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Jow Forums, if aliens are real, then how come nothing substantial has ever leaked? If they are actually already here, then why are there no videos or pictures of these aliens and their abilities?

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lurk more and you'll know what happened when a real pic was posted here.

what if they look human and you'd never be able to guess by looking at them

>nothing has been leaked
>*something gets leaked*
>ah thats fake news
makes ya think

yeah but there'd be video and pics of them switching form or some shit like that.

Is this real?

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Aliens confirmed for demons

true, they care for the races that embrace satan most willingly...
pci is anaon above

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You're an alien.

Let that sink in....

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go to a trump rally
one spotted in tampa
pic related

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They are here. They are in the Himalayan mountains, the Amazon jungle and in the oceans. You could go to the Himalayas today and talk to no tech having mountain tribe people and they will tell point to the direction in the mountains the Ayylmao's come from. It is not a secret to them. There are pictures of real ayy's craft, the problem is there is so much faked shit to cover it up.


literal nothing burger

actually go to a trump rally and expect to see a lot of weird shit.

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If you had evidence and some unknown organization was threatening to murder you and your family after taking these evidence away from you...
What would you do?
What could you do, and who would believe you?
that's why.

Q predicted this

Jews... advanced... what a joke.

I don't know if it was ever aliens but I've seen some VERY weird shit in the skies multiple times in my life. Like orbs that split into 3 and the recombine and then disappear shit.

bumping for interest.

lay off the drugs

You can still save yourself if you repent

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Ive never seen any pictures of an alien that looked real. kinda like I've never seen any conclusive footage of a plane hitting the pentagon. SSDD. I have a feeling Antarctica holds the key to the alien shit if its even real. But if you're an alien why bother with earth? That's assuming this isn't just a simulation and that the earth is flat. Nothing makes sense anymore other than there is no truth.

The leading theory at present (championed by people like Jacques Vallee) is that UFO phenomena is better described as entity contact than as material "aliens" from another planet.

Why would anybody assume aliens are real? It's obvious the early pop culture stuff, Roswell et al, was invented to cover up military tech. Seeing weird stuff in the skies could be any number of explanations, and anybody could abduct and anally probe you. Space is simply too vast for aliens to find us, and there is no evidence that intelligent space-faring creatures evolved more than once. The truth is that there is a 100% chance any "alien invasion" will actually be kikes.

Wowee mate
Deluded flat earth goyim and kike parasites, what a thread
Real bunch of thinkers here, aye

I really wish we had a /fringe/ board. it would clean up several boards.

They're all over California right now. Collecting welfare and illegally voting in our elections. Aliens are responsible for Hillary winning the popular vote.

why would they change forms if they look human?

Don't need to assume, ancient astronaught theory has a lot of evidence behind it. Just depends on your interpretation of myth as magical stories that are purely symbolic or stories of primitive people unable to properly describe what they witnessed in a modern context.

no the problem is retards into this stuff wont accept that its fringe or /x/ tier, they want to post it as "real" discussions on "serious" boards
mental illness means they wont use the proper board

Not to sound retarded but was this shit real or a hoax one side of me calls bullshit the other senses gefilte fish

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The selfie was leaked on pol.

>20 light years
>too autistic to understand math
>Jow Forums

dont post that

I have a feeling these niggas are gonna bust my fucking door down right now

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Maybe they're real but the government is as clueless about them as the rest of us.

only if you post the original just dont poke the hive

as soon as you comprehend the simulation paradox you realize that there is definitely ayy's and it's just not their in interests for us to know of them

oh god will smith is gonna kick my door in

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phil schnieder

Jesus fuck.


How do I know you're not lying.

How similar is that to the original?


Fuck that fag. Post the original. He isn't speaking for anybody but himself, fuck him.

so Jow Forums was shut down because some autist posted this image? where would one look if he wanted to view the original?

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Fuck if i know where the original lies hbu post it fag

here u go teraboiiiiii

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>technologically, not socially, hence the language
>implying ETs aren't enlightened enough to not make technology some kind of metric. They don't need it.

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Didn't take much digging to find out it was a hoax by some fags that timed the post on discord right as maintenance was going to happen.

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Mantis DNA here, yur guys are fucked.

The only really credible(not that there aren't sincere investigators wrestling with misinformation) movement toward disclosure


Post the proof

Also, nice LARP

I was there for that

I have the image

That is not proof. That is you LARPing.

Go to museum, check Sumerian tablets, realise all the ancient alien knowledge you ever wanted is clearly on display to the public. Modern aliens are the equivalent of Thai sex tourists, dropping by this cheap planet for a quick butt invasion, nothing like what went on in the old days.

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Post it. Quit fucking around like a LARP. Spread that shit around.



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i personally dont have proof.
maybe that user has that specific cap of obscurity
i just have 2 really good ayy images
threads died bc it was Jow Forumstier after so many threads of the same exact thing, esp after the fun of the hoax was broken

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i've lost it in a sea of memes, its legit though, when you see it you'll understand, you've seen 10000 fakes, but the real one is just plain and simply obvious, i would think someone else would have it on hand

Ayys colluded with Trump and Russia. There can only be one illegal alien in the US

lurk moar memeflag larper lmao

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That is what you call proof? What a tard.

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as your counter-position, all you did was post obvious fakes everyone has.

Post the original

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Back to school with you. Don't show what a little cunt you are by telling people to lurk.

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naw.... you're right..It's 100% real. countless people have it saved. keep trying buddy, eventually somebody will post the original.

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Lurk moar newfag. Proof HAS been posted here, it's just the government decided to take action before more than a handful saw the actual photo

Pic related is a re-creation - no actual pics survived, all files were corrupted

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Thanks Moshe, now get off the computer I think little Khalid just stole your bulldozer

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They're already here.

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I didn't counter position anything. I just just posted ones that float around. You are have a counter position argument with yourself dipshit. If you have the original post it, if you have any ACTUAL proof that the thread was a hoax post it.

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great movie


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Doesn't matter if it is real or not you absolute moron. There is an original out there though. For some reason you think you are smart. Now go go shower and get ready for school.

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Tall Whites. Not small gray creatures..

If aliens aren’t real, then why are world governments so obsessed with UFO’s and why are there so many testimonies by commercial pilots and navy personnel?

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(((aliens))) walk among us

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aliens aren't real, only humans. seen a UFO? probably got humans inside it.


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