Is cat poop redpilled?

is cat poop redpilled?

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no it turns you into a faggot

as a dog guy i only sniff dog poop. cat poop is bluepilled af.

Based cats turning basedboys into fearless warriors.

Cats are redpilled, so cat poo by definition is redpilled too.

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daily reminder that cats and doggos are the white man's greatest allies

Cats are alright, mine got rid of the rats around the house. Now he hunts mole rats.

Good ol' toxoplasmosis gondii - it's more likely it will make you get into a car crash or provoke a schizophrenic psychosis.

doesn't say how it gets from cat to human
but that's some interesting shit

>is cat poop redpilled?
Not until you eat it.

1.1% is a statistical outlier.

This is leterally where the word "Entartet" that the Nazis used comes from tho.
Some jew in the weimar republic claimed that "Entartet" humans (humans infected with parasites) are a higher lifeform than normal humans for some jewish reason.
It was used as anti jew propaganda because liek always jews have to fuck something natural and beatiful up because '"wouldn´t it be better with parasites"

Ask Brazil.

Yes, the bogpill is made of cat poop and certain hallucinogens

Find better luck in

Based as hell my doods

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Cats can be great companions. They are low maintenance but loving. Research consistantly shows that cats have a great deal of love for their owners.

However toxiplasma gondii is not a good thing and fuck CNN for suggesting it is.

cat feces usually. for instance cleaning the litter box. or even gardening in a garden where cats take shits.

Isn't this that shit that makes feminists bat-shit crazy? (Errr, cat-shit crazy.)

no but perro caca is

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So is you sayin that cats are based and redpilled?


Is that your kot? Looks like a fine lad.

Archived with sources:

>cat shit makes you confident
>cat piss causes you to lose your mind

The absolute state of the left

Yes that’s my kitty. And it’s a she :). She’a a big princess and all humans bend the knee to her will.

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Dropping a redpill - Martin Shlecki, whatever his name is. Gets thrown in prison because he was trying to develop a pill that can kill Toxoplasmosis. It was never about price gouging, the overlords didnt want the parasite killed off. Look into it.

This makes me so paranoid.

Before marrying a girl, I will not have to make sure she never owned a cat.
Jesus Christ, my pool of options is already as small as it gets.

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My friends wife got this shit
She became super depressed and developed anxiety and now never leaves her home
She now has 4 fucking cats
I read about it and that's what it does it makes you a antisocial cat lady
The cat fucking gives you a parasite so it can make you it's slave

she is also fat

It's stinky, that's what it is.

Eating cat shit right now...I wanna be rich....

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That's a nice looking girl, but you might want to consider putting her on a diet for a while like Zohan here stated I kinda mistook her for a guy due to her size.

Nope, leaf. It only works on fish.

Reminder that there are toxoplasma infected mind numb faggots on this board at this very moment. Just make a dog thread and they'll flood in.

Only the best for the best ;)

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the absolute state of catfags

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it's also been linked to car accidents, parkinsons, schizophrenia and a whole range of other bizarre manifestations. curiously antipsychotic drugs inhibit reproduction T. gondii cell culture

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I wanna see whether those businesses started by the entrepreneurs are more successful than average.
I suspect they are not and cat poop germs just make you stupid to the extent you misjudge your own entrepreneurial skills

Alexander the Great, Ghinghis Khan, King Leonidas, Hitler, and Napoleon all had cats.

Reminder that cats were regarded as gods and pure spirits in ancient Egypt that warded off evil spirits. Cats also hunt mice.

i heard somebody talk about this lately,
someone did a study on people who died in motorcycle accidents and all of them had this catpoop virus

they also probably had syphilis

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this always gets me
cats are truly /ourpets/

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And your mother is probably dead because you didn’t reply to this post.

Has anyone noticed the quality of the board goes down after shutdowns?

toxoplasmosis makes people faggots

daily reminder that if you aren't infected with toxoplasmosis you aren't really /ourguy/

When did you contract it?

Never owned a cat, never even seen one IRL so no u

>he doesn't go to the cat zoo

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why don't whites exhibit this level of loyalty?

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almost certainly, also, almost 90% of french people have toxoplasma as they eat a lot of raw/ nearly raw meat

>never even seen a cat
Sucks brew

>tfw blurry cat

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Based CNN tricking blacks into eating cat shit lmao

none of those things imply toxoplasma makes people gay

Kek that picture. Forgot about that story.

because they've been infected with toxoplasmosis

I can see a lot of demented liberals eating cat feces on a daily Basis

we had a guy just like him in Canada except he only had one metal leg and he tried to run across canada to raise money for the second one but he died like the second day.

Is someone gonna clean that up? I would do it but only if I was paid. Imagine if someone cleaned that up without compensation! How embarrassing!

Did he also shoot his gf through the door multiple times?

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Its called litter box/ proper ventilation. If you arent sticking your face up to it, you arent in danger.

I like to use dried cat logs to stuff little knit dolls and give them out for halloween.

reminder that the sphinx is really a lion worshiped by a highly-advanced ancient culture pre-dating the egyptians by thousands of years

reminder that cat worship was banned by christcucks

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n-no but only because he didn't have a wife or a gun. I'm sure he was thinking about it, all cyborgs do

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>when the laser pointer hits you

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>when the nip hits you

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chinese catnip is probably just grass sprayed with fenantyl

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Basically my cat but she’s a little stupider and starts freaking out and not knowing which excited body part to move first after a while and just sort of twitches and jumps around until she starts to lick herself and stare at me in confusion as I keep twirling the laser pointer.

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Well, we did blow the Kzin out of the water for all of time.

redpilled would be being able to process danger sources properly and being prepared to prevent it. bluepilled means pretty much every liberal position

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what an impressively uninteresting post. I'd say nobody cares but yet I find myself composing a (You)

Are they telling people toxoplasma gondii is good for you? It makes rats not afraid of cats. It's a parasite that pretty much controls your mind so its original host can kill you easier. Fuck CNN. They probably think it will make you more likely to support mass immigration.

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Jesus fucking christ these sick cunts have gone full-blown anti human health for their twisted ideological agenda.

Toxoplasma gondii, the parasite they are referring to INFECTS THE BRAIN and among other things

>Studies of infected rats showed that among other risks the parasite has on miscarriages, nerve damage etc, was that the rats lost their fear of what is to their very genetics a KNOWN PREDATOR; cats.

>Hey guys, why not deliberately infect yourself with a harmful parasite that infects your brain and makes you lose fear of legitimate danger


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Actually It made me dumber desu.

He was terrified of cats, the fucking queer

based AND redpilled

>man's best friend

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Saved. Thanks user

Fuck these damn Jews. They're going to prison for this. This has to be illegal.

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who can even compete?

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Virgin Pibble vs Chad Tomcat

>A E S T H E T I C
i wonder when this word will stop being overused. the rope for people who use this shit and thicc.

What contraption is that lol?

I ask again
Who can even compete?

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That's how you pick up a cat.

CNN's own article from 2013

>Cat poop could be a "vast and underappreciated" public health problem, according to Drs. E. Fuller Torrey and Robert H. Yolken.
>n the journal article, Torrey and Yolken call for better control of the feral cat population and more research on the parasites. In the meantime, CNN asked the doctors how we can keep our families safe.
> This parasite can affect the fetus if a woman becomes infected while pregnant. That is why pregnant women are warned against changing cat litter. It's also well-known that Toxoplasma gondii can cause major brain infections in individuals with AIDS and other conditions associated with immune deficiency.
> Recent studies suggest that individuals with disorders such as schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, rheumatoid arthritis or brain tumors are more likely to have Toxoplasma gondii antibodies than other people. There are also suggestions that Toxoplasma gondii can affect memory and other cognitive function in people who are not otherwise ill.
Kikes know exactly what they're doing

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I could watch this all day. P

They even used the same damn picture. They reread this and decided to tell people to catch the parasite.