Germany isn't as great as it used to be. I am tired of living here...

Germany isn't as great as it used to be. I am tired of living here, how do i move to the US without having a shitload of money?

How much would a place to stay and a car cost?
How hard is it to find a job?

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you have no idea of what you're taking about

that's all relative to the state you go to user, i know a fuckton about nv and likely cali but can't tell you shit about the east coast

>How much would a place to stay and a car cost?
>How hard is it to find a job?
Depends where you go. Cost of living in San Francisco is going to be a lot different than Tuscon. So will the job opportunities. And car cost is dependent, too, because some states have laws as to what the minimum coverage of insurance is that you need to drive.

Getting a green card as a German isn't too hard if you have basic qualifications/training and education, if that's what you mean.

What would be the best state to start a new life in your opinion?

Are you retarded? Why would you move to a third world country?

Baden Württemberg

Because Germany is no place for us Germans to stay anymore.

idk. Depends on what you value. Jobs? Low cost of living? Weather? Traffic? Low population? There isn't a single state that's going to have it all.

>sausage sucker wants in on our anglo civilization
Fuck off kr*Ut, we're full

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Really depends where you wanna go.

Why would you want to come here lol

northern nv is pretty fucking chill if you ask me but its starting to get fucked over by cali but we're not afraid to tell them to get the fuck out

decent housing (was cheaper like a decade ago so i think it's doubled since? was like 750 for 2bed apartment but its more than that now fuckin hell)
and tons of small towns where you could live close to where you work so you dont have to worry about a stupid car or you can take a short bus or bike ride, places like reno have limebikes if you dont wanna buy your own at first

highly suggest avoiding las vegas though for starting out here, beyond fucking expensive (they want like 3-4 bucks for a bottle of soda which is like a buck and a half in north nv)

i've gone everywhere from carson to the north valleys aye

also not trying to imply we dont have dollar sodas n shit it was just an example of how fucking insane prices can go inside a podunk state could go

Ah you're one of those fags. Less than a million refugees versus 80 million potatoes. Really makes you think.

Housing is getting more expensive everywhere so that's to be expected i guess. At least you have good public transport, though.

You must not have any taxes and expenses to pay then. I was not talking about the refugees.

I want everyone to be American, or have dual citizenship here.

good when compared to other places
but we've had bus issues recently (they made busses more expensive, cause of it less money, fired drivers cause of it, removed bus lines)
but they realized they're idiots and are fixing it next month with cheaper passes and etc. thank god

that being said if you wanna see some true dumbassery with limebikes check the "reno limebike customer service" page on fb and you can see how much respect is given to public utility lmao

but it's not all bad here its pretty chill

Oh America would be the most retarded country then. Enjoy dying because of some preventable disease

Found the europoor. Your own country men want to live here! Like rats deserting a sinking ship. Oh I just remembered why you are poor. Your paying out your kr×ut filled asses for your new refugees. While Poppa Trump has a boner for kicking people out that don't belong. You Germans get steaming wetties for letting them in. Good luck with your new neighbors.

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