Air filters are technology, red pill me on them

air filters are technology, red pill me on them.

THEY say they last for only 3 months, but whats the real story here?

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Apparently you can make your own with a basic fan + filter. There was a post on in the past month or so about it.

depends on the use and material

most industrial ones will last till some monkey punctures it with their low iQ

They last longer if you tap them on something to get the dust out.

good for draining plant matter out of your various extractions if you catch my drift there m8 wink wink smirk poke wink

Use a dryer sheet and just tape it on the front.

so basically none of you have ever bought or replaced your own, t-thanks

Can I use a coffee filter? Serious question.

I use them in a spray shop you lil shit.

Those last till someone like you rips it when cleaning.

How big of a vent are we talking here?

I wouldn't. It's too thick and air restrictive.

140mm, for a few computer case fans.

The real story is you are stupid. That's for consumer tards but also for optimal airflow not to impact your a/c unit negatively. It depends on your house and it's conditions. Since I assume you don't use a HEPA filter anywhere and probably have old carpet your air quality is mediocre so you should do the 3 month replacement plan. If it looks clogged and dirty and it sounds louder than when it was new it's time to replace it. Like 99% oh home maintenance it's common sense. Honeywell Allergen Elite are where it's at and I go 3-6 months depending on conditions and I have three HEPA filters, from honeywell, around the house. Don't use the 3M ones they are garbage and choke the air supply too much. The cheap see through filters should only be used on tertiary intakes in clean areas for optimal air flow throughout the system but the main ones should NEVER be cheap. You will pay for it in shitty air and dusty vents along with a stressed out a/c unit that will need to be repaired or replaced sooner.

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No I don't
That could mean 100 things

No because I don't live in a polluted shit hole.

Kys retard.

Your indoor air quality is most likely worse than it is in nearest town or city center. Clean air is almost worth more than water nowadays. Enjoy your inflammation and lung disease later in life.

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where do you get those? I guess amazon probably has them. i normally go to lowes

>i have no idea about anything, the post

I get the cheap 20x20x1 ones at wall mart, either the green ones in a pack or the white ones in the box. They fit box fans perfectly and if you place it behind the fan with the fan on the stick with no tape or anything and suck dust out of the air.

Much much cheaper than an air purifier, if you just need to suck some dust out they are great. I change them when they turn grey.

I get mine at Home Depot. Bulk deal on four or more saves about $3 on each.

You replace them, it's actually hard (and more expensive) to properly clean it since it's mesh is as small as possible to well.. filter particles.

Yep it's three dollars off each.

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What doesnt kill you makes you STRONK

they are literally like 2 bucks eat at walmart
stop being so cheap you kike

install gentoo

>buying a 2$ chink filter at walmart
might as well gas yourself

I just replaced mine the other day

>Having white boi lungs

I always change my every 3 months (4 if I forget).

I always get the middle priced filters. The cheap shit are too thin, the expensive ones are too thick and constrict air flow too much.

I'm not too picky with the brand, either Honeywell or 3M, whichever is available where I'm at.

What fans do you guys use these filters on?

damn that shit filters pollen. and it doesn't kill your compressor too fast?

>not making your own fucking filters with meshes and coal pellets you can replace
it's like you people are the model goyim

Water filter?

I don't understand how or on what you use these. Do you keep a fan on your window and blow air inside or outside? What do you do if the only window is actually a balcony door?


use a screen door, idiot. and insulate everything but the filter diameter

OK how do I make it and what do I attach it to?

I have an insect net over it so I don't actually go through the door, so I'm guessing I can replace that with a filter

google it

This thread inspired me to get an air purifier since my apartment is a musty shithole. I can't open windows because there's so much traffic noise outside. I've been thinking about it for months anyway

I got on amazon to buy one that was well reviewed. The product is eligible for free shipping it says - "that's neat" I thought. Go through the entire checkout process and right before confirming purchase there is pic related. "Free shipping!" (except for the 98% of the planet that is outside the US and although you're logged into your account that explicitly states you do not live in the US we are going to advertise it anyway)

kikes gonna kike. time for box fan with a sheet over it

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This is 4chans diy contribution to the home air filter industry.

bretty gud tho


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Tfw basement so summer cool and winter not cold no matter what

It Will need a fucking large static pressure

>having air conditioning

>having air