Why do front-end developers smell better than back-end developers?

Why do front-end developers smell better than back-end developers?

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Front-end devs have contact with other humans occasionally

Do they?

Both are programming jobs in the end.

They both smell bad.

I work in a office and the smell difference is noticeable when I walk through front-end guys and back-end guys.

Front-end devs are generally less autistic too.

You've just gotten used to the smell. To any norman, they both equally smell bad.

Because front end work is shit work, all they do is test API calls to make sure their end works

If it's shit work then they should smell worse, right?

But they don't.

Back-end developers smell like stinky cheese! Yuck!

Front end developers socialise, blog, go to conferences, etc
Backend developers actually work

>back end work
>back end
you answered your own question.

back end developers are the weird 250 lb pockmarked pizza face fucks at cons who grope fursuiters when they have their backs turned

Front end developers also do a lot of work, CSS, JS and HTML are all languages you can work on and keep improving. Both front and back end developers seem to work the same hours.

Alright, which one are you? Furmod, kotia, dad, someone else?

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No, they're at work the same amount of hours
As far as actual work performed, back end guys are treated like fucking slaves

Sorry for being mean, you're good.

Doing hard work shouldn't cause autism or bad smell in anyone.

>shits on front end for not doing """real work"""
>is literally a slave
not so smart now huh

Because having no actual work to do means they can spend all their time indulging themselves and socialising. They are also very likely homosexuals.

I smell good.

I still don't get this meme.

There's a lot to know about HTML CSS and JS.

maybe for the lgbt people

>There's a lot to know about HTML CSS and JS.
>Implying your average cuckfaggot knows more than drag and dropping shit

Yes HTML and CSS are very complex!

It's true.

Front-end devs do much more than drag and dropping.

forget electron for a second.. JS (typescript) these days is better than python. I can't stand python developers and their shit code. every python app I use is buggy, slow, and crashes.


I'm fullstack and I smell like soap, old spice and perfume.

>implying your average neckbeard knows more than copy pasting shit from SO and code examples in manuals

Fullstacks that come from front-end smell better than the ones who come from back-end.

Also fullstacks in general smell better than back-ends, even though being a fullstack requires more knowledge and work than being a backend developer.

>They are also very likely homosexuals.
This is true in my anecdotal experience. Every front-end "web-dev" has been a hyper-social faggot that doesn't actually work. Pic related

This has to be literally the gayest thread on Jow Forums I have ever seen, and that includes the bad dragon deliveries

>Pic related

so smelling better means not smelling like yourself but smelling like some market product?

>JS (typescript) these days is better than python. I can't stand python developers and their shit code. every python app I use is buggy, slow, and crashes.
I wish the fucking gook hadnt fucked up the image uploading

It's taking care of your appearance and hygiene.

Being hyper-social is good.

I never worked with web development before.
I just finished college and landed this job, which is quite simple and I enjoy it. Neither sides are complicated at all, at least for me, I don't know why people focus on only one.
Backend, obviously, requires a little more care and actually makes you use your programming skills, which is always nice to practice. Frontend feels like a walk in the park to relieve some stress. Both are fun.

So why do front-ends and full-stacks smell better than back-end developers?

I'd rate the smell of front-ends the best, full-stacks mid-tier and back-ends worst.

don't egg me on I'll get my jimmies rustled. the last problem was build tools but that's solved with parcel.
>can't understand any concept of async/threaded code flow
>press down arrow or move files and lag the fuck out
it makes me so mad. python libraries are sparse and undocumented too.

At least I get more money.

I'd rather earn a bit less than continuously smell bad.

why do furfags always smell like cum?

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