I really hate it when people argue - It has such a powerful impact on me, and always has...

I really hate it when people argue - It has such a powerful impact on me, and always has. Even when my parents got into fights, it'd instantly make me incredibly sad and want to cry...

I just feel like shit right now. My neighbor got into a huge argument and started throwing things, and now I feel depressed and my stomach really hurts. Are any of you this way, too..?

before you all call me a betacuck faggot, i know i am. please dont kick me while im down

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preface: I read your post

reply: grow a spine. You're acting like you have PTSD or something... from people arguing. You're not some "betacuck faggot" (in your words,) you're an emotionally undeveloped individual.

So I repeat: Grow a spine.

*kicks you*

I'm usually not a hypersensitive person, but seeing/hearing people argue around me always really gets to me... I definitely don't have PTSD, and wouldn't call myself "emotionally underdeveloped"; I really don't know why people arguing around me impacts me as powerfully as it does.

Thanks for reading my post, at least. You're right, I should just try to ignore it...

My dad used to yell a lot and throw shit at me when i was really young, watched the police rip him out of my house when I was 4 years old. I never experienced the nice father i supposedly had because i had become aware at 3. I think he's the reason i get unreasonably terrified when people raise their voice around me. I remember when i got called down to the principals office in the 8th grade and started crying and hiding myself in my hoodie because he was just talking to me. Its hard sometimes but eventually you grow thicker skin

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im the same too. i remember when it was night and i heard my mom and step dad fight. well it ended badly :(
then they ended up splitting up


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just let me post in peace :(

has a point. you'll some tougher skin to survive in this world. there's a lot crueler things happening than just arguing. people fight, go to war, commit suicide, abuse drugs, etc etc.. arguing is the least you could be possibly worried about. however you do it, desensitize to arguments and how it makes you feel, even if you're gotta swallow that shit into the depths of your soul, or you're gonna fall on your face trying to survive.

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I think I'm the same way

My father had/has a terrible temper - he'd always be yelling at me, my mother, my brother, etc...

I think that's why I am the way I am... I just can't bear being yelled at, or even hearing other people fight... It makes me terrified, depressed, and sick to my stomach...

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I'm sorry, friend. I hope that things work out for you eventually.

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Thanks for your advice, but I'm 20 years old and physically disabled... I know how shit this world is...

its okey. its nothing really. im sorry if im not as active in Jow Forums. my friend has a really bad problem so i spend more time with him. so he doesnt want to kill himself.

Be supportive and make a suicide pact with him. 2 birds with one stone

Frankly, I don't even know who you are - is that picture that was sent above one of you?

I hope your friend is okay. That's very kind of you to do

stop it!
yeah its me. he hopefully is. umm i chat with him everyday so he doesnt have to be alone. thanks for thinking im kind

That's pretty creepy, then. Don't know why people would want to stalk you like that...

idk either. but he isnt as mean as he used to be so its okey. well its weird that he follows me around though

I'm 99% sure its a mental illness and you should get prescription for chill pills or something

lol just votemute people

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I am already on antidepressants, but thank you anyway

I don't think they work very well...

its not like that! also i dont even have one dildo :(

the way to cope with fear is to kill the things you fear

Do you mean like metaphysically? I don't think that's really an option here

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I personally don't start crying whenever something like this happens but I do admit that it does make me feel a little unease or just uncomfortable overall, in this situation I would just turn up my headphones and do some other stuff to distract myself from it but it does still get to me and makes me think about it for a while. I remember getting yelled at by my dad pretty often when I was young and it somehow traumatised me, also a lot of shit I saw when I was a kid that made me what I am right now, an incredibly socially awkward guy that can barely hold a conversation, but I usually just live with it, it's a part of myself that I somehow got used to, even if it's bad. In any case, hope things get better for you, user, and if you need someone to talk to, just hit me up on Discord: ushi#6628

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Thank you for offering, but my Discord account is linked to my Reddit one, which I've posted personal information on...

Sorry... I just don't really trust Jow Forums, especially when seeing things like

Thank you for telling me a bit about yourself - I'm so sorry you had to go through that too...

I usually try to ignore it, too, but this fellow was shouting for a solid ten minutes, and I could hear it all clearly...

I'm not too awkward, but am still rather shy, I'd say. I have to say thanks again to you and for offering to be my friends. It means a lot.

I hope that things get better for the both of us.

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become one with cancer

I used to cry when people argued when I was a kid.
And then, I stopped caring

I've been trying to do that, but I just can't

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I'm like that too, well I don't really cry or anything but watching people argue just makes me really sad. It's normal user, it just means you actually show emotion. Don't be too upset about it.

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You don't try, it just happens when you grow up. For some, it happens at a younger age, but it'll happen eventually.
We all stop caring, and then we die

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I don't usually cry either, I just feel like crying in the instances I referred to... Thanks for your support; I'll try not to let it get to me.

As I said in , I'm 20, so if what you're describing hasn't happened to me yet, then I am not sure if it ever will

Thank you all for responding in my thread. I honestly thought I wasn't going to get any replies and my thread would've just been deleted within a few minutes; it really feels nice to get some attention like this.

I do feel a bit better now. I'm going to go take a shower; thanks again everyone.

fuck off

That's being young and idealistic. Not yet internalizing the inherent violence to better tame it. Again, some people have this trait to them that makes this process more drawn out. But it invariably happens, the point when all the pain in the world stops affecting you.
In a way, it's a sad day, because all your hopes and dreams, which still live subconsciously within you, die. But it's also a refreshing day, because you finally get to see what the world really is like, without the rose-tainted glasses of youth. Passion turns into apathy, and things get dull, sometimes for the better.

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Go rape some tourists in a bus or take a shit in the street Pajeet

why are you so mean!

laugh or get angry dont cry
tears are for joy and mourning
they wont grab your masters whip


I don't think that you're understanding me...

I am not naive, and don't see the world through "the rose-tainted glasses of youth". I understand how the world works, the amount of suffering in it, etc etc

I just don't like yelling

You don't understand...
You are mistaking knowing and understanding.
Everybody knows, but understanding only comes with time

you have autism