wont do anything

this. everyone deserves their fate and should sit and stasis and in waiting for it, no activity, it wouldn't be consistent with how we've acted over the decades.

Seriously seeing her reading that convinced me she has something on the autism spectrum. How bad she tried to look angry and disgusted was 10/10 autistic

i wonder what the zionists want now?

who fucking gives a shit
whatever this stupid kid says isnt going to affect your life in the slightest

Maybe she's redpilled on huwyt genocide

she's obviously just a pawn, they're really trying to push this climate change hoax hard this time around.

They're always on the lookout for the next popular distraction. Now that feminism and trannies are kind of getting stale, there has to be a new attention sink for the burger general public. Though I doubt climate change could take off like SJWs did.

oil shortage will be there by 2030

Maxime bernier is the most based man on the entire planet

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Can we use that against her?

she's throwing a temper tantrum in public and everyone is endorsing it.

Next thing you know they're going to start some weird fundraiser and Jews will take over the movement and find a way to make you pay 300% for oil

>i hope she is right about everything and that we get to die, but no matter who is right and who isnt. i wont do anything
The only true robot response

Time to meme her into a symbol against white genocide.

The fact that she is talking about a mass extinction is exactly why no one with any intelligence trusts an environmentalist when they talk about global warming.

We may in fact be facing a mass extinction. That mass extinction will happen based on human land use patterns, whether global warming happens or not. Human exploitation of formerly remote, niche areas is what's causing the coming mass extinction, and not the use of fossil fuels per se.

So when I observe that it's really starkly clear that environmentalist scientists with savior complexes are putting their thumbs on the scale in climate models to try to make it appear that global warming will happen much more quickly than the true data indicate, I have to ask myself WHY. Why would they do this? And statements like this one help answer that question:

It's because they have 100 other things they want to accomplish for 100 other environmental reasons, but *this one* - global warming - gives them what they perceive to be their best opportunity to seize political control and impose a soft totalitarianism. So, to them, they're entitled to lie.

>"What would you have us do? We're facing a MASS EXTINCTION!"

she's being dumb about her shit, humans need to die already because we were evil since forever, so we need to cure this.

Look all you have to do is go to the nearest home depot and ask for a fucking rope, they are super cheap. Even a loser like you can afford it.

go to pol and you will definitely find post about her

Why would't se be into it? She get a shittonnes of attention a good portion of it from you fags.

Her "green voyage across the Atlantic" required Swedish men to sail the sailboat to America. And they FLEW BACK on an airplane when they were finished.

This dumb bitch is just someone that your average NYT reader can see and feel good about

actually based. not much we can do. the real fairy tale is a concentrated effort to fix the environment and climate since there is nothing capable of uniting every nation, let alone every human being, into a single cause

grab the tin foil hat for her before she blows up

Why does anybody care about what she was to say? We all known about this for the last ten years

mass extinction isn't a bad thing or something that necessarily affects humans. she's retarded and has retarded writers.

she has always been open about having asperger's, user

I've been hearing about how fucked our environment is since I was about 10 or something. Say, since 2003. I remember having kids' books about shit like what global warming is and the ozone layer. I didn't really care and still don't. As time went on, I kept seeing people randomly having outbursts about environmentalism, but it always seemed off to me and they never seemed to catch on. Eventually I realised, the true problem isn't having plastic in the ocean or CO2 emissions. It's not deforestation or whatever the fuck people are doing.

The real problem is there's too many people. All those other issues are just symptoms, by-products of this problem. The fact that no environmentalist ever seems to touch on it tells me nobody ever did any actual thinking or took this matter seriously at all. It doesn't matter how many measures people try to take to stop these symptoms when the actual reason is still going unchecked. Maybe governments should focus on stopping/slowing down childbirth for now, legalising euthanasia for the terminally ill, anything that makes it so there's less mouths to feed, less people needing work, less people producing garbage, less people shitting and filling our sewers (and farting lol methane btw).

Just fuck this entire thing. I've heard there's a 50% chance of the world entering an irreversible state of calamity in 8 years or so. I hope it doe, then we can finally experience a proper apocalypse and possibly the extinction of humanity - or at least a large percent of it. But I doubt it'll happen this soon.

Do autists have a disconnect between their emotions and their face? I've noticed sometimes people trying to pull off an expression that looks somewhat off