What kind of chairs my homeboys use? I'm willing to drop $1k due to my strong belief in the ergonomical

What kind of chairs my homeboys use? I'm willing to drop $1k due to my strong belief in the ergonomical.

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I got a DX Racer chair a few years back and its incredibly comfortable and versatile.


I recommend this if you are looking for a good chair.

WorkPro Quantum 9000
about $350
I love it.
like an Aeron knockoff, but decently done well
12 year guarantee

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Nice recommendation.

I actually have Mirra 2 currently on order, anybody have experience?

>falling for the gaming chair meme

I have a Knoll Generation at work, it's alright, however, when my generic chair at home finally breaks down I'm going to spring for an Embody. I've tried those at work and they're awesome.

It works and it is comfortable, which is all I care about.

I'm sitting in a Mirra 1 right now.
It's nice I suppose, but an issue I have with it is that my pelvis is too narrow to actually fit the lower shape of the backrest, resulting in quite a bit of pain. From what I could see this problem is basically non-existent on the internet so you're unlikely to run into it.

the 2 is actually quite a bit different than the mirra 1.

Just got an aeron used off ebay for 350. Pretty comfy.

Not really, and I did my homework on the subject.

I've had the chair in pic since February 2011. It was around $250, it's been comfortable, no back pain or any issues. The current problem is that the faux leather stuff has worn away almost completely from the seat, lower back, and armrest areas. Also, my dipshit cat left a lot of punctures and scratches on top of the backrest.

I'm currently searching for a new chair, but not finding many good ones in big and tall (lard ass) size. I also would like a chair covered in a different material that won't flake away through the years like this one.

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Bump for the importance of ergonomics!

Steelcase Gesture is the most comfortable and customizable chair I've tried so far.

Lmfao at the lives of those recommending gaming racer chairs.

That's one of the nice things about the mesh on aerons, it'll last forever pretty much, although if you let your cat on the chair that'll kill it

Have you tried a leap? Pros/cons of one over the other anybody?

Never tried a Leap. Most people say the Gesture is an improved version of that shit so I went for it. I wouldn't touch the Embody though. I've heard a lot of bad things about its reliability and longevity; apparently the plastic bits on the back break easily.

I've got the new aeron chair for 625 on it's new release promotion. it's best chair I've had but still overpriced. never for 1k maybe 300 but max

Yeah luckily I had the foresight to see that happening on the embody too. At this point I think I'm mostly just torn between the mirra 2, or a steelcase offering. The steelcase ones just look like normal office chairs to me, I can't figure out why people say you can sit in them all day without feeling discomfort. Is the seating pad made out of some space-age gel material?

IKEA Markus, I'm a cheapskate and it's good enough.

I use an aeron at work and some office depot leather chair at home
I like the aeron way more
I'd like to buy an aeron for home but haven't been able to justify the $600+ price tag yet

if you live near any major metropolitan area you can cop a legit herman miller off craigslist for like, 150-200 bucks.

As far as i know it's part pad and part air bubble like some Nike Air Maxes or some shit. The comfort comes from the pad being above average and being able to adjust a ton of shit like the seat depth, lumbar support, and the leanback resistance. The leanback stuff is kind of cool: you can turn up the resistance enough that the back of the chair will support any arbitrary position you want without needing to lock it out at that position.

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I have a Leap at home ($180 used) and at work. Being highly adjustable along with the right cushioning means I never feel discomfort, just shift position on occasion.

If I sit in a car for over an hour I want to die. I don't know how shitty gamer chairs are any different than that.

The Gesture is a decent chair, but goddamn do I wish they'd put more padding on the armrests. Leaning on them for longer stretches makes my elbows sore.

These chairs are not worth their price. It's pure marketing bullshit and post-purchase rationalization. Any office chair wobbles like a piece of shit and stationary chairs are much better and more reliable.

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But don’t Herman millers come with a thirteen year warranty?

I have this chair. I put big rubber type casters on it. It’s stylish and the mesh helps me stay cool, but I don’t think it helps my back like I’d hoped.

La z boy. Don't even try anything else. nothing can compete.

While I am here, what is the best value chair for around 100 dollars?

Can't spend too much but I'd rather not have back issues either.

And you want to deal with warranty shit for what reason?

why would you not want a warranty?

my nigga

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>IKEA Markus, I'm a cheapskate and it's good enough.
This. I'm 35 and have been through my share of meme chairs. The Markus is a keeper. And I'm a big boy

I own an herman miller aeron I paid $300 for off craigslist

If you wanna buy one I'd recommend checking for a used one there

You stupid fucking faggot, I'm asking why would you want to DEAL with having to USE the warranty for POOR DESIGN rather than just BUYING A BETTER CHAIR in the FIRST PLACE

Do we really need to bully each other like this?

Where can you get a new pump thing to raise and lower a chair? The one in my meme-markus is dead

Welcome to Jow Forums.

To stay on topic: I use the Markus. Sturdy (can support my former 113kg bulk), adjustable, moderately comfy.

Arron all the way bb

He needs to say 'racing gaming chairs' more often in this v ideo

>not using a 3-legged wooden stool and a cushion to promote better posture
Enjoy your back pain

I've tried both at work and I think the Leap is better for comfort. Not a fan of the way the suspending mesh in a plastic ring works. The plastic edge digs into my legs sometimes.

Btw, I firmly believe the ergonomics aren't really worth the price. You're paying for the warranty that you might have a hard time using if you're not a business. Having bought a premium chair myself and used other types at work I think it's better to find a cheap one that works and toss it every few years when it gets worn.

Only 399. It's a GREAT price.

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i wish i was kidding

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Help, I fell for the Volmar meme.

Herman Miller is all you need, everything else is a toy.

Feel lucky that you have back support. I'm using a fucking stool.

One one hand, these definitely have to be comfortable by design since their users are on it almost all the time. Has anyone tried it?

Is there something for europoors?
I'm willing to pay 200 euro and i want
: Something that can survive 10faps/day
: Adjustable arm support so I can use it while playing FPS
: Does not hurt ass after 30hours of sitting on i

Is this Markus?
I see 2 issues,can not really use that arm support
and there is not net at bottom,just some fake leather that does get ruined in month.

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They have a non-pleather version.

Yeah I've noticed it,I'll go with that.
My friend does tell me to buy dx racer
but i find them to be really,really ugly.

>Two (2) steelcase recommendations
get a leap

The leather isn't fake.

>IKEA Markus,
Best one for buck.

Is there a gaming chair that doesn't look like one and won't make me appear like a manchild when I have someone over?

Just get a standing desk


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I'm happy with my Aeron. I'd try to find a place where you can sit on the chairs though, try the Aeron, Gesture, and Embody. I think if I were buying today I'd get an Embody, but the difference isn't so significant that it makes me want to sell my Aeron and buy one. Build quality is also superb, had this Aeron for 6 or so years now and there's no noticeable wear besides a couple of scratches.

Does IKEA Markus have any lumbar support at all?
In addition, does the seat's material get hot during prolonged use?

I currently use pic related and it's pretty garbage.

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yes, no

There's no such thing as a gaming chair. There are only gamer-targeted chairs. Once you understand the distinction you will reach enlightenment.

Someone brought in a wheelchair off the street and into the place that I work at, and it's been cycling around the office ever since, and we've even seriously discussed switching out our office chairs for them. They're pretty comfy for programming in for long periods of time, but i'm not convinced about a permanent replacement for more traditional chairs. That plus the fact that our boss gave it a hard thumbs down because the optics of an entire non-handicapped dev team in wheelchairs was just bad for clients coming in.

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I don't even own a gaming chair and I can personally say you are a onions boy.

The best thing to do is try them out somewhere and see which is the most comfortable for you.

I have a few HM Aerons I picked up for cheap and really like them because they breath. If your sitting for long periods of time you want circulation so your back and ass don't start to sweat.

HM and Leap seem to be the go to brands. Those gaming chairs are for faggots and niggers.

Nice topic. I need a new chair, I'm lookin forward to this one: buerostuhl24.com/PRADO-Luxus-Chefsessel-hjh.html#

Would you recommend it? 300 € budget for maximum comfyness that lasts. I currently have a 75 € cheap chair, but its starting to fall apart.

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Extra kek

>WorkPro Quantum 9000
I honestly wonder how this feels compared to Herman Memer. Chair shopping is something I have been putting off for a long time because it's one of those things where you have to get off your ass and try different models.
I've been sitting on a steelcase leap clone forever, and somehow feel that I won't get anything better besides aesthetics no matter how much money I throw at a new one.

if you have 1k.
wait for the herman miller 20% sale. they happen 4 times a year usually.
get an embody if you perch when you type. otherwise an aeron is pretty great.

my gf works for herman miller (50% off bitches). i have an embody & envelop and it's orgasmic to work extended periods with.

OP, I jsut bought a mesh chair yesterday. Mesh is the way to go, it stays cool, and pressure points are almost non-existent. A nice one is about $400 but I got one that was $200 at Office Max/Depot.

These chairs and most 'gaming' gear are so fucking stupid, nobody will ever catch me sitting in one of those.

I just bought the 1000 yesterday for $200 :o

i'm on my 3 one

I've been through a lot of chairs due. Those super paded executive-style ones are the world. They look the comfiest, but the real thing you should be looking for in a chair is how it feels after sitting on it for 3 hours. Get a solid task chair from a reputable brand.

what's great about the embody again besides muh fashionable brand? From what I've seen, it's just another plastic body squeaky piece of shit with ergo marketing buzzwords.

is it still a meme to get this chair? i finally moved to a big city and they have a showroom here and im still planning to get it
please advice

>what's great about the embody again besides muh fashionable brand?
Well first of all Herman Miller is the standard when it comes to this shit in my opinion. They are older than any of the brands anyone has posted and basically revolutionized offices back in the day. They give a serious shit about materials used and have a 10-12 year warranty standard.
>From what I've seen, it's just another plastic body squeaky piece of shit with ergo marketing buzzwords.
Mine doesn't squeak. I work from home full time and regularly am in this chair/desk for 12 hours a day. Often 3-4 hour periods where I don't move at all. does wonders for my back and circulation compared to a standard desk/chair you'd find in most offices.
I've been using this setup for 3 years now and I've never once regretted my decision. just get it on the 20% off sales.

it's not a meme. stop listening to broke ass 14 year olds trying to justify their $400 DX Racers or are buttmad they aren't pulling a programmer salary yet and can't afford it.
a customized aeron with all the bells and whistles costs the same as the embody. the difference is the embody you can't customize besides coloring because it comes topped out.

i wouldn't say the embody is for everyone, and it is a big purchase. so go see the show room, go sit in it for a half hour, have one of the reps tell you about it and how all the tension stuff works. how to expand the seat base, etc.

really everyone needs to just stfu about expensive ergo chairs being a meme. if you want one but don't want to fork over $500+ find an office liquidation auction house. all major cities have one, DC area has rasmus.
If you want new. just save up some dosh and go to the showroom and spend an afternoon trying them all out.

best off luck boys.

I use one of these badboys.

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>I work from home full time
Basically this, but not full time. I would gladly dish out MSRP for an embody if it is really better than its clones. You (and others that praise HM) have convinced me. Need to go to a showroom and spin around on one myself. Money is not the issue. It's also stupid imo to pay a good fraction of the HM's cost for a clone with a shit warranty.


>. Need to go to a showroom and spin around on one myself.
can't stress this enough though. you won't know until you try it.
>I would gladly dish out MSRP for an embody if it is really better than its clones.
seriously. i'm pretty sure the 20% off sale is coming up soon, so try to see when herman miller or design within reach did it last year. i remember it being during spring.

Thanks for the advice.

i'm considering to buy a control/monitoring room chair, it would cost like 1000€ but it's practically eternal in home use

anytime. hope you find what you're looking for m8.

My Chair recently broke and I'm looking at this:

Any ideas?

jeez that looks uncomfortable user

im kyle and i posted

Examples? Why would they be better than a herman miller or steelcase?

T.dxracer marketing fag

You saddle it like a horse, its very comfy and lets your dick dangle free.

is it comfy while jacking off?

If you try to jack off you're going to fall off. Try jacking off on a horse, it won't end well.

>not getting a recliner

Are gayming chairs comfortable?

$50 one from a local office supply shop.
The 80s "recycled materials" style on the cloth just adds to the enjoyment.
Yes im broke.

You need that bucket seat so you body doesn't roll on those sharp turns at 100mph.