How do we fix anime, r/banter?

How do we fix anime, r/banter?

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and how do we stop internet outages?

By not posting it faggot

oopsie daisies i posted it again

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more cute jungian deconstructions of the idol genre

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based and redpilled imptrash dump

I love chino

Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism.

Post-national anarcho-fascist tribalism*

With more frogs, ribbit ribbit.

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more animal people

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an*Mefags are gay
Because they watch an*Me
But that's not what they'll say
But I say fuck you, go back to Die you fucking an*Mefag filth

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yeeet dab on 'em

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fix what?

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get nobuteru to be a part of the industry again.
seriously where did he vanish off to.

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The same place all missing character designers go.

Fucking shadow realm. claimed another soul

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I didn't know antarctica was called the shadow realm

more forgotten super robot shows

more /rei/ without the picture


Also good night r/banter

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pickle rei

nite pedo