Where do you guys get your tech news and entertainment from?

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The Register & 2600 for News.
LTT for entertainment.

this place

Holy fuck Linus has an ugly face. I don't really like his content but his head is irritating.

>t. 10/10 chad

The Register is shit, their headlines are cancer.

Read BleepingComputer instead.

>their headlines are cancer.
This is literally everywhere the case

go shill elsewhere linus

Dude I was asking myself the same thing the other day

It seems the classic RSS-friendly sites are just dead and we all get our news from social media and shit. I miss when Engadget was cool

the internet


>rossman is flying out to chincover to repair the broken imac pro

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no, most places just publish fake news and clickbait. The Register tries to turn every headline into a bizarre British limerick or something retarded.

no way in hell is this guy straight

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From rumors on Jow Forums, except linus posts

If linus was gay those feminazi's wouldn't have gone after him over that video

>bizarre British limerick
What did he mean by this?


It's kinda sad how he tries to hide the fact that he is balding with a ton of hair gel.

n-gate for entertainment, mail lists for news


Doesn't even look like linus is wearing any?

There's a good few, one of which I can't hink of the name right now, but:


Seems to have some really good articles. I think it was them that broke the thing about GoDaddy getting real-time entries on their domain availability forms. Sneks they are, I was on that early, would tell clients, never search for a prospective domain on GoDaddy, they'll snake it if it's decent. ArsTechnica broke that. I like em'.

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Jow Forums mostly

>The Register
After looking on that site and seeing stories on "Astroboffins and Blighty" I've dropped it after 10 seconds. If I wanted to read outdated articles and shit tier journalism I might as well read the actual British tabloids.

from here

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