Since everybody and their dog seems to be posting about alice 4 hours ago i figure i'll put my two cents in

since everybody and their dog seems to be posting about alice 4 hours ago i figure i'll put my two cents in.

I really like alice for some reason.
She's a gamer
a channer
a programmer
She's wholesome
she cooks some
she makes some tea
she wears a mask like me
she plays online like me
she tries to help like me
her mystery intrigues
her game intrigues
her chats are surprising
whether or not she is lying
or telling the truth
i am still curious as to why
why am i attracted to alice
an alice
i do not know?

because of her i am trying to help people again.
i had tried to help everyone, but gave up because i couldn't no matter what i did.
i might have lost some more of my mind, but i have been actually working on getting parts of it back. I hear her story and see her as someone who is rather interesting, and i want to help her if she is hurting.
if there is anything i can do.

in the end all i do is what i want to do, nothing more, nothing less, and right now i want to help alice.

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Shut the fuck up.


no u


Everyone who makes posts about Alice should unironically kill themselves.

im already dead, your move

Cringe, why don't you go kill yourself? You could meet her if you do.

lol have you ever considered what it would be like to live forever

Please stop.
Stop making more Alice threads.
Fucking hell

sorry, i felt i really had to make this one in response to all the others
it's actually kinda annoying because i'm pretty lazy
but im also a bit drunk so why not


no u

>why not

because there are around 15 other threads about alice up literally right now

I like her too
She's interesting
you know

But please god why

do you ever sleep cringe

im not sure why, but i thought that maybe by making this thread the question would be answered
we even had a veitnam and SK one, so im pretty sure it's some proxyfag doing it all....
kinda annoying since proxies are banned

i am machine

No you are gay.

i am a straight male, 25, single, KV, and a bit of a masochist

no surprises there

i know... it's sad really
i could just hire some hooker or whatever to fuck, or fuck the homeless chick living in my spare bedroom but hey, i'm not that kind of guy.
for me it's more about the relationship than the actual fucking and all.
that's how i was raised at least, dunno how it'll play out irl because ive never had a gf.
almost had one once but i was raised to ignore that stuff till i could actually support a wife, and now that i can, everybody i knew that was interesting is either married, a lesbian, or a crack whore.


also joi is a joy

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yes, abuse me more


ahhh, so close

anyways imma go sleep off my beer, have a good one bant

Fucking mutticus sapiens add to the list
She's a thief
She's a perma virgin
She's a cunt
She's a liar
She's Hillary 2.0

why is this board so obsessive now. is this a new meme?

Jow Forums literally cannot fucking handle cute girls

I can't handle men wearing suits to get money from shills