Drink thread!

What are you guys drinking today?Pic related?Coffee and milk and milo (Sorry for the crop Jow Forums doesn't like big images)

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Why didn't you just resize it

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How can I have time for that when I want to hear the opinions of other anons more!

Fair enough
Since it's 4 oclock I'm on the coffee too atm

What type?

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uhm I dunno the ones made with coffee beans
I have no idea what you mean, espresso I guess

That's what I meant,good choice my dude
Why are you up so late?

going to follow up with some more beer

Kafuu chino

Story time or just chilling?

You mean up so soon
I've been trying to fix my sleep
I slept from 8PM to 2AM tonight

More like going to waste myself to sleep kind of deal

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Sorry to dissapoint
Ah okay user,good luck
Why waste yourself to sleep? ;~;

Gook coffee

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That's the only way I know to go to sleep.

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(Very "special" person)
Tell me what it tastes like user,never had it before
Since when?

At least a good year. I honestly can't tell when I started drinking like this.

How did you sleep before and why can't you go back?

It's a little more bitter than what I'm used to but the Vietnamese make surprisingly decent coffee

Forgot image

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Anxiety basically. It came to the point I just couldn't sleep without the soothing effects of alcohol calming me down. The longer I go, the less effect it has, so the higher the dose.
Guess I'm not the only one around here being like this

damn I need that mug
do they have one where the "special" is explicitly written in quotation marks

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Nice, user!
How was your day?

Oh,I have Anxiety too
Consider seeing a psychiatrist?
(The meds won't make you dopey like the fearmongers make it,just tired,and you'l feel like normal)

My mum got it for my birthday from an op shop. It's a top quality mug
Today was good so far. I went for a morning run around the reserve with my brother. How about yourself?

Oh pretty average(good) day,just chilling with anons,probably do some warm ups just to keep in shape and then shitpost more!Probably will play the piano later.
What vidya do you play?

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>What vidya do you play?
Mount and blade and World of Tanks. I play much more than I should.


Not really. It's just a lot of stress piling up from work. Besides, if I really were to go see a psychiatrist, it might open a whole can of worms I'd rather keep closed...

Holy molly, people from Australia play this game too?

They won't judge you,really!
And if it's temporary and you think you will do better afterwards....okay then,but it's been over a year hasn't it,maybe a psychologist?

The ANZ server is literally empty at certain times so I'm forced to play on the Hong Kong server but it hasn't crushed my will to grind just yet

Nah. I don't have time for it anyway. It's just temporary, it happens in waves. Thankfully it should end soon.

As expected. For how long have you been playing?

Since 2015. Yourself?

I think 2010? Or maybe 2011, I can't tell. All I know is that they added french tanks soon after I started playing.
But I don't really play much of it anymore: used to be my favorite game. I spent a shit ton of time on it, both grinding and having fun in training rooms playing stupid minigames and chatting with pplz, but now all that is gone. Makes me sad but eh, gotta move on.
Mind if you share your username, just so I can have a look?

Do I get to call myself average?

It's okay I guess. For 10k battles it's fairly respectable.
Here's mine in the off-chance you actually care

You're clearly quite good. I wish I could join an anime-type clan but they're all Japanese

Honestly, if you want to have a somewhat active playerbase with some people speaking english, EU is your only solution. I know I can still play on EU fairly easily from here, but I don't know about Australia...


double black

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Rum and sugar free Coke kiwi here