not even once

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Not an argument.

ITT poorfags that can't afford to replace their screens every month.

What device is that? I've never seen it before

okay that's pretty funny

S3 for 4.5 years. Still no minimum burn in.

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>ask work for physical Android phone to use for testing
>lol no we pay u a lot of money
>tell them to test our shit themselves
>b-b-but we have browserstack
>single session shared between 8 devs?
>they get me some random samsung
>user, make sure it's in a pristine condition. you will have to give it back
>set hand drawn dick as logo for our app for devbuilds
>that shit's already burned it
>returning phone next month
>leaving in june

goddamn your management sounds like cunts.

literally the plasma TV of handheld screens

they have one answer to all questions - we pay you a lot of money! so buy your own chair/desk/monitor/pc/gear/testing devices/plane tickets/everything
>mfw they pay 50k/yr

proof of burn in? I'm interested

>using galaxy s5 since release (almost 4 years ago)
>no burn in
Modern amoled is fine. I want it on PC and laptop monitors.

you want the taskbar burned in permanently?

Same with my S4
absolutely no sign of burn in

Only Samsung PDP has this issue until the end. Panasonic solved it. RIP

Task bar? You mean panel?

LG will blow up the display market with cheap oled.

I mean the taskbar at the bottom with the start button and tray icons and window list
also desktop icons that are always in the same place like the This Computer or the Recycle Bin

I've had my Q10 for 3 years and the display still looks great. Even given it will go bad, it'll have been worth it. I wish the Passport had an AMOLED display, going from AMOLED to IPS is a major downgrade.

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So the panel? I'm not using windows

the taskbar is the taskbar
no matter what os you use

No, my dear little Wincuck, it isn't.

its a larp


>What device is that? I've never seen it before
It's been 4 hours, give the man time.
In all seriousness, report and move on.

Have owned a 55" LG OLED TV for 18 months. Not a single sign of retention using colored png's.

>Anecdotal evidence
Not an argument

Install Gentoo