This is my gf in her diaper being sexy. Say something nice about her

This is my gf in her diaper being sexy. Say something nice about her.

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Can you fucking not

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what the fuck space cowboy

No. I must post my cute waifu.

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please don't.

i agree.

It's not me

woah you a pedo diaper fag


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why do you find diaper kanna... hot? that's gross man she looks like a ltittle kid and wtf would diapers be hot i dont get it

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Absolutely disgusting. All my respect for you is lost

It's not me goddamnit

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It's not me for fuck sake

damn space cowboy you into some twisted stuff

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Space Cowboy did nothing wrong

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Yeah because that's not the real SC

I know

I can't help but want to see Kanna in a diaper she's just so cute!

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You lie

she would have been a better character if she wasn't a loli tbqh

But I love that she's a loli diaper scaly.

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Damn it normie stop

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You ready to admit you're my bitch yet or am I going to have to actually campaign for this one?

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I'll stand my ground and i won't back down

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Alright then it just gets worse from here. I'll shit post this until everyone believes it. Every day I'll come in here and shit up this board flying your flag. Soon everyone will think you're a furry pedo diaper loving weirdo.

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I do not fear you

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Why are you doing this anyway?

Le epic namefig wars

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Meh I'm fucking bored and it's so much fun to assblast you. You're just so easy.
It's not me you should fear it's the way others will think of you that you should fear.

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Nicemark speaks the truth

I'll stand my ground and i won't back down no i won't back down you can stand me up at the gate's of hell but i won't back down

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See you tomorrow cowboy. I'll be sure to spread more disinformation and maybe shoop up some shit to make it worse.
Sleep well.

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I'm ready for you

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That's not what i meant

>namefag caring this much about what people think of him
holy yikes this board

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Uhuh sure. Go herd some cattle broke back mountain ass nigga.

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It's not like any body will believe you anyway

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You’re a fucking pedo, space Cowboy...

Not me

Are you quoting song lyrics? How much of an underage faggot can one possibly be?

I Don't know many kids who like Johnny cash

Lemme be straight with you, you’re gullible and easily baited. Every time you respond, you empower and give a shot of adrenaline to your opponent. You’re a namefag—you fail to understand that the point of Jow Forums is that the quality of individual posts are more important than name or following. The way that you present yourself encourages contempt.

Thanks for the advice fren