There are 0 (ZERO) GNU/Linux environments which have all of these:

There are 0 (ZERO) GNU/Linux environments which have all of these:
>middle mouse click scroll
>complete cancellation of mouse acceleration through GUI
>smooth control and movement of windows
>variable scaling for high resolutions
>isn't designed by NEET autists who intentionally make everything look big and ugly (KDE)

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image preview pane in the default file picker

Why dont they just get the basics right before trying to do all fancy shit

none of it matters: the post

I have all of those things and I'm just using dwm

You fell for the GUI meme.
The reason that there's no good GUI development in linux is because there's fantastic CLI programs that obsolete the GUI method. It's a trap that windows users fall into- they look for GUI tools for things because they've been conditioned, and they can't find any good ones. In many cases there isn't a good GUI tool for linux because there exists an amazing CLI tool that people use instead.

>complete cancellation of mouse acceleration through GUI
why the fuck would you care about that. its literally a set once, never touch again babby mode config. Mouse acceleration isn't something the average computer user gives two fucks about changing, no need to have a dedicated gui for it.

Where is the amazing CLI tool that allows you to preview image thumbnails on a file picker?

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ranger supports previews with some extra dependencies sad

I still can't right click files in the filepicker and choose to delete the file or open it in another program like I can in windows.

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It's important for any videogames to have acceleration disabled so it doesn't fuck with your mouse movement

also, is it possible to rename files through linux file pickers?

>middle mouse click scroll
You can enable this in X11 itself, so every environment does it.
>variable scaling for high resolutions
Only Windows 10 has that. macOS just renders everything at 2x and scales the whole image down - you can achieve the same on GNU/Linux using xrandr. Again, this means almost every environment does it with a simple configuration change.

This leaves us two things and a theming issue.

Firstly the file picker is a GUI tool.
If you want a CLI tool for file picking, you need to name your images. Name them and you can pull them out of a directory of any size and complexity with a single command.
Sorting them also helps but no-one has time for that shit.,

preview pane is too small to actually preview anything, so you're forced to open the images in an actual imageviewing program especially for images with small details like writing

but you can't even right click to do this, so instead you have to open whatever your file browser is, open the directory the images are in, search through that directory for the image you want to upload, THEN open it in an imageviewer program.

another thing linux file pickers can't do is jumping back to the same place you'd scrolled to in the folder when you go to upload a second file.

These are basic QoL issues that no linux distro or DE has ever bothered trying to fix

Ranger, you brainlet

>your a retard
>you dont need that

why are these the most typical freetard responses to criticism of their favorite platform in comparison to other platforms?

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>There are 0 (ZERO) GNU/Linux environments which have all of these:
>>middle mouse click scroll
>>complete cancellation of mouse acceleration through GUI
>>smooth control and movement of windows
what the fuck does that mean?
>>variable scaling for high resolutions
elemenary's, kde, budgie
>>isn't designed by NEET autists who intentionally make everything look big and ugly (KDE)
i tried this one thing therefore everything is shit

op, kill yourself, i'm surprised you are able to breathe unassisted

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Literally any compositor
Pick any DE or WM that tickles your fancy

Because you are retarded and you really don't need that.

>middle mouse click scroll
You mean in browser? firefox has that on linux, you just have to enable it in settings. If you use chromium, you can install extension for that.
>complete cancellation of mouse acceleration through GUI
You can do that
>smooth control and movement of windows
I have a gtx 1080 and i5 4690k and 4k resolution and window resize lags on windows when window is size > 1080p, resizing at like 20 fps. No lag with openbox/xfce4, and smooth window movement. All while using around 100mb ram compared to windows 1gb.
>variable scaling for high resolutions
After windows 7 hidpi no longer works on windows properly. Text is blurry as hell and looks really ugly, there is no way to fix that and it seems like microsoft doesn't care. I can easily change scaling on linux and everything is crisp and nice.
>isn't designed by NEET autists who intentionally make everything look big and ugly (KDE)
< Just look at the image, it looks like placeholder ui by programmer, or windows 3.1. Everything isn't big in KDE, did you mean gnome?

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cause that's the truth

>geared-up women
Good taste, user.

>actually pretty well-veiled rec thread

I need middle mouse click scroll for everything
I can cancel mouse acceleration only in select DEs like xfce, which has shit window movement. Everytime I try to drag a window's border in order to change size, I have to aim really well onto an exact pixel-wide border.
Also, the clock is HUGE in KDE. I think it is literally designed for disabled people.

You can change size of the resize area, but it's inefficient to try and grab edge anyways and it's shitty design. Better to hold alt and right click resize, then you can resize from anywhere in the window.

and move window by holding alt + left click anywhere in window

Ranger with image previews and a shortcut to copy file location to clipboard is the best filepicker you could use

>using mouse

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Just use KDE.
What even is your complaint about things being too big? You can resize/change all of the UI elements.