>mfw he tells me that europe doesn't have the right to remain majority European

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holy shit
what is this
this thread
this thread is fucking epic
i'm overdosing on redpills right now
i'm redpilled rick

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what are some redpilled chicken wing sauces


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what are some hitler-approved swimsuits


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what are some pro-white underwear i can wear on nigger lynching day

I want to play Red Dead Redemption 2. The first game was epic.

that bluepilled zoomer who doesn't know the kekistani mating call

>yfw liberals condemn colonialists for spreading their values onto other people by force because all cultures are equal but support forcing our values onto eastern europe who oppose diversity and multiculturalism because their values are "raycis n sheeiiiit"

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you seem extremely rightwing, maybe you can help me
do you know any redpilled mustard brands that i can use on my hot dogs
can't be supporting bluepilled mustard brands when a race war is about to happen

Why is Canada garbage?

Unironically based and redpilled

any pro-trump mayonaisse brands i can stock up on so i don't go hungry when shit hits the fan?

Trudeau is a world leader.

Your fine

i fucking love politics
i'm redpilled rick
pic related (its me dabbing on the libtards)

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bump this thread some more fagget

But i want be a brown gf tho

date an albanian

Das right white boy

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want be with*