>be me
>60 year old proud american lovin mcdonalds lovin redneck
>Whigger neighbor has been dumping shit in my dumpster
>Let it go the first couple of times
>He brings a fucking mattress the eigth time
>Get ready to confront him
>Bring my inbred son with me
>Remember whigger neighbor has a history of drug related crimes
>Bring guns for protection, hand son the shotty
>Meet whigger outside as he is dumpin with his ugly bucktooth wife
>Ask him why he is dumping a fucking mattress in my dumpster
>He starts screeching with the strength of a thousand liberals
>Realize you have encountered a Whigger Warmaster with a +10 strength in melee weapons
>Attempt to defuse the situation
>Whigger tells bucktooth wife to record this on her stolen phone
>Whiggers starts screeching death threats at me and my son
>Says he'll kill me
>"I doubt it."
>Whigger keeps screeching more death threats, goes back inside to get a baseball bat
>Tell him if he gets closer then three feet, I'll shoot
>Bucktooth wife does nothing to stop her whigger husband
>Whigger gets closer
>RPG battle initiates
>Whigger uses death threat
>Not effective
>Grandpa Miller uses "I doubt it."
>Super effective!
>Whigger -10 Ego
>Whigger Neighbor moves closer
>Grandpa Miller fires two warning shots
>Not effective
>Whigger throws baseball bat
>Inbred Miller shoots the ol' shotty
>Whigger Neighbor -100HP
>Whigger Neighbor has fallen
>Bucktooth wife screeches in memory of her dead husband.
>Me and my son high five and do some GTA 5 Online taunts then leave.
>Fort Dumpster is ours.

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Why cant retards just back off?

10/10 would read again and recommend to friends.

never let the jews take your guns away americans

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9/10. may this pasta live forever.

I feel sorry for orange shirt but the dude shouldn't have pressed the situation. He was in the wrong and wouldn't let it go and he lost his life because not only did he not let it go but he tried to attack the guys standing there with guns.
Don't act like a fucking nigger, folks. Don't let your anger get the better of you and learn how to be the bigger man and accept when you are wrong.
It's sad what happened. Potential was lost but instability makes that potential worthless. Keep a firm grip on your sanity so you don't end up wasting your life in a similar way.

wake up sleepy

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>"I doubt it."
This has become my favorite smack talk line

The only thing i'm sorry about is the fact that the wife didn't get a shell to the head as well.

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Holy fucking shit. Hero

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The Millers did nothing wrong.

Aaraon Howard is an extremely jewy name. He had a big nose. He's that type of jew like Les Pearlman or whoever Hellboy who almost looks white. He had serious mental health issues and was just threatening to kill the mail man who was also probably white. Those aren't pearly white teeth those are fake veneers that the tax payers paid who knows how much for. People like this are completely unemployable and cost the tax payers thousands a month in direct benefits and many thousands a month more in being baby sat by social services and the cops every time the mail man comes by. This is evolution the reason our society is so shitty right now is because we haven't been culling the people like this for over 100 years now.

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Link video

I came here to post this.

>"You're not going to shoot my husband."

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God bless America.

>A man is dead. A wife lost her husband and her children lost their father
and I can't stop fucking laughing.

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freedom ain't free

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that shit either got emptied orrrr

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What fucking retards orange man and wife were. They deserved it.

What will happen to the based duo now?

put me in the screencap

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Please be my huckleberry.

beat me to it

wow they let is back on youtube

Honestly they will end up getting some charges and will do time, probably for brandishing firearms

IIIIIII doubt it

if they really are on their own property i dont think so.


>meme flag

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>Literally everyone I disagree with is a Jew by definition

I see clearly how the Jews can control wypipo...just look at this retard in his natural habitat ready to kill over trash in an alley.

They came out with their guns, I don't understand how in the world they got bail. That's not right.

The shooting was justified

Or perhaps he’s wondering why someone would shoot a man before throwing his matress out of a dumpster

Texas is the best

"You're not going to shoot my husband"

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>General Miller and his closest commander, Captain Bubba lead the 1st and 4th Armored Divisions to retake Fort Dumpster from Whiggerlandian forces.

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why does every american pretend that everyone who is wrong is a secret liberal

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The dynamic duo shouldn't have been charged with murder, but I can understand why the cops did it given there was a hysterical chick and a guy with a huge hole in his head when they arrived at the scene. Any decent lawyer will use Stand Your Ground as an affirmative defense and the good 'ol boys will walk free. The stupid chick's video will give the lawyer more than enough evidence to win the case.

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fucking based

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probably because orange shirt has had a long record of violence and the recording has evidence of that. Even though they were branishing weapons they did only fire as a form of self defense

"fort dumpster"

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that's pretty good.

There will be a stand your ground hearing and if the judge agrees it was syg they'll go free with no trial. Unfortunately in the USA they'll always have a record of felony murder arrest.

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>Conan, what is best in life?
>To crush your enemies. See them driven before you. And to hear the lamentations of their women.

based jewtube

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>*presses L3 and R3 interally

I would have taken one look into those cold dark eyes and said "This man ain't bluffin'. This man ain't to be flexed with".

You forgot the "1943-1944 colorized"

>beat me


"I Doubt It..."

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The reality is they were arrested for being fat disgusting shirtless hillbillies. It was probably 100% justified given that orange shirt was acting fucking crazy and had a baseball bat out and threatened to kill them. Now, of course, all of this could have easily been prevented but that's another story.

Shit like this is why people have guns. Without them people like that fag in the orange shirt would attack anyone anytime for whatever reason but when people see a gun they calm their shit down unless they want to be dead like that fag. Shit like this happens all the time

all parties are shit heads the two rednecks deserve jail since they instigated over a public dumpster. The dude deserved to get shot for being a hot head tho

>Unfortunately in the USA they'll always have a record of felony murder arrest
I don't think that will hinder their careers to be honest

What are you talking about? It was literary his dumpster they said. Yes some people privately own the things

In areas like the there usually isn't any space between the property lines. I've been in disputes like this before.

If there's a dirt road or alley between two houses, usually the property line of one of the houses extends over it to the opposite fence. It's not like a "public road" or something

fucking immortalized

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So, are these two patriots American heroes? Should Trump invite them to the White House? I mean, they took an illegal trash dumper off the streets, but more importantly took a moron out of the genepool.

Orange shirt dude was obviously a public menace and deserved to be put down like the rabid dog he was.


literally demon possessed.

Because they're really not an immediate danger to anyone who isn't a raving violent psychopath who insists on dumping their trash on their property

No matter what side you're on, this is a good reminder to not try and melee folks with guns.

dumb janny


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how does it feel to be on a board that's used a a literala thrasbin for unwanted threads?

>when Jow Forumsddit is so bad even its trashbin doesn't want their threads

how does it feel to be in a country that's used a a literala thrasbin for unwanted migrants?

I didn't know people unironically would get this mad over me insulting fucking Jow Forums


Mods are gay

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He's right you know.
Your country is litteraly the Trashcan Europe

says France.

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>dumb subhuman with a jewish name starts threatening them
>gets killed
Those guys did nothing wrong