The death of PD

How PD was betrayed and slain

On to the story of the lay of Jow Forumselopes I ween,
How the mighty hero Plague Doctor thencewards fell
And thereafter being betrayed to never again be seen,
How had came to suffer from a dropped soap I do tell.

One evening, whe fatefull night our hero
Had an idea that wasn’t so bright, a thread
He posted, eke that led to many brave namefig and night to hath fell
And cursed be upon him, his very own death as well

He had mustered in his underaged mind, that
In bextwit slaying the gay, that there was much pleasantry
In bringing a shitty art museum to the bat,
After posting it on Jow Forums to amuse the peasantry.

Onward he posted then, but then all the gay posters
And grim Normie remembered the injustive that he hath caused to sorely grief them,
They then conspired a plan to bring PD user to the cloisters
Bringing death to Jow Forumsland and war bextwit them.

First they joined in his underaged faggotry,
Gagging as he doth destroyed the art gallery,
Then came the leaf, reporting and accusing him of maggotry,
But dire information he hath the great warrior PD brought upon the others of himself, making him pay a large salary.

Connected the dots did Grim Normie,
That doth reveal information to the LPD in meeke pay,
Leading him to make a dire call, I tell thee, thrusting his spear into PD.
The whole process I seen not say.

As PD posted him with two niggers in a car,
His ugly face again did the grim Normie reveal,
This had not brought Normie yet as far,
As he would later make a doxx of his place, and with the police a deal.


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And thus for Signapore it was a happy day,
PD having playing his last session of D&D,
One American user dropped milk I thus lay,
And many brave knights either supported in meeke justice his death, or make sour mourning over it I see.

Ashley poster commending the justice and feeling both suffering for losing a great knight he did say,
When PD did say “I am slain of this great malice”,
That then did the lay of the Jow Forums was filled with war and the gay,
I weene that there was yet any Serbian Alice.

prove it

you arent allowed to say that


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I must say
This day is gay
What a jolly good way
To end such a fray
(Good post OP)

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not an argument

i don't wanna argue i just want to state facts

then you failed in your quest


Best thread on Jow Forums atm


If I had any musical talent I would rewrite don't cry for me Argentina to be about PD. Don't cry for me r/banter...

If you read enough medieval poems of chivalry you start talking like that...

He saw the light of anime feet

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my wife abi is so cute

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This is gayer than the actual gay erping threads. Congratz

Fuck you leather man

found the anzufag

A wondrous poem, sir. I thank you.

Ive been looking for news articles about it, havent found one yet.

In his final mission, PD must stand alone.

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I hope that LARPing faggot never returns

Would you like me to sing this? I'll credit u in the video

The fags gotta die!
Can't wash this gay off PD's hands
Let the board fear them all
It's just means to an end
Our damnation lies in the Normie’s faggotry
Beyond the truth, let him suffer now!
In my heart I just know
That there's no way to light up the dark
In his eyes

That triptych was a beautiful piece before it was destroyed. PD can go fuck his hat.

prove it bub

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Yes pls, also have hurdy-gurdy

what's hurdy-gurdy?

Ah cool digits

I imagine it would be pretty hard to get one, so you don’t need to do it.

Too fast paced for me desu to sing over that with ur lyrics

Thy eldest reich has been foretold.
A new era hath arrived.

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You could do it in this style

gay thread

Gimme an instrumental with no one talking over it and don't make it a fast instrumental

Attached: Austin wowzers.jpg (300x168, 8K) Just reappear from a certain section when you run out of time

Too late to sing now but that seems perfect for the poem, i'll have to do it tommorrow though.

PD was a shitty poster anyway but thats the thing only true Jow Forums oldfags realise

>fug ID get

But I am an old Jow Forums fag, though I left in late 2017

A literal nobody chimps out and gets what he deserves
Big fucking woop

Drama. This is what I'm here for

fuck off noob

I never liked him and I am a newfag

Are you faggots really this obsessed with him

No the faggots Don't care. It's the anti gay posters that like him

you're jealous


Pd is honestly a faggot i fucking hate him


Kill urself

true t.b.h


It's a sad state of affairs when memeboi of all people is correct