The Brits are waking up

The Brits are waking up

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Ill tell ya hwat twiggie, better go back to sleep before i do it with my propane tank skinny


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go back to sleep

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How do they do it without bongs?

Which automatically makes r/banter gayer

This is a thumbnail

no, it's a screenshot

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damn you’re right

prove it


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Morning friend!

Go back to sleep faggot

Hey average brit, thanks for saying goodnight to me when I was smashed lole

No you go to sleep gay cowboy
I hoped I would see you again! What were you drinking?

my wife karen is so cute

I'm not gay and i'm not tried

You might not be gay but you're a massive fag

It was after a party, I can’t really remember
I think it was cruisers, cider, and a shot or two of gin
It was fun

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Blow it out your ass Mohammed

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At least you had fun, were you hungover this morning?

Eat shit and die Eurofag

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Yes ;-;
I’m 19 though so hangovers aren’t that bad at this age
Have you just woke up average Brit?

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Make me dumb fagg
I'm 19 as well so I don't get them so bad mostly, I woke up almost an hour ago.

What’s your plans for the day?

Oh I expected you to be early 20s for some reason, that’s naisu
Anyway enjoy your morning, time to go make dinner

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I'm going to try and fix my motorbike
Enjoy your dinner!

no im not

good morning

I've been up since 4am

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>brits wake up
>Jow Forums becomes gay all of a sudden

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My wife Narancia is so cute

We're not gay you shouldn't judge the many by the actions of the few

but all brits are gay

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No we're not and you should know better than to use such prejudicial language

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but he's right, we're all gay

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He's right you know, the UK is the second gayest country on bant


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Wow brits are hecking gay

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lol gay

the gay britbonge

second to what?

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Well at least I'm not

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You didn't already know this?
New Zealand, Finland is also a gay country

I think that America is the gayest one by far, followed by Russia and our fruit producing colony New Zealand

britbongs are the gayest

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t.average brit

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put your name back on

Good morning fellas

The days of American erp gayness is gone. that's not to say they aren't gay anyway, just not as gay
The objective list of bant gayness
New Zealand
United kingdom
Hey amei

Morning Sergie

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Why is New Zealand the gayest, it should be bongland or f*nland

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But America has people like amei and they count for at least 11 normal gays, and considering how not gay I am I think our rank should be bellow America's

Morning spain

Sorry we don't use monopoly money in England

You're called kiwis, and kiwis are fruits so obviously you're the gayest

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But England got not 1, but 2 King Gays. Therefore england must be the gayest.

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finland isnt even gay to be honest

wow rude

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Wow gay

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Why you keep doing this? I was joking back then. It's not funny to use my name in Jow Forums.


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u gay

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It all stems back to legs kiwi
The revised bant gayness list:
New Zealand
United kingdom
Finland is kinda gay

It was actually accidental this time, i thought you were big dick Sergio that frequents the gay threads. Hence why i said Sergie, which is what i call him.

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Well legs kiwi mysteriously disappeared so I think you should move UK up to the top

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The gay is so entrenched in you that you are incapable of saying the word "deck" without saying "dick", so it stands to reason that you should be at the tip top of the list until proven otherwise

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ur mom is kinda gay lol

new gayland is gay so u gay

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takes a gay to know one gayland

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That aint me ;)

But why should England be at the top?
Wow rude, I thought fins were nice gays

t. Massive fruity poofta

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That big dick spanish faggot has nothing to do with me or my name

I know, it's other Sergio that i have been bullying both intentionally and accidentally.

How are you this fine morning?

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Because there are a lot of brits and most of them are homosexual
It seems the most accurate to put them at the top

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s-shut up

finns are not gay

wow cute tummy

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My arms and pecs hurt
I didnt warmup and stretch well and I feel sore everywhere

Kill meeeeee

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Tell me about it, i started working legs again after a year of hiatus from it, and i could hardly walk all of last week.

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That's why we are third you dumb fruity gay Zealander, make your own list if you are so smart
Fins are gay and so are you

t. Massive literally fruity poofta
You belong in a fruit salad, kid

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You’d know about cute tummies tbdesu
Still really gay though

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I’ll make my own list after dessert mr neko boy
I remember your tummy pic, that’s gotta be worth some major gay points

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It was my first time in the gym

I think its going to be 2 or 3 days before I can go there again, my biceps are so sore I can only hold them in a 45° degree angle comfortably
At least swimming helps

the real reason why you couldnt walk is because you got benis in butte

stop bulli gay homo britbong

>You'd know about cute tummies tbdesu

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>australia is never on these things

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Only if you stop bulling me double gay tummy fin

animefags, britfags and eurocucks

Just remember you gotta workout even if you're sore, that way your body will get used to it and stop being sore.

I'll give you penis in butt stupid gay finn

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You probably go at the same level as Finland, there is that Australian poster who keeps talking about his dildo
Enjoy your pudding, did you save my tummy pics?

>tummy finn

the gay dane who wants to put his bepis in a finnish boye

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Of course, dick belongs in boibutts, that's the natural order of things.

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What? I feel bad if I bulli you

>the gay tummy finn jealous because he cant feel sore from huge beppers in his butte
Yeah, thats why I swim
Think Im going to do 1 day of strength training and 2 of swimming until I can do Strength-Swimming-Strength

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>who keeps talking about his dildo
it was 1 mention

i think